Best Men’s Running Shoes For Supination [2024]

With a lack of support and ample cushioning, one could face issues like supination, which is uneven weight distribution when walking or running. Weight tends to line up more to the front rather than evenly distributed.

To make sure this doesn’t turn into a pain in the long run, what you need to do is find the right type of footwear. We’ve tried to make your shopping a little easier with this well-reviewed list of the best shoes for supination problems.

Choosing The Best Men’s Running Shoes For Supination

Before you go ahead and shop for the best shoes for supination, here are some things to consider.

What are the types of supination?

This is when the weight tends to transfer from the heel to the ball of the foot. It happens in a very exaggerated way. To cope with this, you need a dual-density midsole.

Neutral Pronation

This is when your body weight does not change in a viable way. In general, the weight tends to change fundamentally. However, this is not enough to help relieve or compensate for the stress on the outside of the foot. Wear metal-lined shoes or dense midsoles that help relieve stress.

Under Pronation

Insufficient pronation can lead to ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, or leg cramps. To deal with this problem, you can opt for shoes with extra padding and flatter soles.

Things to consider when selecting shoes for supination

Arch Support

When buying any shoe for a supination problem, you should consider the arch support option. The padded arch helps stabilize and support the foot.


For supination problems, impact mitigation is essential. Selecting a shoe that has great cushioning is important for long-term benefits. It will ensure that you can wear shoes for a longer time.


You don’t want your feet to sweat while taking a brisk walk or jogging. Not only do your feet smell bad, but they can loosen your grip and lead to slips or similar accidents. Also, an uncomfortable walk is not something anyone wants. Selecting shoes with a gel or mesh upper is the key to ensuring adequate long-term breathability.

Best Men’s Running Shoes For Supination

1. Brooks Glycerin 16 Men’s Running Shoe

best men's running shoes for supination

With the Brooks Glycerin 16 Men’s Running Shoes, you have access to items like the comfort that will last for years without any deterioration. Not only that, this pair is a neutral trainer that will have any runner delighted at the simple idea of ​​wearing it for a long jog. Although the shoe is a bit heavier, the cushioning added to it makes it perfect without causing pain to your feet.

The Glycerin 16 makes use of a foam-filled “DNA Loft” designed to increase its comfort level compared to its predecessors. Aside from this, manufacturers have ensured its characteristic durability and responsiveness, along with a slight change in design. The pair can maintain comfort during intensive training without putting pressure on the forefoot.

However, one thing that you may notice with the Glycerin 16 is the fact that the stability quotient is a bit lower compared to previous versions. It does not mean that you would fall or that it is not worth buying. The change is very slight and barely noticeable to raise red flags.

On the other hand, the wider platform provided by the shoe ensures that there is enough stability to lessen the negative effects of supination. The upper in Brooks 16 makes use of a jacquard mesh-like material designed for a stretchy feel combined with ample breathability.

The sole provided with Brooks 16 makes use of 2 different rubber materials, including Blown Rubber and HPR. While HPR ensures durability and protects from external abrasion, other components help provide traction and flexibility.

  • The new upper is stylish and comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable coverage in the upper area
  • Elastic sock-like fit
  • Expensive compared to the competition
  • The cushioning can be too soft and create long-term instability

best men’s running shoes for supination

2. New Balance 680 V6 Running Shoes For Men

best men's running shoes for supination

The New Balance 680 V6 is a stylish but comfortable running model that has been combined with basic features designed for shoes used for running medium to short distances. The best thing about this running shoe is that they are very affordable, especially considering their characteristics that guarantee optimal foot support.

Speaking of its weight, the New Balance lines up more on the medium-light end. If you are a runner just starting your practice session, this shoe is the right way to start. The lightness comes from the use of synthetic material on the upper part. This synthetic material is so transparent since there are no additional bounces that can slow it down during the race.

The midsole of the V6 running shoes consists of 2 different parts, which include Acteva and Abzorb. The latter is composed of isoprene rubber designed to absorb impacts near the midsole. Cells located in the midsole of the shoes tend to be even and consistent concerning size and help dissipate shock evenly throughout the foot.

The shoe also responds well to shocks, so you will never feel the strain on your knees or ankles after running a mile or so. Whether you are on a paved road, flat surface, or rough terrain, this shoe will not be troublesome in any way.

However, the New Balance could require some improvement in its general adjustment. Like most running shoes go wrong in terms of size, the problem is the same with this pair as well. You may need to go up half a size or even a full size to get a roomy fit.

  • Above-average cushioning and balance
  • Lower weight
  • Better shock absorption
  • Wrong size
  • Tends to run small
  • Narrow structure

best men’s running shoes for supination

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

If one thing that can be said without question about Nike is the fact that they produce some of the best shoes that ever existed. Pegasus running shoes are designed to be streamlined and fast with a fit that is quite snug and comfortable.

The full configuration of the shoe is equipped with an engineered mesh upper. This mesh design not only gives this shoe an attractive and stylish look, it also keeps the weight down by eliminating any external support or overlap. With most shoes, the midfoot tends to be a bit tighter. However, there are no complaints about the Nike Air Zoom Men’s Running Shoes.

Most running shoes are designed with standard 6 laces holes with the 7th or empty hole at the top. However, with the Pegasus, you only get 5 holes with the sixth being empty. Since you don’t have to tie down too far, the midfoot doesn’t squeeze and there’s surely a sense of comfort.

The tongue area of ​​the shoe is slimmed down to reduce overall weight. The asymmetrical shape at the top ensures better coverage outside the ankle. Another striking feature of the Pegasus 36 is the heel collar. It helps runners deal with problems like the Achilles tendon that comes from shoes that constantly rub against the heels.

As you walk in the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36, you may notice that your heels slide slightly. However, the problem is solved only when you start running. Nike also brings an additional grommet towards the top end of this shoe to ensure that runners can even go for a marathon in this shoe.

  • Enhanced tongue with asymmetric cut
  • Versatile use
  • Great combination of energy and cushioning
  • Durable sole
  • The accessory may be a little loose
  • Full-length zoom may not be as responsive
  • Stiff forefoot

best men’s running shoes for supination

4. Adidas Lite Racer RBN Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

If you are looking for some amazing and affordable running shoes for men, the Adidas Lite is a perfect choice to start with. Although it is not something you want to look for in case you are a professional runner, this is just one that you need when you start your first race.

Adidas Lite is the perfect model for leisure and relaxed sports activity. However, it may not do you well in case you want to hit rough terrain or long rides at high speed. The first thing you notice with these running shoes is that they are soft, similar to the feeling you expect to have when walking on the cloud. Well, Cloudfoam cushioning is also there for maximum comfort and stability.

Apart from this, the upper part has been created to be perfectly tender and snug, ensuring a perfect fit around the ankles. The texture of the shoe is fine overall to ensure breathability during a workout or a brisk walk. However, longevity may not be promised if you take it out for tough runs now and then.

In case you live in warm environments, Adidas is what you should take home. For the price, the quality is quite good, especially because it supports even pressure distribution while reducing supination. Not only that, the design and color scheme look equally good and pair well with any outfit.

In terms of fit, the shoe is slightly larger. So if someone is a size 8, they might fit better if they wear a size lower, like 7.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Perfect for long walks
  • The sole is of low quality
  • Poor quality tread
  • The damping is too soft and causes an imbalance

best men’s running shoes for supination

5. ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

If you’re someone who loves to run the mile, the ASICS Gel-Excite for men might be just what you need. With this shoe, you get luxurious comfort and dependable durability without having to shell out a lot of money out of pocket. Unique GEL-based cushioning helps reduce impact in the most important areas.

Apart from this, the high abrasion rubber base helps protect areas known to be part of the critical impact area. Helps reduce any wear and tear that may occur on the sole of your shoe. The ASICS also comes with reflective elements that make it ideal for low-light spaces.

best men’s running shoes for supination

ASICS Excite is designed to ensure that your foot expects a normal distribution of weight and impact to avoid any supination problems. To help prevent this, the shoe is packaged in a REAR FOOT GEL with a cushioning system that attenuates impact during the impact phase while ensuring a smooth transition.

Not only that, the pair comes with a removable insole in case you want to accommodate any medical orthopedic sole. The sole has AHAR, and its abbreviation is ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. AHAR is used to provide exception durability to the sole.

The shoe also supports low arches and is highly recommended if you suffer from problems such as arthritis. The mesh design on the upper is very flexible and especially durable for beginner runners who have just started training. In terms of fit, go a size higher or half higher depending on your foot circumference for a comfortable fit.

  • Wallet-friendly prices
  • Decent durability
  • Hard fair responsiveness during the transition from walking to running
  • Variable width options available
  • Smaller than other ASICS shoes
  • Traction is not correct on wet surfaces
  • Narrower design

best men’s running shoes for supination

6. Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is the best running shoes for supination because of its stability and lightweight.

The midsole material has been updated and provides the comfort and support you are looking for while running. Not only are there superior amounts of cushioning in the forefoot in this shoe, but it’s also quite flexible.

The exclusive Fan Wave plate offers runners stability without interfering with movement. While there are numerous color options to choose from, the prices are high compared to other brands. That being said, this shoe appears to be true to size, plus the toe box may appear a bit small.

  • Light
  • Superior stability
  • Comfortable
  • Fan Wave plate does not interfere with movement
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Expensive
  • The toe is tight

best men’s running shoes for supination

7. Nike Free 5.0 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

When you need the best running shoes but suffer from supination, this Nike may be the one for you. Nike engineers created this shoe as a way to replicate barefoot running on spongy terrain.

While that may not sound interesting, it does create a natural movement in your foot like no other. It’s also flexible and lightweight and comes with a low-profile design for those who don’t require a lot of support.

As with most Nike shoes, the number of color options is mind-boggling, but the sizes seem to be a bit small. Fortunately, they are available in half sizes, so you can order a little more if you are concerned about fit.

  • Light
  • How to run barefoot
  • Promotes a healthy natural movement
  • Flexible
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Doesn’t offer much support
  • I could run small

best men’s running shoes for supination

8. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080v7 Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

This pair from New Balance might just be the best running shoe for supination. Not only does this shoe have cool foam cushioning, but it also has a removable insole for added comfort. The well-designed upper also allows your feet to move and adjust when needed.

The fit is secure, so your foot does not move unnecessarily and the shoe wraps the midfoot for maximum stability and security. There are six color options and some of the prices are incredibly low. In fact, for that price, it would make sense to have a few pairs and rotate them.

Some customers felt they were a bit tight.

  • Fresh foam padding
  • Removable insole
  • Cheap prices
  • Secure fit
  • Promoted stability
  • Internal components can rub the foot
  • Some people felt they were small

best men’s running shoes for supination

9. Saucony Ride 6 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

This Saucony offers maximum comfort and is rated as one of the best pairs of supination shoes. With its padded tongue and collar, plus comfortable linings, you can expect a supportive fit for long runs. Also, they are stylish, so you can also use them in the gym.

Inside the shoe, you’ll receive a pair of insoles and PowerGrid midsole foam for the optimal alignment of your tired feet. The SRC Impact Zone absorbs any major impact to protect your feet. There are six color options and most people felt this shoe was true to size.

  • Highly padded
  • It has comfort liners
  • Support setting
  • PowerGrid midsole foam
  • SRC Impact Zone absorbs any major impact
  • Rigid
  • Take the time to enter

best men’s running shoes for supination

10. Under Armor Micro G Assert 6 Men’s Running Shoes

best men's running shoes for supination

The Micro G Assert 6 is not only sleek and modern, it also has many benefits for the foot. It has an EVA midsole that gives flexibility and support. Pair it with the shock-absorbing outsole and you’ll be protected from the start of your run to the end. This shoe also helps distribute the weight, which is important when supine.

The full-length EVA sock lining is designed to fit your foot. With its help, pressure points are reduced and you have an overall comfort from foot to heel. It’s hard to believe the price you can get them for, which makes them a good option for those on a tight budget.

  • Elegant
  • EVA midsole for comfort
  • Shock absorption
  • Distribute the weight
  • Full EVA sock lining
  • The sole wears out quickly
  • The toe appears small

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