Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather 2021

Good running gloves are an important part of any winter wardrobe. To get the best winter gloves, you’ll usually have to do a little research. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of the 10 best running gloves for extreme cold weather on the market today.

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Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather

1. Mountain Made Cold Weather Gloves for Men and Women

Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather

Mountain made a ton of great features in these cold weather gloves, making them a safe choice for our list of the best cold weather running gloves for both men and women.

Made of multi-directional stretch material with a quick-drying, wind-absorbent lining for added warmth. The textured palm ensures a good grip and the zipper design creates a comfortable and secure fit. And these gloves also work touch screens.

These highly rated cold-weather activity gloves are the best choice for anyone running in cold conditions, with the added benefit of being touch screen compatible.

Best Running Gloves For Extreme Cold Weather

  • Touch screen technology to operate mobile devices
  • Polyester and spandex material stretches in all directions for a smooth fit and full hand use.
  • The windproof lining adds comfort and heat preservation and is quick-drying and absorbent
  • Antibacterial treatment to eliminate odors
  • Zip closure for an adjustable fit and easy to put on and take off
  • Textured mesh palm for a secure grip and added protection
  • 4 sizes are available
  • They tend to be a little small, so be sure to follow their size guidelines when choosing a size

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

2. Cevapro Winter Running Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Whenever I have to run at a temperature of -30F, I always reach for my Cevapro winter gloves. Insulation and a stronger construction have been added to protect my hands from the severe temperature. It’s also comfortable and waterproof, making it a reliable pair of winter running gloves.

Still, let me mention a few downsides. The Cevapro is almost perfect, but I wish the fingers have a better touch screen function. Also, the size tends to be too tight for the above-average hand size. It also tends to be bulky, so there is no way I can use it with my phone. It may take some time to get used to due to the thicker material, which is fair compensation for the extra heat.

Despite all these annoyances, I can say that Cevapro is still one of the best gloves for running in extremely cold climates. It is made of thick wool and PU leather that protects my hands from freezing temperatures.

Other than that, it has anti-slip and moisture-wicking properties that keep your hands comfortable even when you sweat inside. I also like its waterproof feature, thanks to its TPU layer attached by a special sewing method.

If that’s not enough to impress, I also want to highlight that these cold day running gloves have elastic double wrists that keep the wind out of your hands. The cuffs can also pass comfortably under the jacket as I run.

With that, it is the perfect protection against extremely cold weather when you have to go outside on a winter day. Finally, Cevapro offers a 12-month guarantee for this pair of gloves in case of quality problems.

In conclusion, Cevapro is resistant to very low temperatures but very soft with the hands. It has additional insulation, thick cuffs, and a waterproof layer so you can run in cold weather with ease. In my experience, it is not necessary to use cold temperature coatings with these gloves unless they cool down quickly.

  • Thick wool insulation
  • TPU waterproof coating
  • Double elastic cuffs
  • A non-slip feature even while running
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • 12-month warranty
  • The touch screen function does not work on my phone

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

3. Manzella All Elements 3.0 Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

When it comes to winter running, my favorite pair is the Manzella All Elements Gloves. It has excellent insulation as well as moisture-wicking properties that keep snow and wind out of my hands. As the best gloves for running in extremely cold climates, it can withstand temperatures of around 32F. It also traps heat from my hands as I run so I can sweat faster.

However, I also noticed some downsides to these running gloves, including a slight dexterity issue. Every time I have to take my keys out of my pocket, I have to take off a glove. Also, it is not the warmest pair if you are running below freezing and in extremely cold weather.

I also want the size to be more accurate because the XL is still too small, especially for those with big hands like me. The inner lining is also pulled out, making the gloves a little difficult to put on. Lastly, it is not 100% waterproof, so you should avoid getting too wet while running.

It is made of 100% nylon with a microfiber nose pad and neoprene cuffs to keep the wind out of your hands. Apart from that, these extreme cold running gloves have Manzella Touch Tip fabric so you can use your smartphone without taking off the gloves. To seal the material, these gloves have a breathable, moisture-wicking laminate in winter.

Also, polyester is added in the palm area for better grip and insulation. It comes with a small buckle so you can keep the pair together when not in use. Its cuffs are also designed to be placed under the jacket to avoid the feeling of wind while running in the snow.

I also like to use it as ski gloves as it is lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long periods. It is so comfortable that these cold weather running gloves can also be used for motorcycling and cycling.

Overall, Manzella works as a great pair to run in both cold weather and extreme outdoor temperatures. So if you’re also looking for hand protection when going out in extremely cold weather, this pair may be right for you.

  • TouchTip fabric for touch screen function
  • Comes with fleece lining
  • Microfiber wipe
  • Light and comfortable
  • Neoprene cuffs to keep the wind away
  • Breathable laminate
  • Size is a little off
  • It is not 100% waterproof

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

4. TrailHeads Winter Running Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

One trick I learned as a winter runner is that mitts have an advantage when it comes to heat retention. Since the fingers have more contact, they can produce more friction, therefore more heat and comfort on a cold day. That’s why I swear by TrailHeads is the best gloves for running in extremely cold weather. These gloves offer excellent insulation that allows me to run in freezing temperatures.

However, I did notice a few minor issues with this pair of hand protection. I tend to feel a slight chill on my fingertips, so I recommend that you wear an additional glove lining to combat cold weather. Also, this is not the ideal pair of gloves for sub-zero temperatures.

I also noticed that the material is a bit thin, so I improvise with a lining and a pair of nitrile gloves (more on that below). And if you decided to wear it as gloves by removing the mitt covers, the fin will be a bit of a hassle.

On the plus side, TrailHeads is a pair of well-made running gloves/mittens. It has a 2 in 1 construction since it is a combination of glove and mitten. You can remove the top of the mitt if it is not too cold outside. It is also lightweight and suitable for milder outdoor temperatures. I also like the touchscreen feature, because it has excellent conductivity that works on most smartphones.

Other than that, it has reflective accents that make you more visible when I go out at night. I also like that the thumb area has a mesh fleece that works as a brow cleaner when I start sweating during my winter run.

The mitt cover is also waterproof, adding insulation and outdoor protection. Lastly, TrailHeads offers a no-time-limit replacement and money-back guarantee this 2020 if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the gloves. For such a functional pair, it is an unbeatable guarantee.

I can say that TrailHeads works well for semi-freezing temperatures if you want to go running. It is a pair of functional winter running gloves that you can also combine with a hand warmer or lining to increase its insulation. Although I have a few minor issues with these gloves, it still works well for cold weather and winter running.

  • 2-in-1 glove / mitt design
  • Excellent touch screen function
  • Waterproof glove
  • Fleece mesh in the thumb area
  • Reflective accents for increased visibility
  • Replacement or refund without time limit
  • Not for sub-zero temperatures

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

5. Carhartt Insulated Running Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

I have always been a fan of Carhartt gloves because it is always us handmade. Carhart gloves are one of the best running gloves for extreme cold weather. Another pair I got from, is the W.P. Waterproof insulating gloves.

But before praising Carhartt, let me mention some of the not-so-nice things that I noticed in these winter gloves. First, the wrist is a little tight, making it difficult to put on and take off.

The lining is also difficult to dry, so every time I have to wash it, I do it days before I have to run when it’s very cold. And if you are going to use it as winter running gloves, you should avoid getting your hands soaked in the snow because it is not waterproof.

This glove is made of pure polyester with a poly tex cover for durability and insulation. Other than that, its lining wicks sweat so my hands stay comfortable on long winter runs. The palm also has a PU coating to make it strong and durable. And to make sure the wind doesn’t get into your palms, the cuffs are made of fleece.

Another thing I like about these cold weather running gloves is the wrist buckle. It works like a cinch to keep the wrist area tight. Plus, the cuffs extend and pass under any jacket. And there are small hooks on the cuffs which keep the gloves together. Finally, it is available in three different colors: black, dark gray and brown.

In addition to running in cold weather, you can also use this to shovel snow, operate a snowplow, and clear your car of ice. It is a functional and durable pair that I always have on hand when winter comes. And if you’re looking for trusted running gloves, Carhartt might be the perfect choice for you.

  • Cinch dolls with buckles
  • Polytex shell for durability
  • Sweat absorbent lining
  • Elasticated elastic cuffs
  • PU cape on the palm
  • Works as versatile winter gloves
  • Challenging to put on and take off

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

6. Terramar Glove Liner

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Are you looking for a lining that complements the best gloves for running in extremely cold climates? If so, you should check out the Terramar Glove Liner. I use this on thinner gloves to increase their insulation and fit. And if it gets cold easily, I recommend keeping a couple of these even before the cold weather hits.

Looking at the downsides to this cold weather glove liner, I noticed that it is too small, so I suggest increasing its size. Other than that you should be careful not to put this lining on the velcro housings of your gloves because it will get dirty. I once had running gloves with hooks and loops that untangled the seams on this lining.

Also, if your hands are thinner than usual, the smooth material of this liner will make it move around your hand. Aside from being a mess around Velcro, I have no other major complaints about these working glove liners.

Terramar running glove liners remain functional for those who will get the correct size. It is made of pure silk, which is very comfortable and pleasant to wear. I used to have a pair of roughly lined running gloves and this lining saved me from returning the glove. This lining is also machine washable, which is a huge plus. Just be sure to dry this lining to prevent it from pulling on the fabric.

ClimaSense liner treatment is also good because it makes the material light and warm. It also neutralizes odors and sweat, so my hands stay cool even after a very sweaty run. Apart from that, this lining features Thermoregulation Comfort technology that makes the fabric dry quickly.

It’s also made for stretching, making it the ideal pair for the best winter running gloves. And after several washes, I was surprised that the silk fabric did not curl or shrink.

Overall, I use this lining on almost every winter running glove I have. It offers additional heat to protect my hands when the temperature drops even further. It is very soft and comfortable, that’s why it is my favorite lining. If you are preparing for your winter run, I highly recommend getting one of these.

  • Made of pure silk
  • ClimaSense treatment to neutralize odors
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Does not shrink or curl
  • Fits almost all running gloves
  • Velcro will ruin the silk fabric

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

7. SKYDEER Ski Winter Running Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

These gloves are best for extreme cold weather. It has very thick insulation and an extended construction that can withstand temperatures as low as -40F. I also tried using this during my mountain ski vacation and I can say that it holds up pretty well against cold weather.

But before I go into detail, let me warn you about a few minor issues with these gloves. Even if they are the best gloves for running in extremely cold weather, I have to be careful with the seams so that they do not break immediately.

Also, it is not ideal for touch screen purposes due to the bulky construction. And if you are going to buy, I want to warn you that these winter gloves tend to be larger than usual. I also want to mention that these gloves are not for motorcycling and cycling. Due to the thick insulation, the grip is a bit difficult.

On the plus side, Skydeer offers the best protection against very low temperatures. Like a pair of gloves for running in freezing temperatures, it is fitted with genuine Scotchgard 3M deerskin suede.

This is paired with 150 grams of 3M Thinsulate for ample insulation if you plan to go jogging on a very cold day. Other than that, there is a waterproof bladder inside that serves as a liner for extremely cold weather. Despite all the thick layers of insulation, these gloves remain soft and comfortable to wear.

Plus, it comes with a thermal jersey knit lining to keep your hands warm and toasty. I like how it traps heat while absorbing sweat from your skin. Another thing I like about SKYDEER gloves is that they have zippered pockets on the back of your hand where you can store a hand warmer or your keys.

The cuffs are also woven for a windproof effect, not to mention having reflective stripes to keep you visible when you run or walk at night.

Overall, I’m impressed by the quality and isolation Skydeer brings. They are the perfect running gloves for the extreme cold without the need for a lining. I have used it many times in the past winter and it never stops protecting my hand from the wind and snow every time I have to go running.

  • 150 grams of Thinsulate 3M
  • 3M Scotchgard Genuine Deer Skin
  • Can withstand -40F
  • Equipped with reverse pocket
  • No need cold weather liners
  • Knit cuffs to keep the wind away
  • Without touch screen function

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

8. Head Digital Sports Running Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

These high-quality, long-lasting sports gloves from Head are touchscreen compatible. They also feature a secure grip silicone palm and extended cuffs to prevent cold air from seeping in.

Any cold weather runner who wants the flexibility of using their smartphone and other mobile devices will appreciate these Head Digital Sports Gloves.

  • Sensatec touchscreen compatible with mobile operating devices
  • Silicone palm design provides a secure grip
  • Light and flexible material for a good comfortable fit
  • Extended cuff for added warmth
  • 5 sizes are available
  • The touchscreen sensor is only on thumbs and forefingers, not all fingertips

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

9. North Face Power Stretch Gloves – Unisex

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

The North Face Power Stretch Gloves are made with Polartec Power Stretch fabric and North Face’s exclusive 5 Dimensional Fit that together guarantee a warm, flexible and comfortable fit. Providing great warmth without being bulky, these types of gloves can be worn as separate clothing or as capes in more extreme winter conditions.

These North Face sports gloves are ideal for men and women who want a versatile and flexible sports glove to have on hand for running in cold or cold weather.

  • Choose from multiple color options
  • Warmth and comfort without volume
  • Designed with North Face’s exclusive 5-dimensional fit for a precise fit
  • Made of advanced Polartec Power Stretch material for ultimate flexibility and comfort
  • The radiometric joint ensures dexterity and complete movement hands and fingers
  • 6 sizes are available
  • It is not designed to keep hands warm in icy climates, and users report that these gloves are best for cold climates above 45 degrees

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

10. Under Armor Extreme Coldgear Gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Under Armor Extreme Coldgear Gloves provide additional warmth for, especially cold conditions. Made of ultra-soft fleece with a water repellent finish and special Coldgear infrared technology to retain maximum body heat. Reinforced palm patches improve grip and fingertips are compatible with the touch screen.

Among the most expensive on our list, the Under Armor Extreme Coldgear gloves are one of the best options for runners who go out in extremely cold climates, including wet conditions.

Do Under Armor Engage Coldgear gloves love Under Armor but don’t need a glove that takes them below freezing (or pinches your pocket so much)? Then take a look at the Under Armor Engage Coldgear Gloves.

These cheaper gloves are equipped with most of the same great features but are more effective at slightly higher temperatures from cold to cold.

  • Ultra-soft fleece lining for extreme comfort
  • Soft thermo-conductive inner lining absorbs and retains body heat for additional warmth
  • Hidden zippered key pockets
  • Reflective detailing for low-light visibility
  • Available in Sm / Med, Lg / X-Lg, and one size for women
  • Some reviewers report that these gloves are more difficult to put on and take off than other gloves

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Why Wear A Running Glove?

In addition to this, a great pair of running gloves will allow you to use your touch screen device without having to take them off. This will ease the hassle of swiping your music or texting your loved one. It can also help prevent hands from sweating by absorbing moisture. Running gloves also give you grip, making it easy for you to hold your phone or pet bottle.

The main reason runners wear running gloves is because of the comfort it provides. It may not involve running mechanics, but they serve an equally important function. It serves as protection for your hands, especially during winter. Cold and cold hands are uncomfortable and this can affect your running performance. It is also dangerous for runners to expose their hands during cold weather.

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Factors To Consider When Buying Running Gloves

There are many things to consider when purchasing running gloves. You can’t wear a glove thinking it will work. Consider the following factors before buying gloves:


It must be resistant to water and wind. You should prevent your hands from feeling cold from rain, snow, and wind. Also, running gloves should prevent your hands from being exposed to the cold temperature. The inner layer should be thick enough and avoid blisters that can damage your hands.


When buying running gloves, you should consider whether there is good insulation. They should provide the right heat for your hands depending on the weather you are running, the current season, and the type of weather you live in.


The running gloves you wear must be breathable. Your hands should be well exposed to the correct amount of air, preventing them from feeling hot and sweaty. Also, the last thing you want, besides a cold hand, is an excessively sweaty hand.


The first thing to consider when buying running gloves is whether they are suitable for the user. It should be the right size, not too tight or loose.


Comfortability is very essential. This type of relationship is related to “fit,” but it also refers to the overall color, style, and texture of the glove.

Latest Technology

The quality and design of gloves are evolving with technological advancement. The latest running gloves are compatible with touchscreen devices, so you don’t need to remove your gloves while browsing your device. Other running gloves contain pockets. Also, some running gloves even light up at night, so running cars can notice it.


Also, check your budget before buying gloves. We do not recommend that you buy the most expensive pair. However, if you want great quality and durability, you will need to spend a little cash.


When buying running gloves, you should know the material they are made of. There are many different materials to choose from when purchasing running gloves. Some runners find it annoying to wear a certain type of fabric. For example, since it goes up and down when you run, you don’t want to buy any materials that can irritate your skin.

best running gloves for extreme cold weather

Materials Used In Running Gloves

For more information on what materials are used in running gloves and how it affects their performance, take a look at the following materials:


It gives your hands room to breathe. The material prevents your hands from sweating too much while keeping it warm.


It also gives your hands the right amount of breathing. This can help stretch further and provide warmth. Although it has these characteristics, it is less effective against wind and water.

Fleece Lining

It brings comfort to your hands by making it nice and cozy. However, it gives your hands less room to breathe and can accumulate more sweat.


Polypropylene is a perfect material for water and wind resistance. It keeps your hand dry and protects it from sweating.

best running gloves for extreme cold weather


In conclusion, there are many options to choose from when purchasing running gloves. Whether based on style, comfort, durability, warmth, flexibility, and other special features, you should consider a lot

Through the continuous development of technology, running gloves these days have features that allow you to touch screen devices without taking off your gloves. Also, many gloves have added reflective material, which helps pay attention to cars. This increases your safety at night.

So that is our compiled list of best running gloves for extreme cold weather. I hope you enjoyed. Please share and comment.

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