Best Jump Ropes For Beginners 2024

One of the obstacles that prevent people from mastering the double under is the choice of the rope used. Because you need to have close control of the rope and adequate speed to execute a double underneath, rope choice matters, as does the jump rope’s handle and rotation mechanism. I will review some of the best jump ropes for beginners. I also want you to learn how to pick a double unders jumping rope so you can find one that’s perfect for you.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

WOD Nation Speed Rope (Best Jump Ropes For Beginners)

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

The WOD Nation Speed jump rope is one of the most popular options. What sets it apart is its four-bearing system. Two bearings hold the cable at the top and two bearings are on the handle.
The bearing system gives the skipping rope a smooth rotation. The additional turn of the bearings also helps the rope maintain speed and shape, even if its shape is not the best.
I just wish the handles were of better quality. The nylon can become slippery with sweat and there is no grip. The nylon-covered steel cable does a decent job, considering the price.

  • 11-foot cord
  • Spare cable included
  • 6 extra-long 3/4 inch handles
  • 8 colors
  • Free carry bag
  • Good price
  • No contoured grip
  • The handles may be too long for people with small hands.

Ideal For: Beginners who want a quality jump rope to learn double unders, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

FitSkuad Jump Rope (Best Jump Ropes For Beginners)

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

While the FitSkuad jump rope is certainly not the most elite (and not something you want to use for competition training), it works well on all fronts.
The handles are sturdy aluminum with a good foam grip. At nearly 6 inches, the handles are good for all hand sizes and for maintaining control.
A double ball bearing system helps provide smoother jump rope rotation. They’ll eventually start to wear out, but they’re pretty durable for a cheap CrossFit jump rope.

  • Long handles with foam grip.
  • Double ball bearing system
  • Durable PVC coated cable
  • Carry bag
  • 5 different colors
  • No other cables offered by the company
  • Screwdriver mechanism for not very secure ends

Ideal For: beginners looking for a quality under-the-rope double that won’t break the bank.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Elite Surge 2.0 Jump Rope (Best Jump Ropes For Beginners)

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

This CrossFit skipping rope is not as well known as the others, but it is still a quality product. It costs slightly more than its standard quality ropes, but most athletes think it’s worth it due to the smooth double ball bearing head.
The cable that comes with the Elite Surge 2.0 is a 3/32 ”nylon coated steel cable. The handles are compatible with 6 other types of cable offered by the company.
Handle weight is decent at just 4 ounces. The foam grip is a nice touch for people whose hands tend to shrink.

  • 2-year warranty on handles
  • Double ball bearing head for smooth rotation
  • 9 different colors
  • Lightweight handles with foam grip
  • Compatible with 6 different cables
  • Slightly short 5 ¼-inch handles for large hands
  • Some complaints about small screws to adjust the length

Ideal For: People who want durable handles that can be used with different strings as they go.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Survival Cross Rope (Best Jump Ropes For Beginners)

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

I included this Crossfit jump rope at the end because it is the lowest quality of all the ones listed here. However, it is also the cheapest. For the price, the quality and design of the rope are decent. You have two sets of collars to adjust the length, plain bearings, and a rubberized cable that holds even during abuse.

However, don’t expect much in terms of durability, speed, or driving comfort. If you’re serious about double under, then find a more durable jump rope right away. If you just want something cheap until you find out the basics, this rope will suffice. You may even like the extra weight for the tactile feedback it provides.

  • Slow rope gives good feedback
  • Two sets of necklaces to adjust the length
  • Cheap
  • Plastic handles with little grip.
  • Low-quality materials decompose faster
  • 5-inch handles are short

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

So these were some of the best jump ropes available for beginners to learn jumping rope and also double unders at an advanced level.

What Are The Double Unders?

The name says it all. A double under is a jump rope exercise in which the rope has two complete rotations under the feet during a jump. Double unders offers intense training that improves balance, endurance, strength, and even cognitive function.

A lesser-known quality CrossFit double unders have is that they are also linked at a higher speed. According to a study from the University of Kanazawa, sprinting speed can be improved by performing double under.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

How to choose the best jump rope for double unders?

A standard double under jump rope cannot be used. These strings are generally too long in size, have poor grip handles, and produce too much friction for proper speed

If you go to a gym, they may have some quality jump ropes. However, it is still better to get your jump rope so that it can be properly sized. Community ropes in gyms are also heavily abused. They will probably double from overuse.

Competition vs. CrossFit Jump Ropes

Before you start buying a double under jump rope, you must decide how you are going to use it. Double unders CrossFit strings are different from the competition.

Double Under Ropes Competition: The goal in competitions is to do as many double unders in a specific time.

  • The rope is very short. Competitors will even incline to reduce rope revolution time.
  • Light and slim. This gives the rope more speed.

Cross Fit Double Unders Ropes: With CrossFit, endurance is the goal. You want to double under for the longest amount of time.

  • The rope will be longer. This is important to maintain the proper shape.
  • Thicker and heavier. The rope will be slower but provides a better response.

Here we will see the characteristics of the CrossFit jump ropes. Some CrossFit jump ropes will continue to function for competition. They will just have to be shorter in size for speed rather than resistance training.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Jump Rope Handles

Standard jump ropes generally have small handles made of plastic. These are sufficient for standard jumps, but will not cut for double under.

You want a handle that is longer to fit your hand better. This will give you better control. Similarly, it is good to have a sturdy material for the handle.

When you can’t decide between two jump ropes, look at the grip. It’s worth paying a few extra bucks for a contoured padded grip, especially if you plan to spend considerable time mastering the double under.

The more advanced jump ropes will also have sliders on the handle. These keep the handle tight so that the cable doesn’t start to slip.

Look For:

  • Longer handles
  • Resistant material
  • Contoured grip
  • Padded on the handle
  • Sliders to keep handles tight on cable

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

How The Cable Is Placed In The Handle?

This is what differentiates quality jump ropes from cheap ones. There are several mechanisms for the cable to move in the handle. The best jump ropes will move very smoothly

Cheap Cable Jump Ropes

The cheapest jump ropes, probably the ones you used as a kid, have a hollow handle with a cable running through it. AVOID these jump ropes for double under!

The cable has no way to wind the handle. It will screw up quickly. You also get a lot of friction from slowing down the rope.

Be sure to choose a jump rope that has some sort of rotary mechanism for the cable. The cable must be able to reach an efficient 90-degree angle. This brings us to rotating mechanisms and laterally mounted jump ropes.

Jump Ropes With Rotating Mechanism

CrossFit jump ropes will generally have a ball inside the handle. The cable is attached to the ball, so the cable can do this at any angle. The cable can be moved on the handle to adjust the length.

Ideally, the rotation mechanism will not rust or corrode. Still, expect the rotation mechanism to eventually wear out. At that point, you will have to replace your jump rope. I don’t know of any jump rope companies that sell replacement rotators for their handles.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Side Mount Jump Ropes

With these jump ropes, the cable comes out of the handle at a 90-degree angle. It stays fixed in this position as it rotates, so the rope constantly comes out.

The side-mounted jump ropes are great for double bottoming, and all the best jump ropes reviewed here are side-mounted. Unfortunately, the side-mounted jump ropes are not suitable if you want to use the jump rope for any crossing or jump where the hands are not strictly attached to the sides.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

The Cable

This is where things can seem a little confusing. CrossFit Cross Rope Cables come in different thicknesses, materials, and sheaths.

As a general rule:

  • Beginners should choose heavier and thicker ropes.
  • As you go, most go to lighter and thinner strings for higher speed.
  • Outdoor double ropes should be stronger and lined.

Cable thickness and weight (also known as speed)

Jump ropes for beginners are generally made of thicker cable and/or have a sheath around it. The extra weight and thickness of these cables make them much slower. They are much easier for beginners because they provide tactile feedback when touching the ground

Speed jump ropes are designed to be as light and thin as possible to reduce friction. A lot of skills are needed to manipulate these strings, but you can start using these cables quickly! However, they come with the disadvantage of not keeping their shape very well. Often thin cables will start to wobble as they go over your head.

Oh, I must mention that those speed jump ropes hurt like hell when they hit you! Don’t try to use a high-speed jump rope until you’ve mastered the lower doubles with a thicker cable.

  • Fast ropes generally weigh about 2.4 ounces
  • Standard ropes are generally approximately 3.5 ounces and more

Cable Coating

Virtually all Double Unders or CrossFit jump ropes will be made from a steel cable. Some of these steel cables are thicker or thinner than others. However, what really matters is the coating.

Beginners will generally want a PVC or nylon coated cable. The lining gives you better tactile feedback as the string hits the ground, allowing you to hone your double basses.

Coated cables also hurt less when they hit you!

As you go and want more speed, you can switch to bare wire or Teflon coated wires. Just don’t ever wear them outdoors. The asphalt will cause abrasions. Dirt will enter the cable and cause corrosion.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Adjustment Mechanism

Unless you share your jump rope with someone else (not recommended), you only need to adjust the length once you get it.

Therefore, the “ease” of the adjustment mechanism is not that important. However, you want to see if the adjusting mechanism has collars.

The collars can be used to hold the jump rope in place on the handles so it won’t slip. Most ropes are adjustable from one side only, but some allow adjustment from both sides and have necklaces on both.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

Interchangeable Cables

As a beginner, you will probably use a thicker cable on your jump rope. As you go, you can usually fit any smaller wire on your existing handles.

However, the opposite is not true: thicker cables cannot be put into handles made for fast cables

If you think you will be changing ropes frequently during training, look for a CrossFit jump rope that allows you to change ropes easily. While ropes from other companies may fit your handles, it is generally safer to buy ropes from the same company that is listed as compatible.

Best Jump Ropes For Beginners

How To Size A Jump Rope For The Double Unders?

Properly adjusting the jump rope is the most important thing you can do to improve the double unders.

As a beginner, the jump rope will be slightly longer and have more headroom. As you go, the rope is shortened until there is only 1 inch of clearance above it. Shorter strings mean you go faster, but there is less margin for error.

Amount Of Clearance To Jump Rope

Beginners: EliteSRS Fitness recommends leaving 8 to 12 inches of headroom.

Intermediate: 4-7 inches of headroom provides a good balance of speed and control.

Advanced: David from Paradiso CrossFit says 1 inch of headroom while maintaining perfect shape is ideal.

Double Unders Form

To properly size your jump rope, you need to pay attention to the shape. You should put your arms out to your sides. The farther the arms are from the sides, the longer the rope will be.

Steps To Adjust Rope Length

  1. Find the center of the rope and put your foot on it.
  2. Slide the rope so that a handle is against your pecs (just in front of your nipples). Hold the other handle that will be as high as possible.
  3. Slide the handle higher so it is flush with that of your pecs.
  4. Remember to keep the handles close to your body!
  5. Take the adjustable collar and move it down.
  6. Retighten the collar.
  7. Using wire cutters, cut off any excess wire. Leave a few inches at the ends.
  8. Test the length of the rope. If you feel any drag, adjust the collar and try again.
  9. Once you find the ideal length, cut any remaining wires.
  • When cutting the jump rope to size, it is generally better to size the rope gradually. Shorten the skipping rope an inch or two at a time. This way you don’t accidentally take off too much string
  • Have someone see you jump during your first test. This ensures that you are using the proper shape, which is important in obtaining the correct length of rope.

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