Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter in 2021

In this article, we will review the best running shoes for 800 meter. The best 800m runners in the world compete in the event as if it were a semi-sprint. It requires the proper balance of endurance, acceleration, pace, and endurance. The athlete will generally find themselves changing the biomechanics of their running to accommodate the different stages of the 800m event.

So it will help if the athlete can use the proper spikes for the 800m event.

The athlete will transition between the need to accelerate and maintain their pace during the event. The athlete will then transition between toe running and then toe running to keep up.

The spikes used for the 800m should support the movements of the athlete’s foot, while also providing comfort to the athlete. Some of the things to consider when deciding to buy peaks for 800m include:

The distribution of force at the tip (to ensure that the athlete’s ankle does not move inward or outward). For an athlete to run spikes in the foot front are comfortable. That the spikes are light.

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6 Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

The Saucony Ballista 2 has everything you want in a high-quality mid-distance trail spike. This updated version now comes with a woven upper and firmer spike plate in response to runners who want a livelier toe box. That woven top is made with flex film, a fused fabric on top. Runners enjoy a more fluid and flexible feel.

The Ballista 2 also has ISO Fit, a rib strap system that hugs your foot to keep it in place without strong pressure points.

Like most medium distance spikes, the Ballista comes with six spike implements, all of which are removable. Despite its extremely low weight of 3.1 ounces, there is still a padded collar for ankle comfort and a lace-up closure for additional fit benefits. This shoe has a very thin foam insole that will provide some cushioning.

This track spike also has a unique look that is eye-catching and eye-catching.

  • Extremely lightweight (only 3.1 ounces)
  • Reviewers claim high levels of flexibility
  • Breathable
  • Not as much cushioning as other tips

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

The Vendetta is a great all-around shoe. SAUCONY VENDETTA 2 is so much light that you might forget that you have them in the workout bag. The Vendetta is the perfect tip for new track athletes. It’s versatile enough to function as a long-running and jumping shoe.

Thanks to the six Vendetta spikes placed around the front of the shoe, you’ll get great traction while running down the track. It should also be noted that this shoe comes in men’s and women’s sizes, while many toes are unisex. This means less hassle when converting sizes.

It’s a bit narrow, so if you have a wide foot, it may not be the best option. The breathable mesh upper and molded EVA midsole create a shoe that will give you that extra boost of speed you need.

  • Versatile pick for many events
  • Sizes for men and women
  • Durable construction (includes tear-resistant mesh upper)
  • Striking colors and design
  • Runs narrow
  • Small cushion
  • Some complaints about peak breaking

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

New Balance’s MD800v5 is another lightweight trail shoe with a variety of supportive benefits for the runner. MD800 is an innovative shoe and it takes advantage of several technologies like Pebax plat and Fantom Fit from its manufacturer, New Balance.

Fantom Fit is an engineering technology that fuses two thin materials on the upper in a seamless process. This provides support that is extremely light and flexible. The seamless upper increases comfort and reduce the possibility of blisters. It also allows running without socks, if you prefer.

The Pebax plate provides strong support under the toe box, which is important because it supports all six tips that give you the power you need to get off the court. The Pebax plate provides superior traction and a unique look because of the high-strength thermoplastic polymer being used.

This track tine provides great traction even with tine attachments removed.

  • Lightweight (4.5 oz)
  • Seamless, breathable upper
  • Superior traction and support, thanks to Pebax plate
  • Extra support in the outsole means a small amount of weight is added to the shoe

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

This shoe from New Balance is another top competitor in the best mid-distance spikes category. While New Balance’s MD800 is a little more aggressive, the MD500 is very comfortable for long-distance running. EVA heel wedge is used in it that provides support for longer distances.

Of course, the added heel protection adds more weight (5.1 oz). Each runner, however, will have to make a personal decision about the balance between weight and comfort.

With that in mind, the MD500 comes with some spectacular technology. A Pebax bar made of the high-strength thermoplastic polymer provides support and flexibility (without much weight) to the sole, m While the new upper of the New Balance shoe lends itself to increased comfort and support.

  • Comfortable
  • Higher-strength of full-length Pebax plate
  • Strong support
  • Seamless upper
  • Slightly heavier (5.1 oz) than other picks

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

If you’re a beginner looking for a well-reviewed pick to start on the court, Nike’s Rival checks all the right boxes. You will want something a little less aggressive to facilitate competition on the track. The Rival comes with great support and comfort without sacrificing the added weight and overall performance.

Nike uses Flywire technology in its rivals, which consists of filaments that are strategically placed on the upper. Nike compares this to cables on a suspension bridge, and the result is support for your arch and midsole without heaviness. As you approach the finish line, this technology will help you focus solely on your run, not your shoes.

This shoe tends to be a bit wider, so if you have a narrow foot, it may not be a good option. Depending on the iteration, you will find six or seven peaks on the peak plate.

  • Flywire cable technology provides comfort and support
  • Light feel
  • Good for new athletes
  • The heaviest shoe reviewed today
  • Tends to spread

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

Nike’s Victory line is one of the brand’s high-performance peaks. This was the shoe with one of the most popular spikes at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Full-length Pebax plate is used in most of the other running shoes mentioned before, but NIKE ZOOM Victory has a ¾ length plate for providing strength where needed and then shifts to a cushion heel foam for lower weight, support, and comfort.

At just 3.5 oz., The Victory is one of the lightest picks you can find and is perfect for the aggressive competitor. Plus, this shoe is water-resistant, so if you live in a humid climate, you’ll appreciate the extra protection that the toes provide.

Despite the slim top, the inner arch wrap provides a very secure brace. It is so safe that it is recommended to increase the size at least once, especially if you are not used to such a tight shoe.

  • Extremely light
  • Very aggressive performance
  • Used by the best athletes
  • Fits small
  • Can be uncomfortable for new riders

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter


What size peaks for 800 m?

Finding the best peak size for 800m can be difficult, but I think the perfect peak size for running 800m will be 6mm.

They’re not too long, so they won’t cause additional friction and therefore slow you down for the entire run, as might be the case if you used 6mm for 10,000 meters.

Since 800m requires you to run hard for parts of the run, the 6mm spikes will keep your mind at rest knowing that you have traction when you need it.

Can you use 800m spikes for cross country?

Sure why not. If you are planning to use 800m shoes for cross country. Then it will be better to go for a pair that has a solid spike plate from the front to the back.

You will not feel stones or twigs in the unprotected center cut of the shoe. As it will also cover more distance, the solid spike plate will offer greater protection and support.

Best Running Shoes For 800 Meter

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