Best Jump Rope For Outdoor Use in 2021

When you need to improve your workout performance, you will need a jump rope that will intensify the intensity of your workouts. They are widely applicable units that are great for different workouts including boxing, MMA, and more. According to Wikipedia, skipping rope has a lot of health benefits similar to cycling, jogging, or running.

Also, the skipping ropes have been designed with protective PVC and steel wires; therefore recommended for long-term use. The hands of the jump ropes are non-slip and comfortable to handle. Today we are going to review the best jump rope for outdoor use that you can carry anywhere with yourself.

Let’s review the 10 best jump ropes for outdoor use.

Best Jump Rope For Outdoor Use

1. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

best jump rope for outdoor use

The first jump rope we will see is the survival and cross jump rope. This jump rope features a completely black cable with black handles that have a small white Survival and Cross brand logo.

There are also small chrome fittings that are used to adjust the location of the handles along the cable. The cord is 10 feet long and each handle is approximately 5 inches long, making it easy to hold and comfortable for almost anyone.

The total 10-foot length of the cable included with this jump rope is too long for most people, so the jump rope handles are caught between small metal rings that slide over the end of the jump rope.

This adjustment system requires just a screwdriver to change the length of the jump rope and makes it a perfect jump rope for multiple people of different heights to share.

The handles on this jump rope also feature high-quality steel bearings designed to jump rope at high speed. The relatively lightweight cable combined with these steel bearings makes it a high-speed jump rope for cardio and conditioning, such as CrossFit or MMA warm-ups.

  • Easy to adjust
  • 10-foot length cord is suitable for even the tallest people
  • Bearings can wear out over time, especially if dust gets into them

best jump rope for outdoor use

2. WOD Nation Speed ​​Jump Rope   

best jump rope for outdoor use

For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit, the term “WOD” stands for “workout of the day” as CrossFit’s schedule varies daily, and a unique workout is designed each day.

Over weeks and months, these workouts often use a wide variety of tools, including weight lifting and traditional cardio, which may include jump ropes. WOD Nation is a widely recognized brand that is known for producing high-quality products for CrossFit use, and this jump rope is no exception.

The WOD Nation Speed ​​Jump Rope handles come in at just over 5 inches long and features a unique design, making them not only adjustable but exceptionally easy to use. Rather than having bearings contained within the handles, these use small steel balls that hold the cable and pivot inside a socket at the ends of the handle, giving the rope more flexible movement as compared to a simple ball bearing.

This jump rope comes with not one, but two very long cables that can be adjusted and cut to a size appropriate for your height. This jump rope also comes with its carry bag and is available in nine different colors. So this is one of the best jump ropes for outdoor use.

  • Unique ball and socket mechanism allows a very fast and consistent double bottom
  • It comes with 2 cables and a carry bag
  • 9 colors available
  • The cable can protrude from the end of the skipping rope once adjusted and is difficult to cut

best jump rope for outdoor use

3. Factor Fitness Adjustable Jump Rope For Outdoor Workout

best jump rope for outdoor use

Next in our Roundup is the Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Bag. This jump rope uses a durable tangle-resistant rubber cable instead of a steel one like the previous one to jump the ropes.

This tangle-resistant cable makes the cable a little heavier, allowing you to get a mix of speed and strength jump training. The cable for this jump rope is solid black while the handles are red plastic covered with black foam for comfort.

The handles feature a standard ball bearing at the end, allowing free movement of the cable, and the ergonomic design of the handles makes them comfortable and easy to use.

The design of the Fitness Factor jump rope handles makes it easily adjustable, allowing anyone from 4 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 6 inches to easily use this jump rope, making it ideal for children and adults of any skill level.

The jump rope also comes with its carry bag for easy carrying to and from the gym. However, the thickness of the padded handles makes the handles somewhat large for some people, making them difficult to grip at times.

  • Comfortable padded handles
  • Can be adjusted for people ranges from 4 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 6 inches
  • The thick padding the handle can make it difficult for some people to grip

best jump rope for outdoor use

4. Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope

best jump rope for outdoor use

Few people realize that jumping rope can not only be an excellent cardiovascular exercise, but it can also train many body muscles. The weight of the cable the jump rope is made of will determine to what extent it becomes a cardio or strength exercise.

This fact is capitalized on with the Crossrope jump rope for a slim set, which comes with a fast rope and a strong rope with a set of handles. Slim handles are easy to grip and feature easy to change the cable.

One of the included cables is a quarter-pound that allows for cardiovascular exercises that make your heartbeat, while the other is a half-pound cable that allows you to train your shoulder and upper back muscles.

The handles of this jump rope are comfortable and easy to use with standard ball bearings, allowing easy and smooth rotation of any of the included cables. Due to the cable fixing system, this jump rope is not adjustable but comes in four different sizes for users of different heights. The included cables, depending on height, range from 8 feet long to 9 feet 6 inches. This can also be the best jump rope for outdoor use.

  • Comfortable handle design
  • It is not adjustable and must be ordered in the correct size

best jump rope for outdoor use

5. Fit Squad Jump Rope

best jump rope for outdoor use

The next jump rope we will see is the Fit Squad jump rope with extra long handles. The handles on this jump rope are 6 inches long compared to the more standard 5 inch handles that most jump ropes have. This extra length not only allows people with larger hands to easily hold the jump rope but also acts as a counterweight to their hand while twisting the jump rope.

This counterweight feature enables higher speed and more consistent cable routing. The handles also have a very thin foam, which makes them not only comfortable but also easy to hold if your hands get sweaty during exercise or get wet.

This jump rope comes with a long cable and can be adjusted with a single screw. The Fit Squad Speed ​​Rope also comes with a carry bag and quick results e-book that gives you tons of information on jump rope workouts and weight loss.

The handles of this jump rope feature standard ball bearings that allow for a smooth and fast jump rope and are comfortable to use. This jump rope is also available in five colors, including silver, gray, red, blue, or green.

  • Extra-long handles allow comfort and speed
  • Fine padding is easy to grip even when wet
  • The very light cable does not provide enough resistance for some users

best jump rope for outdoor use

6. iHeartSynergee Jump Rope  

best jump rope for outdoor use

The iHeartSynergee jump rope features a simple design, comfortable grip, and a ton of accessories at a great price. The jump rope is set up by simply threading one of the two cables through a hole in the top of the handle and tightening a screw at the top.

This makes adjustments to cable length quick and easy, and this kit comes with six screws, six end caps, and two cable ties to keep cables manageable and tangle-free while not in use. It has a 10 feet cable and adjustable handles.

The handles use fastball bearings that allow exceptional speed in your workouts and are great for MMA warm-ups or CrossFit workouts. The handles feature a black foam wrap that has a texture similar to a tennis racket, which is comfortable for some but too thick and can be slippery if wet for others.

  • Comes with two 10-foot cables, two cable ties, 6 set screws, 6 end caps, and a carry bag
  • Different colors available i.e. red, green, and pink
  • Foam wrap can be thick for some people and can be slippery when wet

best jump rope for outdoor use

7. Green Toys Jump  Rope

best jump rope for outdoor use

Next on our list is a jump rope designed specifically for children’s use. They could be learning the importance of exercise. This jump rope comes with green or pink handles, which are connected by a real 7-foot long rope.

The handles are made of strong, durable rubber, which offers excellent grip even when wet. The ergonomic design of the handles is designed to hold even small children and makes this jump rope exceptionally easy to use.

The Green Toys skipping rope is designed to be eco-friendly as well as child-safe. The jump rope is suitable for children ages 5 and up and has an adjustable rope, allowing you to shorten the length of the cable from 7 feet to a length suitable for your child.

The handles are made from 100% recycled plastic and the rope is made from 100% American cotton. The jump rope is also BPA-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic.

  • Great design for kids.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • The 7-foot rope length is not appropriate for most adults

best jump rope for outdoor use

8. Golden Stallion Jump   

best jump rope for outdoor use

For those looking for the most stylish, high-quality jump rope available, the final jump rope on our list is just what you’re looking for. The Golden Stallion jump rope has handles that are made of genuine wood that are excellently carved to feel handy.

The ergonomic shape makes the wooden handles easy and natural to hold. The rope is made of durable, lightweight genuine leather to offer an exceptional jumping rope experience.

The bottom of the Golden Stallion jump rope handles can be removed with a simple flat-blade screwdriver, allowing you to add or remove the weights included in the handles. For a more cardiovascular workout, weight can be reduced, allowing for greater speed.

Still, if your goal is to work your forearm, upper back, and shoulder muscles, more weight can be added for a more challenging and force-oriented jump rope workout.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Made of real wood and leather
  • Adjustable weight handles allow for a variety of training challenges
  • Leather and wood can deteriorate over time

best jump rope for outdoor use

9. XYLSports Adjustable Jump Rope  

best jump rope for outdoor use

If it’s been a while since you last skipped rope, you probably don’t want anything too fancy. Something cheap and simple will suffice.

The XYLSports Jump Rope is incredibly inexpensive, but still suitable for advanced jump rope training routines that beaded or fabric ropes simply won’t cut.

Smaller foam handles are not comfortable for those with larger hands.

Handles without ball bearings mean that turning is not as smooth or fast as fast ropes. XYLSports have the best jump rope for outdoor use.

  • Cheap. A great place to start
  • Adjustable length
  • Doesn’t tangle like other ultra-budget options
  • Handles are non-ball bearing
  • Does not have big handles

best jump rope for outdoor use

10. RX Jump Rope For Outdoor Use

best jump rope for outdoor use

Let’s face it, the slim handles we generally associate with snap ropes are not for everyone. If you want thicker handles on your hands without sacrificing too much speed, the RX jump rope is a great option.

They are the jump ropes used by boxing in the United States that are responsible for Olympic-level amateur boxing. Many boxers, MMA fighters, and other athletes prefer thicker RX jump rope handles.

  • The biggest handles you’ll see on a fast rope
  • Very ergonomic
  • The grip tape provides excellent grip
  • Durable cable made in the USA USA
  • The multi-directional rotary shaft bearing system produces almost frictionless rotation
  • Heavier 2.3 oz. Handles mean arm fatigue quickly
  • The thickness of the handle is not ideal for speed jumping movements
  • Not suitable for jump rope competitions
  • The vinyl coating that is less resistant than nylon wax-coated cables
  • Non-adjustable length
  • Expensive

best jump rope for outdoor use

How to Choose the Best Jump Rope for Outdoor Use?

Choosing the correct jump rope for outdoor use is easy and not easy at the same time. If you want to get the most of your skipping then the right choice of jump rope is very essential.

People may tell you that it doesn’t matter what type of rope you will jump as long as you start with any rope, but this is not true.

Trust me, as someone who is trying to master the jump rope (and tries very hard to learn all the various tricks to make my jump rope work much more interesting and dynamic), I can tell you from experience that your choice of jump rope makes a BIG difference in your jumping performance and overall rope training.

You will either love jumping rope or you will hate it depending on the rope you end up using. A bad rope (note, bad doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap rope) will make your trip over the rope, feel uncomfortable to use, and be difficult to use quickly and do any tricks.

You may be able to work with a horrible jump rope, but it won’t be fun or enjoyable, and you will be very upset about the rope. The main problem comes where you want to do exciting variations in skipping like double unders and tricks. Then a wrong type of jump rope can make it more difficult for you.

Then let’s get started. I give you three steps to choose a jump rope before giving you specific recommendations:

  • How to choose the correct rope size
  • How to choose the correct material for the jump rope cable (weight, type of material, and tension)
  • How to choose the right handle

Step 1: Choose the Skipping Rope According to Height

This is the first step in choosing the best jump rope for outdoor use. Too long and the rope will tangle on the ground or slow down your workout, requiring more force to balance it. Too short and you won’t be able to jump easily or do tricks for freestyle.

You’ll want to find the perfect size first. As you improve your rope jumping skills, you can shorten it (this allows for greater speed), but certainly, when you start jumping rope, you will want to go standard size for your height.

Rope Length for Beginners: You’ll want a longer rope – This rope will have more endurance, you won’t be able to swing it as fast, but since speed won’t be a problem, you can work overtime.

Gym/String Length Below Double: You will want a string that yields 6 to 10 inches when you swing it over your head. The shorter distance means you can turn the rope faster, which means double under is easier. Note: Double Unders is when you do two swing rotations for each jump.

Speed ​​Jump Rope Length: If you’re going to hit top speed, then you’ll want a rope that has 2 to 6 inches of headroom at the apex of the swing. However, this is an advanced style of jumping, and only professional jumpers need to be concerned about this.

Freestyle String Length: You generally want longer strings that give you more length for crossover movements. The suggested distance between your head and swing Apex is between 12 and 24 inches.

How to Find the Correct Jump Rope Size?

The right length of rope for someone would be if you tread on it with both feet in the centre of the rope and the handles should be in your armpits or thereabouts, Wikipedia.

Please note that when you measure the correct jump rope length for your height you are measuring from the tips of the handles and not just the length of the jump rope cable.

First, grasp the jump handles with each hand and stand in the center of the rope with one foot or both feet. And pull the handles toward your hips.

The tips of the handle should touch your armpits. If it’s below this, it’s too short (unless it’s more advanced) for beginners.

Please note that there IS some variation depending on how you hold the rope (do you hold it high or low while turning the handles when the rope jumps?) And the length of your arms (some people have longer arms and others have shorter arms).

Beginners generally get better results with the standard rope length for their size, as indicated in my table below, while more advanced jump rope users may want a slightly shorter rope.

The tips of the handles must arrive at the armpits. When you jump on the rope, the rope should skim the floor under your feet. If the cable does not touch the ground, the rope is too short. If the cord hits the ground in front of your feet, the cord is too long and must be shortened. More advanced users will generally need a shorter rope than indicated in the table.

Step 2: Choose the Jump Rope Material

Some of the material will last longer, and some of the material will wear out sooner if it jumps on hard, abrasive surfaces such as concrete. Keep this in mind. If you want to jump outside on hard surfaces, PVC material or steel wire tends to last longer. Licorice/vinyl will break in a few months.

Jump Rope Materials:

  • Licorice (flexible and light)
  • PVC plastic (flexible and medium-heavy)
  • Cloth / Fiber / Fabric
  • Trinket / Segmented (heavier)
  • Cable/wire (lighter and stiffer)

The basic material that most jumpers swore to is basic PVC plastic or vinyl cable. Either of these is great for casual or advanced bridges. You can pick up a cheap basic jump rope for around $5- $7 that will work well for years and can be the best jump rope for your outdoor use.

Who Should Use What Material?

Here are some basic jump rope categories for the most appropriate type of material for your experience level:

Beginners: New patterns are better with either licorice or PVC rope, which are quite light, allow some speed while slow enough to work overtime, have some degree of flexibility with the rope.

Intermediate: licorice or working cable according to preference. Steel cables are used for speed work, while licorice can be used for speed tricks or freestyle.

Advanced: licorice, cable, or beads depending.

Specific Materials to Jump the Sports Rope

Your choice of jump rope material may change depending on the sport you are using a jump rope to train for, though again, for your basic jump rope training, ANY cheap jump rope will work well.

Boxers generally like PVC or polyvinyl (licorice) plastic cables like Floyd Mayweather, who uses a medium-handled amp string. These are functional, inexpensive, and can be used by a casual, beginner, or even advanced jumps.

Thai boxers like old school thick PVC plastic which are very heavy. The ropes are two to three times thicker than regular size jump rope widths. The handles tend to be thick wooden too.

I personally don’t like them since you can’t work on speed or pace, but you can work on shoulder resistance because they are very heavy. I started in Thailand using these for a couple of years. But now that I look for the jump rope seriously and try to improve it, I no longer touch it.

Still, if you want to do it like Thais traditionally do, then grab the twins’ jump rope. I hate it, but you can love it and all the Thai people use it.

Jump Rope Trick specialists use freestyle jump ropes that have very long handles and prefer bead material for cables.

String Materials to Avoid

Some people may disagree with my choices here, some people MAY LIKE these strings, but not me, and here is why:

Leather: heavy and difficult to get a decent rhythm. I also don’t like how the material is stretched.

String: tends to be very light and hinders the fast rhythm. I recommend that you keep the other materials.

Accounts: Unless you’re doing freestyle tricks for an audience, these are heavier, and I think it’s harder to build a fast beat. Some of the professionals use them, but the professionals can use any type of rope and perform the magic of jumping rope. I suggest that you generally avoid these.

Weighted Jump Ropes: Some fitness jump ropes offer you weight ropes. For me, this eliminates the basic premise of jumping rope in the first place: working on speed, power, and endurance. With heavy ropes, the emphasis is on spinning the rope without tiring, it is much more difficult to rotate it. It’s better that you put weights in strips around your wrists or ankles – you can increase your speed while working on the resistance at the same time better this way.

Rope Cable Stiffness: For more advanced patterns, also e There is the stiffness of the cable you can consider. Stiffer cables (such as steel cables) are not as flexible under tension. This means that the rope will not move or adjust too much, which is good for advanced skippers who need the rope to go where they want without any subtle changes.

But this means that the person must have enough skill since the rope will not allow mistakes. Beginners and intermediates will want a rope that has some flexibility and stretch; This allows the string to adjust due to an error on the part of the pattern.

Step 3: Choose the Type of Jump Rope Handle

The handles, in addition to the rope material, are the most important thing to consider. Nowadays there are many different handle designs to choose from: some are short and thick, some are short and skinny, some are long and skinny, and some even have funky shapes.

Mango Weight

However, the only thing to keep in mind, regardless of the width, height, or material the handle is made of, is to see a handle as possible. A heavy handle will slow down your jump rope.

Handle Material

You should also check the handle material quality. While you may end up burning through the ropes if you jump on concrete, your handles will also give in to wear, especially around the ends. Cheap plastic handles can often bend when you squeeze them and the ends are prone to break after a few months of heavy use.

Shatterproof hard plastic handles or lightweight aluminum handles will last much longer, and if you don’t mind paying more money they are worth it.

Handle Length

In handle length, there are fewer options available. You will use about 2 inches of the handle holding it, so when you look at the handle sizes, deduct that amount from the length; This will be the length of the handle that protrudes from your hands.

We have three basic lengths:

  • Short handles
  • Regular handles
  • Long handles.

Long handles are particularly useful for tricks. Longer handles give you more rope to work with when cruising. If you want to mix up your jump rope workout with some cool tricks, I recommend choosing a rope that is at least medium length (4 inches) and preferably long (6-7 inches). I prefer long handles.

If you want something fancy that allows more speed, you can check out a short-handled jump rope. Typically, the fancier cross-rope skipping ropes or electric speed ropes often have short handles.

The Connection Between Cable And Handle

There are three options for how the rope connects to the handle:

  • Regular connection (the rope goes directly to the handle)
  • Connection 90 (the rope is attached to the handle at a 90-degree angle = much more speed and less friction)
  • Ball-bearing swivel (there is a ball bearing at the end of the handle that connects the end of the cable to the handle = less friction, more fluid, and better control)

Types Of Jump Rope Connectors

It can work well with the regular connection, which is the standard cheap jump rope that is seen everywhere. The 90-degree connection style is a newer style of skipping rope and generally makes jumping faster.

I prefer the regular connection: it seems better to me, but that is a personal preference. Rotary types of ball bearing are found on premium and more expensive jump ropes. These are the best, but you will generally have to pay $ 20-50 to jump rope that way.

Handle Thickness

Chunky handles give you more grip, but are often heavier and make rope tricks more difficult. They are recommended for cross-fit / workout types.

The slim handle design is popular with fast strings. They are the lightest and allow you to whip the rope with more speed.

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