Average Jump Rope Per Minute: A Complete Guide 2021

Jump rope is an all in one workout with a high-calorie burn rate and less risk of injuries. You must be wondering, how many average jump rope per minute should I do? It is a very common question and its answer is based on some statistics.

If you are a newbie, then don’t care about average jump ropes per minute but if you are used to skipping then it totally depends upon the amount calories you want to burn.

According to What’s Cooking America, if you do 70 jumping rope per minute, you can estimate the number of calories you burn per minute by multiplying your body weight by 0.074. If you do 125 skips per minute, multiply your weight by 0.084 to calculate the number of calories you burn per minute. And if you do 145 jumps per minute then 0.089 to estimate the number of calories you burn.

Now you can find out the average jump rope or average skipping speed per minute according to your goals. Before discussing it furthermore, let’s discuss some benefits of jump rope

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

Benefits Of Jump Rope

Average Jump Rope Per Minute


Jump rope is very inexpensive as compared to other fitness equipment and training centers. It costs from $10 to $50, and that difference purely depends upon the quality of jump rope. Mostly jump ropes above $20 have high quality.


Jump rope is easy to carry which means that you can take it with yourself anywhere. And that is its benefit because if you are doing the gym and you go out of your place for a tour, business, or study trip, you probably miss the workout.

But that is not the case with the jump rope. You don’t have to worry about workout at all if you are away from home.


Jump rope burns calories at a very high rate than any other exercise. The number of calories you burn by running 30 minutes, you can easily burn the equal number of calories by doing 15 minutes of skipping.

You can burn 15-20 calories per minute and this variation depends upon your weight and the intensity of jumping rope.


A jump rope can make a great addition to your home gym. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a piece of equipment that takes up a lot of space. A jump rope can nicely fit in the drawer.


Rope jumping helps build coordination, agility, stamina, mental and heart health, balance, and speed while improving your overall fitness. It is an all in one workout which works on your entire body.

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

Tips For Beginners

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

Depends on where you start, even the first hop over the rope might be a success.  As you practice and build skills and stamina, you can work to loftier goals (count to 10, 50, 100, and so on). Create fun in it and enjoy doing it with different variations. You can also count jump rope by time instead of the number of times you have jumped rope.

Before you get started, first of all, you should choose a good size of jump rope according to your height. 

The ideal size of jump rope is, when you step in the center of the rope, the handles should reach your armpits.

Ideal sizes with respect to height are given as follows:
  • If your height is under 5 feet, ideal jump rope size would be 7 feet
  • For 5 – 5.5 feet, 8 feet jump rope is good
  • If your height ranges from 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet, then 9 feet jump rope will be ideal for you
  • For over 6 feet height, the ideal jump rope size is 10 feet.

Now that you got a perfect jump rope, now spend a couple of weeks to perfect your skipping technique. Remember that rope jumping is a skilled movement. It needs both coordination and timing. You must match both of these to do successful jumping rope.

Always remember these key points:

  • Hold handles with a firm grip, elbows close to your sides.
  • Make small circles with your wrists while turning the rope
  • Keep your torso relaxed, head lifted and gaze ahead for the balance
  • Don’t jump too high. Jump only high enough to clear the rope.
  • During skipping, the rope should skim the surface lightly and you should not kick back behind your back.
  • Always land softly with the balls of your feet.
  • Never ever sacrifice good jumping form for the speed.

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

How Long to Jump Rope?

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

Who wants to do jump rope for 150 minutes? Not many people, because that’s two and a half hours of workout in a single sitting. The HHS describes that even short bouts of cardiovascular exercise count towards those recommended goals.

That means that you can break up those 150 minutes throughout a weak however you can break it up into shorter bouts per day. Let’s say you if you are employed and you don’t get enough time to do jump rope for 30 minutes daily.

Then you can do 10 minutes of jumping every day in the morning before going to work,  then 10 minutes during your lunch break, and the last 10 minutes anytime after work. In that way, you will be able to achieve 150 minutes milestone.

Try to break your goals and millstones into smaller ones, that will help you to achieve your target.

That all consider that you are skipping at a moderate intensity otherwise if you are jumping rope at a high intensity you can cut down that time into half. You have got an idea about average jump rope per minute now.

Average Jump Rope Per Minute

Tips For Jump Rope

Of course, you can do longer rope jumping workouts but if you are planning to do skipping for more than a few minutes at a time, then its worth knowing about these new variations to keep your workout interesting:


One of the efficient ways to add variety to your jumping rope workouts is by alternating jump rope with calisthenics exercises, such as push up, squat jumps, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, abdominal exercises, and so on. Try to do a time-based workout, let’s say 5 minutes of jump rope and then 1 minute of another exercise.


Another way to create fun in the jump rope is to switch up your foot position. That means to do a few repetitions on your right foot, then switching to your left; jumping your foot in and out; or picking your knees up high as you jump rope.


You can also add variations and intensity by including tricks in your jump rope workout. Try doing double under, side swings, and crossover. Initially, it would take some time to practice but after learning it, you will enjoy your jump rope more than before.

Average Jump Rope Per Minute


So, the average jump rope per minute totally depends upon your goals. You can start from one jump rope as a beginner and then you can increase that gradually time by time. If you are not a beginner then you can do average jump ropes from 70-145 per minute. If you do 70 jumps per minute, then you can burn 15-20 calories per minute.

Now calculate the number of calories you want to burn. The next thing is if you increase skipping intensity from 70, then you can burn more calories in one minute.

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