10 Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight [2024]

Gone are the days when jump rope was an exclusive reserve of hardcore boxers or a hobby for children. Sit in any gym and you will likely hear the familiar sound of a rope repeatedly jumping to the ground.

It is not surprising that the jump rope has seen such a rebirth. You must be wondering what are the best jump ropes for losing weight.

Jumping rope is a full-body workout, which tones muscles, increases endurance, and improves coordination and flexibility. Plus, it burns calories and burns them quickly.

An hour of jump rope can burn between 800 and 1,000 calories, that is, an average of about 15 calories per minute. Which means that it is the best tool for losing weight.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali once famously said, ”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Many people don’t realize he was talking about double-unders.

Alright, technically he was talking about his fighting style. But where do you think those quick feet came from? Jump rope, at least in part.

Whether you haven’t skipped rope since second grade or you’re a CrossFitter competing at the highest level of competition, these are some of the best jump ropes designed for losing weight.

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

1. CrossRope Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

Crossrope is an American brand and it adds extra weight to your jump rope workouts, with a simple clip system that lets you switch between light (green, quarter-pound) and heavy (white, half-pound) ropes. The handles are also sturdy, with extra grip to help you hold on even when you’re sweaty.

Order one of its sets and you will receive a brochure that will welcome you to the “Crossrope family”. “It is you, the everyday hero, who inspires us to challenge the status quo of fitness,” adds the brochure. So with all this talk, are the strings really that good?

In short: Yes. We tested the get lean set, which included 1 / 4lb and 1 / 2lb jump ropes. The “quick clip” system meant that we could quickly switch handles between light and heavy ropes, which would lead to a more versatile workout, while professional-quality ball bearings made each swing perfect.

The braided steel interior of the ropes meant these were among the most durable products we tested, barely showing signs of wear even after a difficult month in the gym.

To make sure you get the most out of the product, there’s also a free app for iOS and Android, including tutorials, workouts, and challenges. The ropes come in a variety of sizes, depending on their height, with a small 4 foot 9 “start and extra-large catering up to 6 foot 9”.

There’s also a fit and strong ensemble if you’re not looking to lose weight. These are the most expensive strings we tested, but if you’re serious about skipping, you can’t get much better. So these are one of the best jump ropes for losing weight.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

2. Garage Fit 9’ Adjustable PVC Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

This PVC rope is the most basic you can get because sometimes that is exactly what you need.

Lightweight plastic handles and 9-foot cord create a durable and inexpensive exercise package that can handle basic workouts, as well as bigger, better-made ropes.

This rope is made to take a beating, so start your jump rope journey here. Once you go beyond the basic jump for a few minutes at a time, which might not happen if you don’t work on it, move on to one of the more complicated options on the list.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

3. XYLsports Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

The XYLsports Jump Rope may be the cheapest option on our list, but it doesn’t skimp on features.

This model has premium quality bearings on the handles to allow for smooth rolling and a cable thick enough to withstand the elements but agile for quick workouts.

This basic jump rope has a comfortable grip, a quick twist of the rope, and holds up against the toughest terrain.

High-quality ball bearings smooth jumps and protect wrists and shoulders from stress. Now you can take your workouts almost anywhere and never miss a beat, but in the event, you fail, the fluffy texture of the cable forgives your shins.

The rope is 9’8 “long at most, making it ideal for taller people, and you can adjust it to fit your frame. Compared to most cable ropes, the XYLsports model is slightly longer thicker, which helps avoid tangles and doesn’t hurt so much when you hit your shins.

The company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Keeping it in mind, these are the best jump ropes for losing weight.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

4. CyberDyer Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like a jump rope without a rope. Stay with us for this one. The CyberDyer ‘rope’ uses heavy handles with short cables to mimic the feeling of jumping with a real rope without rocking it.

The concept sounds strange, but the low-impact tool could give people who don’t have much room to work a good alternative on the days when they want to increase their heart rate. Even if you don’t build the same kind of coordination as with a real rope, you never have to worry about tripping.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

5. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

Friends don’t let friends skip the use of unbalanced children’s toys – when you’re ready for a real workout, level up to something like this survival and cross rope.

This lightweight and affordable jump rope is ideal for MMA, boxing, and fitness training, or just to change your cardio routine.

This jump rope will take you from casual to serious workouts, with no upgrade required. Survival and Cross jump rope offers ease of use for beginners. But also the functionality and features that many more serious users want.

The Survival and Cross jump rope is synchronized with a 10-foot cable length and five-inch handles. It is fully adjustable not only for adults but also for children.

The handles and cord are lightweight, making them easy for anyone to use, regardless of capacity. And the cords won’t twist or tangle. Ball bearings on the handles make it easy to increase rotational speed as you gain more skill as well.

This jump rope does not come with an additional cable, but it does come with additional hardware, a carry bag, and many online manuals and e-books. The cord is ten feet long (good for people up to 6’4 “tall), and the handles are five inches long. And, the rope is portable as it can easily be stored in a backpack or purse.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

6. EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

If you are looking to improve your double unders game, Elite Surge 2.0 is designed for the CrossFit community. Slim foam handles provide optimal grip in turns and sweat, improving control and spin efficiency.

But what sets the Elite Surge 2.0 apart is its patented dual ball bearing technology that can help you achieve multiple rotations every second. Ball bearings give the rope a balanced feel and reduce stress on your wrists, making your high knees a breeze while squashing your WOD Crossfit.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

7. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

Endurance training became more challenging. Get in the best shape of your life with a speed jump rope designed for serious endurance trainers, including boxers and MMA fighters.

This solid option is made for the fast spins and heavy use necessary for the toughest CrossFitters. Sturdy handles and a four-bearing connection help keep the rope stable.

This steel cable skipping rope is not kidding. It is extremely stable, for faster rotations, and can be easily customized at home. The length varies so you can shorten it if you want a faster swing.

It comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee, in case you have any problems with the product. Note: Like all jump ropes, you’ll want to use this on a flat, smooth surface. Cement can wear down the exterior cladding.

The handles are just under seven inches long and the rope, which comes in nine colors, is 10 feet long.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

8. Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

If you thought skipping rope was child’s play, you haven’t taken the Sonic Boom M2 for a spin.

Non-slip silicone grips stay comfortably in your hand while you sweat as the two 10-foot adjustable cables help you find the ideal length to reach your goals. The patent-pending ball bearing system and weight-balanced handles make it an excellent rope, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skipper.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

9. RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

If your goal is to improve strength and burn fat, a heavy rope like the Ropefit is the way to go. This heavy-duty cable is designed to help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and shed pounds faster.

Your weight loss goals will feel much closer to whipping this eight-pound beast over its head, it’s like jumping with a gallon of milk tied to a regular rope.

RopeFit is made with a strong Poly Dacron cable, the same material that is used in many battle ropes you see in the gym. You can choose between 1.5 ” and 2 ” thick cables in two length options to meet your training needs.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

10. Tangram Smart Rope

Best Jump Ropes For Losing Weight

Jumping and counting at the same time is like that yesterday thanks to this high-tech jump rope. Built-in LED lights show your jump number creating the illusion that the digits are floating in midair.

It’s just the right amount of distraction to make you forget how much pain you’re feeling. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Like many smart devices, the rope can be synced to your mobile device via a compatible app. Which tracks reps, calories, and burns, and even lets you compete in jumps with your friends. Single sync stores up to 100 sets of fitness statistics. And the rope comes in four fun colors to choose from: black, gold, silver, and red.

If you want a good pair of sneakers for your jump rope workout. Click Here to see the 10 best-recommended sneakers for you.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

How to Choose the Best Jumping Rope

Choosing is a complicated decision. You can walk into any sports outlet store and buy a generic jump rope for a few bucks without knowing how to size it correctly or knowing what type of rope you want, but at best you will end up with a rope that is suitable and accurate. Worse, almost unusual one.

Choosing the RIGHT jump rope for YOU is essential if you want to get the most out of your jump rope training.

Trust me, as someone who is trying to master the jump rope (and tries very hard to learn all the tricks to make my boxing jump rope work much more interesting and dynamic), I can tell you from experience that your choice of jump rope jumping makes a BIG difference to your jumping performance and your overall rope training.

You will either love jumping rope or hate it depending on the rope you end up using. A bad rope (note, bad doesn’t necessarily mean cheap rope) will cause you to trip over the rope, feel uncomfortable to use, and will be difficult to quickly use and do any tricks.

You might be able to work with a shitty jump rope, but it won’t be fun, and you’ll find yourself very annoying with the rope. And if you want to spice things up a bit with things like stunts or tricks, using the wrong type of string may make doing it that much more difficult.

Then let’s get started. I give you three steps to choosing a jump rope before giving you specific recommendations:

  • How to choose the right jump rope size
  • How to choose the right material for your jump rope (weight, material type, and tension)
  • How to choose the correct handle

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

Step 1:  Choose the Size of the Jump Rope According to Your Height

If it’s too long, the rope will get tangled in the ground or slow down your workout, requiring more force to swing it. And if it’s too short, then you would not skip easily.

You’ll want to find the perfect size first. As you improve your jump rope skills, you can shorten your rope (this allows for more speed), but certainly, when you start jumping rope you’ll want to choose the standard size for your height.

Beginner Rope Length:  You’ll want a longer string; This rope will have more resistance, so you will not be able to swing it that fast, but since the speed will not be a problem, you can work in time.

Fitness Rope Length/Double Unders: You’ll want a rope that will yield 6-10 inches when you swing it over your head. The shorter distance means you can twist the rope faster, which means it’s easier to bend.

Speed ​​Jump Rope Length: If your priority is speed then you need a rope that has a 2 to 6 inches space above your head during rope swing. However, this is an advanced style of jumping, and only professional jumpers should be concerned with this.

Freestyle String Length: Typically you want longer strings that give you more length for cross movements. Suggested clearance above the head is between 12 and 24 inches during rope swing.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

How to Find the Right Skipping Rope Size

Note that when you measure the correct length of the jump rope for your height, you are measuring from the tips of the handles and not just the length of the jump rope.

  • First, grab the jump handles with each hand and stand in the center of the rope with one foot or both feet while pulling the handles up to the side of your body while standing.
  • The tips of the handle should touch your armpits. If it’s below this, it’s too short (unless more advanced) for beginners.
  • Note that some variations ARE depending on how you hold the rope (you hold it high or low while turning the handles when jumping rope) and the length of your arms. Generally, beginners do a bit better with the standard rope length for their size, as outlined in my table below, while more advanced jump rope users may want a slightly shorter rope.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

Step 2: Choose Your Jump Rope Material

Some materials will last longer and others will wear out sooner if you jump on hard, abrasive surfaces like concrete. Keep this in mind. If you want to jump rope on concrete, then PVC material or steel cable is the best choice for you. Licorice/vinyl will break down in a few months.

Materials for Jumping Rope
  • Licorice (flexible and light)
  • PVC plastic (flexible and medium-heavy)
  • Cloth / Fiber / Fabric
  • Beaded / Segmented (Heavier)
  • Cable / Wire (lighter and stiffer)

The basic material that most jumpers rely on is basic PVC plastic or vinyl cord. Either of these is great for casual or advanced jumpers. You can buy a cheap, basic jump rope for around $ 5- $ 7 that will work well for years.

Who Should Use What Material

Here are some basic jump rope categories for the type of gear best suited to your level of experience:

Beginners: New captains do best with licorice or PVC ropes that are quite light, allow a certain speed while still being slow enough to work in time, and have a degree of flexibility with the rope.

Intermediate: Licorice or cable work according to preference. Steel cables are used for quick work, while Licorice can be used for speed or freestyle tricks.

Advanced: Licorice, cable, or beads depending on.

Sports Specific Jump Rope Materials

Your choice of jump rope material depends upon your goal and environment. Boxers generally like PVC or polyvinyl (licorice) plastic cables like Floyd Mayweather, which uses a medium-handled Amp rope. These are functional, cheap, and can be used by a beginner or even a beginner or even advanced.

Thai boxers like thick old school PVC plastic, which is very heavy. The ropes are two to three times thicker than normal size jump rope widths. The handles tend to be thick wood as well. I don’t like these because you can’t work with speed or pace, but you can work with shoulder resistance because they are so heavy. I started in Thailand using them for a couple of years. But now that I’m serious about jumping rope and trying to improve, I don’t play them anymore. Still, if “you want to do it like the Thais traditionally do, then go for the Twins Jump Rope.” I hate it, but you might like it and all Thai people use it.

Cross Fitters / Fitness Types tend to prefer quick jump ropes with metal cables, 90-degree connections, or ball bearing twists. These allow you to do some really quick jumps, easily perform doubles or triples, and start some serious speed training.

Rope Materials to Avoid

Some people may disagree with my choices here, some people may like these strings, but I don’t, and this is why:

Leather: Heavy and difficult to get a decent beat.

Rope: Tends to be very light and makes it difficult to get a fast beat. I recommend that you stick to the other materials.

Beads: Unless you’re doing freestyle tricks for an audience, these are heavier and harder to build a fast pace in my opinion. Some pros use these, but the pros can skip with any type of skipping rope. You should avoid them generally.

Weighted Jump Ropes: Jump rope that has extra weight are also available. For me, this removes the basic premise of jumping rope in the first place: working on speed, power, and endurance. With weighted strings, the emphasis is on turning the string without tiring; it is much more difficult to rotate the rope. It is best to place strap weights around the wrists or ankles; you can work your speed while working on the resistance at the same time better this way.

Rope Cord Stiffness

For more advanced patterns, there is also string stiffness that you may want to consider. Stiffer cables do not have that much flexibility. This means that the string won’t move or tighten much, which is good for advanced patterns that need the string to go where they want it to without any subtle changes. But this means that the person must have enough skill as the rope will not allow mistakes. Beginners to intermediates will want a rope that has some flexibility and stretch; This allows the string to adjust for an error on the part of the skipper.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

Step 3: Choose the Right Jump Rope Handle

The handles are the most essential factor to consider after jumping rope material. There are various handle designs available in the market – some are thick and short, some are thin and short, some are long and thin, and some even have original shapes.

Handle Weight

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind, regardless of the width, height, or material the handle is made from, is that you want as light a handle as possible. A heavy handle will slow down the jump rope.

Handle Material

You can also indicate the material from which the handle is made. While you may end up burning your ropes if you jump on concrete, your handles will also give way to wear and tear, especially at the ends. Cheap plastic handles can often bend when you squeeze them and the ends are prone to splitting and breaking after a few months of heavy use.

The hard, unbreakable plastic handles or the lightweight aluminum handles will last much longer, and if you don’t mind paying more money, it’s well worth it.

Handle Length

There are quite limited options when it comes to handles. You will use about 2 inches of the handle to hold it, so when looking at the sizes of the handles, subtract that amount from the length. This will be the length of the handle sticking out of your hands.

We have three basic lengths:

  • Short handles
  • Regular handles
  • Long handles

Long handles are particularly useful for tricks. Longer handles give you more rope to work with when doing cross movements. If you want to combine your jump rope training with some great tricks, I recommend that you choose a rope that is at least medium length (4 inches) and preferably long (6 to 7 inches). I prefer long handles.

If you are just looking to start jumping rope, choose a standard medium-length handle. This will be the common length that you will normally find with a common jump rope available everywhere.

If you want something fancy that allows you more speed, you can look for a short-handled jump rope. Generally, fancier cross rope jump ropes or mechanical speed ropes usually have short handles.

Connection of the Handle, and Rope

There are three options on how the string connects to the handle:

  • Regular connection (rope goes directly to the handle)
  • 90 connection (rope is attached to handle at 90-degree angle = much more speed and less friction)
  • Ball-bearing swivel (there is a ball bearing on the end of the handle that connects the end of the cable to the handle = less friction, more fluid, and better control)

You can get by just fine with the regular connection, which is the standard cheap jump rope you see everywhere. The 90-degree connection style is a newer style of jumping rope and generally allows for faster rope jumping. I prefer the regular connection, it just seems better to me, but that’s a personal preference. The types of swivel ball bearings are found in the more expensive premium jump ropes. These are the best, but you will typically have to pay $ 20- $ 50 to jump rope that way.

Best Jump Ropes for Losing Weight

Handle Thickness

Thick handles give you more grip, but are often heavier and make string tricks difficult. They are recommended for training / cross-fit types.

The slim shank design is popular with speed ropes. They are the lightest and allow you to beat the string with the highest speed.

Medium mangoes are among these. Those cheap, regular jump ropes that cost around $ 7 usually have medium-width handles. This is the best width to consider overall.

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