Best Jump Rope For Learning Double Unders in 2021

The double under is one of the basic skills that all Fitness lovers aspire to master. Not only do they appear annually at the Open, but they make an appearance, to the frustration of many athletes, at the WOD almost weekly.

Whether you have a double under punch or keep working on them (and suffer battle scars to prove it), finding a rope that allows you to move smoothly and quickly is the key to a great underlying double in every WOD.

We’ll break down some of the basics of what to look for in a large jump rope for CrossFit double under so you can be on your way to pulling out those double unders like a pro.

best jump rope for learning double unders

Guidelines To Best Jump Rope

Consider the following factors in choosing jump rope for double unders.

Lightweight Handles

 You won’t want anything that is super bulky or heavy as you will be gripping the handles for a long time. Because you are using your wrists and forearms to do most of the double under work, putting too much weight on your hands will make you tire faster. Finding a jump rope with light handles is essential.

Rope Angle

Jump rope has two angles. One is 180 degrees in which the rope rotates directly from the handles. And the second one is 90 degrees where the cable connects at 90 degrees. You can use any type of rope for CrossFit, but some feel that a 90-degree rope is faster.

Cable Type

Some ropes have bare stainless steel wire, while others are nylon or PVC coated. What you choose is a completely personal preference, but some athletes stay away from PVC coated cables because they are more likely to hold the kinks and coils they get when wrapped in your gym bag.

Easy Size Change

You should find a jump rope that can be easily adjusted according to your height and desire. Also, find a rope that allows you to change cables without screws, as you will likely need to replace the cable before replacing the jump rope handles.

best jump rope for learning double unders

What is the purpose of the jump rope?

Skipping rope, either once or twice, is a great way to assess an athlete’s speed, strength, and overall fitness.

If you have the coordination and the wait time, you don’t have to be a super athlete to get some double under in a row. However, being able to consistently match dozens of double under’s in the middle of a workout is proof of your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

But the big underlying double unders have nothing to do with your skill as an athlete (although that’s the bulk of the equation for success).

best jump rope for learning double unders

When to use lower double strings versus competition strings?

There are two main types of ropes you can see used in your box or at CrossFit competitions: CrossFit (or regular) jump ropes and competition ropes. These two types of ropes are built differently and have different purposes.

Double Bass Strings

Double Under jump ropes are designed for general resistance, as you will jump for long periods to lower the skill correctly or in a long resistance WOD.

In most cases, CrossFit strings have longer strings to help you maintain proper shape, and will be thicker and heavier to help you learn the correct position when learning the double under.

Competition Ropes

Competition ropes are exclusively designed for speed. These strings usually have shorter strings, allowing for faster revolutions around your body. They are also lighter and faster, so you must exert less energy to move them and you can jump faster.

best jump rope for learning double unders

Which cable should I choose?

This is the most important part of the jump rope, and the part that may be hitting you on the back of your legs, so finding a material that works is key. e for your skill level.

Beginners: Thicker And Heavier Strings

As you begin to learn the underlying double, getting your form is essential to mastering the skill, just like with everything else in CrossFit.

A thicker and heavier rope, even a jump rope with slightly heavy handles, will slow you down and allow you to focus more on your shape. Its weight also gives you more audible feedback as you practice, and you can hear the wire hitting the ground. These ropes are generally made of thicker wire and have a liner, often nylon or PVC.

A good reminder to remember is that a standard jump rope weighs 3.5 ounces and more, depending on the material of the cable, how much coating it has, and whether the handles are heavy or not.

Advanced: Lighter And Thinner Strings

Once you have a double probing down and are working more on your speed than anything else, you may want to switch to a lighter, more advanced cable.

These ropes will be made from the thinnest and lightest cables possible to reduce friction and help you whip the rope faster. However, they are also more difficult to use as they lose their shape very quickly when you move them over them. In some cases, the cables of a fast rope will not be covered to reduce weight.

Most fast ropes weigh around 2.4 ounces and because they are lighter and thinner they can hurt a lot more when they hit you!

best jump rope for learning double unders

How to get your first double under?

The double under is difficult. They take a precise time, a constant jump pattern, and a lot of cardiovascular capacity. Don’t be afraid to try some ropes and see which one you like best, or throw them all in your bag for backup!

Here are some recommendations from our readers on which jump rope brands they love to use and which ones they think are the best on the market.

Best Jump Rope For Learning Double Unders

1. WOD Nation Speed ​​Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

This is the most popular jump rope available in the market. Its four-bearing system makes it unique and stands out from the rest of the skipping ropes. Two bearings hold the cable on top and two bearings are on the handle.

This jump rope has a smooth rotation and maintains speed and shape. The handles are not in the best quality as nylon is used which becomes slippery with sweat. The nylon-coated steel cable does a decent job, considering the price. The WOD Nation jump rope is good for the beginners to learn double unders at a decent price.

  • 11-foot cord
  • Spare cable included
  • 6 extra 3/4 inch long handles
  • 8 colors
  • Free carry bag
  • Good price
  • No contoured grip
  • Too long handles

best jump rope for learning double unders

2. Master of Muscle Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

The Master of Muscle Jump Rope is one of the best sellers on Amazon due to its low price and ease of use. The jump rope comes ready to use after a simple size adjustment. While not extremely durable, this jump rope has all the components of a good double under the jump rope. The Master of Muscle Jump Rope is lightweight and provides a comfortable grip during use.


  • 90-degree rotation handles
  • Light wire cable
  • Comes with case
  • Generous refund policy
  • Good price
  • Rotation system allows good movement
  • It will replace your rope if it breaks
  • Comments are not great
  • Easy jumps

best jump rope for learning double unders

3. FitSkuad Skipping Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

FitSkuad jump rope works best for beginners and intermediates. But its not certainly a good choice for competition training. Sturdy aluminum and a good quality foam grip are used in the handles. The handle size is 6 inches which makes it a perfect choice for all types of hands. 

FitSkuad skipping rope rotation is very smooth because of the double ball bearing system. It’s pretty durable and long-lasting in the ropes of this price range.

  • Long handles with foam grip
  • Double ball bearing system
  • Durable PVC coated cable
  • Carry bag
  • 5 colors
  • No other cables offered by the company
  • Screwdriver mechanism for not very secure ends

best jump rope for learning double unders

4. Elite Surge 2.0 Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

This CrossFit jumping rope is not as popular as the others, but it has good quality. It costs little more than the other ropes, but most athletes prefer it because of the smooth rotation it provides. Because it used double ball bearings.

The cable is made of 3/32’’ nylon and also coated with steel. Its handles are compatible with all 6 variations of cables available.  Its weight is just 4 ounces and the foam grip has a delightful touch. Ideal for the people who want durable handles that can be used with different strings as they go.

  • 2-year warranty on handles.
  • Double ball bearing head for smooth rotation.
  • 9 colors.
  • Lightweight handles with foam grip.
  • Compatible with 6 different cables.
  • Handles are a little short for larger hands.
  • Screws are small for the adjustment.

best jump rope for learning double unders

5. Survival And Cross Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

I included this Crossfit skipping rope at the end because it is the lowest quality of all listed here. However, it is also the cheapest.

You have two sets of collars to adjust the length, plain bearings, and a rubberized liner cord that holds even during abuse.

You cannot expect that much durability from it but if you are looking for a cheap jump rope to learn the basics, this rope will suffice. You may even like the extra weight during a workout.

  • Cheap
  • Slow rope gives good feedback
  • Plastic handles with little grip.
  • Low-quality materials decompose faster
  • 5 inch handles are short

best jump rope for learning double unders

6. Master Of Muscle Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

The Fitness Master jump rope was designed for speed and double under with its lightweight handles, lightweight cable, and easy rotation system. The handles give a comfortable and firm grip and the rope rotates smoothly around your body. The best feature of this jump rope is its incredibly cheap price. This is a good jump rope for beginners who are learning how to jump rope.


  • Plastic handles
  • Light steel cord with strong plastic coating
  • Comes with case and spare screw kit
  • Light Handles and Cable Rope
  • Good price
  • It is not durable, it breaks easily
  • Reviews are average at best
  • Does not spin as well as other jump ropes

best jump rope for learning double unders

7. Elite SRS Bullet Comp Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

Elite SRS Bullet Comp jump rope is the best jump rope available in the market. We tend to agree. It is one of the fastest and smoothest strings on the market, the best and would almost double on its own. The Elite SRS is also the choice of many world-class athletes in the US jump rope championships, in short, it has it all.

First, its 5.5 “(14 cm) long anodized aluminum handles have a non-slip knurled grip that allows for a safer workout and fewer accidents with your fellow WOD’s head. The handles are also comfortable and lightweight.

The rope handle connection is a high-quality steel ball bearing that allows for better agility for one, as well as maintaining oxidation and wear durability.

Second, the rope is made of nylon and is 10 feet long. However, do not be afraid, it is adjustable to your liking. Another great advantage is the ability to adjust the Bullet Comp rope without tools, unlike most other jump ropes.

A downside is a price. It is a bit expensive for some people and may not be the best choice for beginners as it has a slim width of 2.4mm.

  • Non-slip handles
  • Comfortable handles
  • Adjustable length
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • In the expensive end

best jump rope for learning double unders

8. Pulse Weighted Jump Rope (1LB)

best jump rope for learning double unders

This 1.5 pounds skipping rope is a weight workout on its own. It allows users to work on the shoulder, forearm, and hand strength instead of speed, making it ideal for beginners. Not exactly a speed rope, but it will improve your double in the game.

The weights on the handles are removable, allowing the user to work at speed if desired or when going from beginner to intermediate or advanced.

The handles provide a good and comfortable grip because of the memory foam used. They’re also linked by a ball bearing system that allows for smoother speed jumps and faster double bass (or triple bass if you have the skills).

Also, the rope is thick (6mm) and made of high-quality PVC. It is adjustable (from 10 feet) and durable. Its use is suggested on smooth surfaces, but it can also support concrete or asphalt.

Finally, Pulse also offers an exercise booklet and a carry bag with its rope. Sounds like a generous offer to me!

  • Comfortable memory foam handles
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Comes with a bag
  • Tangles easily

best jump rope for learning double unders

9. CPOKOH Speed ​​Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

This fast rope has all-aluminum handles, includes a spare rope and carry bag, and a 9 “8” adjustable coated cable. It is a strong, smooth, and sweat-resistant CrossFit Jump rope.

  • Ball bearings integrated with the handle.
  • The perpendicular design makes jumping a breeze.
  • All 16 cm aluminum handles are sturdy and will not slip when wet.
  • Friction at the end of handles.

best jump rope for learning double unders

10. King Athletic Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

This classic leather jump rope fits the boxer well because it’s made of durable real leather, has ball bearings built into the handle, and can be used in all weather and conditions, and is among the best cardio jump ropes. It is perfect for sports like boxing because of its classic style.

It’s perfect for boxing because of the extra efforts it takes to rotate and it good for the shoulder workout too.

  • 9.4 inches adjustable rope.
  • Real leather is used which guarantees durability in any type of condition.
  • The foam rubber handles offer a good grip and incorporate ball bearings for quick rotation.
  • Not as fast as a speed rope.

best jump rope for learning double unders

11. CrossRope Get Lean Jump Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

This jump rope set includes a lighter speed rope and a weighted rope, making it easy to change and add variety on Cardio day. A speed rope for an ideal cardio workout plus 1 pound of weight to provide a weight exercise too.

  • Includes speed rope and 1 lb rope.
  • Ball bearings integrated into handles.
  • Swap strings quickly and easily with a simple clip.
  • Durable PVC coating on each rope.
  • The length cannot be adjusted (sort by size, according to your height).

best jump rope for learning double unders

12. MYBROSPORT Speed ​​Rope

best jump rope for learning double unders

The MyBrosport Quick Rope has metal hardware that connects the handles to the rope, not cheap plastic connections like the lower models in the same price range. Best High-Speed ​​Rope: High Speed ​​for Low Budget.

  • Quality fast rope at a great price.
  • Speed bearings integrated into the ergonomically shaped long handles.
  • Extra cable and carry bag included.
  • Easy adjustment of Philips head screw, PLUS 11 feet long.
  • The handles are very light.

best jump rope for learning double unders

Buyer’s Guide

You can associate jump rope with elementary school playgrounds and kids, but they’re a great exercise tool for adults and kids!

The Jump Rope Offers:

  • Unlimited variability of steps and footwork, increasing user agility, coordination, and balance.
  • Completely portable and easy to carry, there are NO excuses for cardiovascular exercise.
  • Better resistance and cardiovascular capacity.
  • It can be done almost anywhere.

best jump rope for learning double unders

What is the purpose of the jump rope?

The purpose of the best cardio jump rope is:

  • Do an excellent cardiovascular exercise.
  • Improve performance, balance, footwork, speed, and agility.
  • Be funny.

best jump rope for learning double unders

Different styles of skipping rope! When to use each one?

Man in compression shirt exercising with jumping rope

Molded Rope

These jump ropes with plastic beads are heavier and often very colorful. They are good for beginners because they have a superior tactile feel to feel where the string is.

Nylon Rope

This budget style rope is often seen in the gym or box and is decent for double or alternate leg work. The thin nylon rope is suitable for intermediate to advanced level bridges. The nylon rope is the best jump rope for double under.

Speed ​​Rope

With this type of rope, the rope goes through the handle and rotates, this is a very fast and very thin cable. You can’t see or feel the rope as you spin unless it hits you. Oh! The best speed rope is for intermediate to advanced level users and makes the bridge rely on coordination. The best CrossFit jump rope is the speed rope, and this is the style most seen in the box.

Skip Cotton Rope

These strings are soft and better for children than sports. They are slow, doing double under and other challenging moves. True cotton ropes cannot be used in wet conditions, they tend to fray and get dirty quickly.

Leather Rope

This is a classic jumping rope style. It used to be popular with boxers but has been replaced by nylon or snap ropes. The leather jump rope can be used in all climates, it is waterproof and durable.

Plus, the leather rope has an old-school vibe and looks great. If you ask some old school boxers, you can hear them say that the jump rope is the best rope for boxing.

Heavy Jump Rope

This is a special rope that can be a weighted nylon rope or a heavy gauge nylon rope. They are appropriate for intermediate to advanced level athletes and are a good addition to home gyms because they are an inexpensive way to add challenge and variety to a routine.

best jump rope for learning double unders

What to look for when choosing the best jump rope for double unders?

Make sure to find supportive and comfortable jump rope handles. Some prefer thin handles and others prefer thicker, meatier handles.

One thing that people don’t universally like is handles that are too short. A handle shorter than 5 inches is not a good fit for most adults.


The lighter ropes are usually faster, except fabric ropes. Fabric cords can be light and slow and are not the best choice for physical use.

Some strings are designed to be heavy or heavy to offer upper body training and cardio simultaneously.

best jump rope for learning double unders

Is speed rope good for weight loss?

Yes, the Speed ​​Rope has a high rate of calorie burning. It’s easy to boost maximum VO2 and pump your heart with a jump rope, and the more intense the session, the longer the after-effects will last.


Keep in mind that losing weight depends on 20% workout and 80% diet. Unless you focus on what you eat while skipping rope, you may not get the results you want.

Jeremy Sciarappa shares on his blog how he used just a jump rope to lose his belly and 10 pounds of fat in just 10 weeks. Quite surprising, right?

best jump rope for learning double unders

What are the benefits of skipping rope?

Ju The protective rope provides your body and mind with many benefits. The jump rope is a simple, inexpensive, and easy to promote health tool that you can take with you anywhere.

The benefits of skipping rope include:

  • Improves coordination, agility, and speed.
  • Burn calories.
  • Ease of controlling the intensity of skipping.
  • The jump rope is excellent training equipment for traveling.
  • It is cheap

best jump rope for learning double unders

How do I learn to make Double Unders?

Did you know that CrossFit Coaches can take the Certification class to teach how to jump rope, including how to double under?

Here are some tips for mastering Double Under:

  • Start with a beaded rope. A beaded rope hurts less when you fail, but the biggest benefit is that you can feel where it is in space, and that helps you improve your time.
  • Slow down. It’s counterintuitive, but slowing down allows you to focus on keeping your elbows and jumping higher.
  • Jump in front of a mirror. The mirror gives you a visual view of the position of the rope so you can see where you are while learning coordination and establishes muscle memory for the double bass jump.
  • How long should my jump rope training last?
  • Big question! Skipping rope is an intense workout, so it doesn’t have to take long to have a great effect.
  • Just 20 minutes 3-4 times a week is a good target for shooting.
  • Each “set” should last from 2 to 4 minutes. With 1 minute of rest after each set.

best jump rope for learning double unders

What are the advantages of a heavy skipping rope?

  • A heavy skipping rope is one that weighs a pound or sometimes more. It is better to start with a smaller weight and improve.
  • A heavy jump rope involves more muscles and gives you cardiovascular and strength training at the same time.
  • A heavy rope works all the muscles that a normal rope, in addition to the triceps, shoulders, forearms, and back.

How to store the skipping rope?

Skipping ropes can tangle, bend, warp, and even lose their coating if not stored properly.

Do not leave it on the floor where you can step on it. This can bend the string and cause the liner to peel off.

Look for a jump rope that comes with a travel storage bag, or find a drawstring pouch to store it.

Why do boxers train with jump ropes?

Skipping rope is good for boxers and fighters. It develops the coordination of the upper body and the lower body together.

If you are a boxer, you know that you must be able to throw punches and move your feet to get out of the way at the same time.

A simple nylon rope is the most common style used by boxers today.

So go ahead!

Choose the best CrossFit jump rope that meets your goals and take the opportunity to improve your cardio and agility today.

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