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Best Men’s Running Tights For Winter in 2020

Staying comfortable and dry is a priority to make your runs as pleasant as possible. Modern technology provides several types of tights for various weather conditions. The best men’s running tights keeps away moisture from your skin. And that keeps you warm and comfortable. Winter tights are heavy and thick to avoid low temperatures. And the material used at the front of the tights is nylon outlining that protects you from the wind and water.

Let’s discuss the best men’s running tights for winter.

Best Men’s Running Tights For Winter in 2020

best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

Run freely and smoothly in these near-perfect running tights. Made by New Balance, one of the leading running companies, Impact Tights are the best overall tights on our list.

These tights move well and feel great. They also have flatlock seams to prevent chafing. Flat waistband and drawstring allow you to adjust for the perfect fit.

A pocket has enough space to store money, keys, or identification. New Balance technical fabric effectively wicks sweat away from your skin.

In general, these tights operate in a variety of temperatures and conditions. They have a good price and will be kept in repeated executions.

Best Men’s Running Tights For Winter

  • Medium weight to work well in a variety of temperatures
  • Soft-touch
  • Flatlock seams to prevent chafing
  • Small back pocket
  • It lacks many reflective details
  • Without large pockets
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

ASICS Lite-Show winter tights do double duty. Yes, they are thick and warm tights that guarantee intense heat on colder days. But they also have a lot of reflective details if you run in low light conditions.

These tights are thick without feeling heavy. They feature a waterproof shell fabric to keep you comfortable in rain and snow. A fleece lining inside the tights helps keep you warm. And nylon lining is used in it that wick the sweats away and keep you dry.

They also have a zippered back pocket. For added security, reflective detailing is found on the moving parts of the legs: the ankle, knee, and thigh. This means that when the headlights hit the meshes, the cars will see moving reflective parts, letting them know that it is a real person running.

  • Warm fleece lining
  • Reflective details
  • Small key pocket, gels
  • With a good price for cold weather tights
  • Pocket not big enough for the phone
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

One of the many benefits of merino wool clothing is its ability to resist unpleasant odors. If you’ve ever smelled an old polyester running shirt, you know it may have a smell that won’t go away, no matter how many times you wash it.

Merino wool, on the other hand, remains odorless.

Smartwool Sport Fleece tights not only resist odor, but they also keep you warm even when wet. Merino wool also remains breathable. And unlike regular wool, it’s soft and won’t scratch or itch.

Reflective detailing on both legs adds an extra layer of visibility to your winter outfit. A zipper pocket on the back that you can use for gels, small phone or storing keys headphones, etc.

Although they are more expensive than standard tights (due to the higher cost of merino wool), we think it is worth paying a little more.

  • Very warm
  • Resist the smell
  • Great feeling, especially for wool
  • Expensive
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

With protective panels along the front and back of these leggings, GORE’s R3 Windstopper leggings are a good choice for cold, windy days.

GORE developed a protective fabric that prevents the wind while remaining breathable. The warm air that collects underneath the tights is allowed to vent and escape to keep you cool. While at the same time, the outside wind is blocked preventing your legs from getting too cold.

In these tights, there is a unique layer at both the front and back to the lower level of the thigh. Beneath is a more traditional fabric that breathes but does not block the wind. This makes the R3 more of a cold-to-cold hybrid rather than cold weather.

These tights also feature a reflective stripe along the back of the legs. Nice for low light racing and they have also small. It is ideal for storing keys, gels, or a small phone. But it is not big enough for a bigger phone.

Another good thing about them, the elastic rope is a connected piece. It makes it a little more difficult to gird and tie. But not having to worry about one end slipping inside or waist lining when washing is a good advantage.

The sizing is small. This is in agreement with the GORE website and we found it true when testing. The waist seam is also slim, making these tights a little more comfortable around the waist than other tights.

Overall, we feel that the R3 Windstopper Tights are an excellent choice for the off-shoulder, breezy racing season. They were very well balanced to avoid the wind while remaining breathable.

  • Windproof and warm
  • Smooth feel with good freedom of movement
  • Connected elastic cord
  • Size is small
  • Slightly uncomfortable slim waist
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

These are just some good and basic tights. They do not have the bells and whistles of some of the other running tights. But the price is correct. And, made by Nike, they are solid tights that look just as good as casual wear.

  • Awesome value
  • Dries quickly
  • Breathable
  • Not restrictive
  • Some felt the size was small
  • Low durability
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

These meshes do double duty. They’re great for running and have powerful compression. But these tights also provide relief to hips, quads, and knees because of the targeted compression.

To replace the purchase and use of infinite amounts of Kinesio tape, CW-X tights have additional compression that slides down to provide the same level of relief as tape. They work as well as recovery as they do for execution.

CW-X Performx Tights also wick moisture away from your skin and stretch so you can run freely.

Best Men’s Running Tights For Winter

  • Recovery compression
  • Help with injuries
  • High-quality compression
  • It may be too tight for some runners
  • Expensive
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

Ok, so these are very tight pants and no tights. But they are warm, comfortable, and have two large zippered side pockets. Even better, they’re made with soft fabric, resulting in a smooth ride that feels great.

Like other pairs of tights, they do a great job of wiping moisture away from the skin and feature an elastic waistband for a custom, snug fit.

These tights are warm, but they are also versatile enough to wear in spring, fall, and winter.

  • Two large zip pockets
  • To warm
  • Too long length
best men’s running tights for winter


best men's running tights for winter

These tights are inexpensive and come in tall and XL sizes. A common problem with running tights is that size often depends on waist length, but not crotch. If you are tall or have long legs, regular tights are mounted above the ankles.

But Under Armor Cold leggings come in tall sizes with longer crotches. We also do a great job of absorbing moisture and sound thick enough to avoid cold weather.

  • They keep you toasty and warm
  • It comes in various lengths
  • Some people felt they were small
best men’s running tights for winter

9. New Balance Men’s Windbreaker Tights

best men's running tights for winter

These wool leggings with wind-blocking panels guarantee warmth in the coldest winds. These tights have zipper pockets for storing keys, and small phone, etc. And are stretchy that provides.

These are easily some of the best winter tights for men 2020.

  • NB Heat Technology fabric keeps your legs warm
  • Cold windproof laminated fabric
  • Zip pocket
  • Reflective strips
  • Not ideal for really humid climates
best men’s running tights for winter

10. Adidas Climawarm Response Men’s Tights

best men's running tights for winter

The simple and undemanding design of these pants is refreshing. They do what they are designed to do, covering the legs from the hips to the ankles in a cozy, warm, and insulating fabric to protect you from the cold.

These are some of the best running tights in cold weather, as they are insulating, breathable, and wind-resistant.

  • Waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable
  • Side zip pocket
  • Zippered lower legs
  • Reflective details
  • Elastic drawstring waist
  • It is not waterproof
best men’s running tights for winter

11. Men’s Tesla Windproof Winter Thermal Pants

best men's running tights for winter

Tesla pants are a great combo of tights and pants. But best of all, they are waterproof, making them ideal for all types of winter weather.

Warm, waterproof, and comfortable, they will be a valuable asset to your winter run.

  • TPU outer shell provides water resistance
  • Waffle’s inner fleece lining is warm and insulating
  • Zippers at lower leg for easy dressing/undressing
  • Drawstring waist
  • Side zip pockets
  • Very accessible
  • It may not be very breathable if you sweat a lot
best men’s running tights for winter

12. Men’s 4ucycling Windproof Sports Pants

best men's running tights for winter

As a slightly looser fit option, these very affordable but very popular pants are a versatile addition to your running wardrobe. They are water-resistant, comfortable, and soft.

If you want looser pants with insulation and a water-repellent exterior, you would do well to try them on.

  • Loose enough to allow an additional undercoat underneath
  • Water-resistant
  • Zippered pockets and zippers on the lower legs
  • Designed to allow easy movement, particularly around the knees
  • Waist drawstring
  • The sizing is small
best men’s running tights for winter

The Benefits Of Running Tights

Running tights can offer unique advantages during a race. Male runners often use them for their performance and protection. If you are a novice runner, understanding the benefits of running tights can convince you to get a pair for your wardrobe.

Warmth During Cold Weather

The materials used in most running tights prevent cold air from entering. These materials also can absorb sweat to keep you dry and warm during races.

Comfort: The snug fit that is a core feature of running tights provides comfort and ensures that the tights do not fly while running. Stiffness further eliminates the friction that could be caused by loose clothing on your skin. Most of them have flat seams that eliminate rubbing and uncomfortable rubbing.

Compression Tights

Some tights double as compression gears. They also increase the efficiency of muscles during races. Some compression tights have different muscle support muscles in specific areas.

Offers Protection

 Running tights also protect your skin from rough elements like the sun or wind. Some are made of materials that light up in a dimly lit atmosphere, allowing others to see you at night, and that in turn protects you from danger. Plus, a pair of tights also help reduce wind resistance so your clothes don’t affect your stride.

best men’s running tights for winter

Buying Guide for Winter Running Tights

If you are a focused runner, you probably know that every little thing that can improve your performance is important. So it won’t hurt to try running in a pair of tights during one of your running sessions. However, to get the best outcomes then you good quality of tights. Here are a few things to remember when shopping for your pair of tights.

Good Fit

When making a purchase, make sure your pair of tights is not too tight or too loose. If it is extremely tight, it will hinder blood circulation in the lower body, while a loose pair can be uncomfortable. A pair of well-fitting running tights are comfortable and will offer you ample protection.

Full Cover

Find out if you want a pair of long tights or ones that are just above the knee. During warm weather, tights that are just above the knee are ideal. However, if you’re running in cold weather, you’d better get one that covers you completely.


This is another important factor to consider and you need to check if the material is too thin or too thick. A very thick material may offer protection from the cold but may have little space for ventilation. A pair of too-thin tights can show off your underwear while running. It is a good thing that you get the right material that offers you comfort and adequate sweat absorption.

Pockets Or No Pockets

Many male runners will want a pair of tights with at least one pocket where they can keep their keys or phone. Most running tights may not have pockets, but some have small zippered pockets where you can store all your important things.

Comfort And Aesthetics

Some materials may adhere to the body when you sweat. If you know such material will make you uncomfortable during a race, don’t buy it. The look and style of the tights are also very important, but the most important thing is to choose a pair that has a texture that feels good for you. Buy a color that satisfies your eyes and suits your appearance.

How Much They Cost

We recommend that you choose high-quality tights. Sometimes the best running tights can be expensive, but consider it an investment. If you buy running tights that are too cheap, you may be forced to replace them after a few weeks. A good pair of tights will last longer and offer you good value for your money.


 Most men prefer compression tights because of their benefits. These tights give compression, which means you may not need to buy calves or knee pads. Also, compression tights increase circulation, allowing you to run better. They also protect the muscles and reduce any pain while running. As you can see, compression tights are great, but you must choose before you go to the store.

best men’s running tights for winter

How To Care For Your Running Tights

Proper care will ensure that tights last longer and provide you with the right service. Always read the instructions to see the correct way to wash and care for your tights. Follow the instructions carefully. We also recommend that you purchase a pair of running tights that are made of high-quality, durable material.

Always wear the correct size as tights that are too tight will eventually wear out due to overstretching. Also, wash your running tights by hand to reduce the damage that can occur from machine washing. After running, wash, or hang your tights to dry the sweat. Do not keep it in your bag or the car.

If you are a consistent runner then keep more than one pair of tights. This way, you can always air dry your tights instead of using a tumble dryer while preparing for your next run. Also, keep your pair of tights in a safe and clean place, such as a clean plastic bag, and keep them dry to avoid damage.

best men’s running tights for winter


Whether you have started running as a hobby or are a pro, you will agree that a pair of running tights is a must-have for any runner. The correct pair of tights will keep you comfortable and allow you to reach the finish line successfully. So, next time you buy a pair of running tights, consider one from our list above.

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