Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies in 2024

For older women, running can bring a variety of challenges. Joint pain, bunions, and muscle pain, to name a few. While many ailments can be serious, most of the time runners over the age of 50 can find relief (and more longevity!) By selecting the right shoes for their aging feet. This can be especially true for older women with exacerbated bunion problems. For this reason, we have dedicated this post to compile a list of the best running shoes for older women.

As a senior runner, be careful when choosing a running shoe that is right for you. Above all, it is important to find a lightweight shoe, offers great shock absorption, and has a comfortable fit from toe to heel. Finding footwear that meets this simple set of criteria is important for relieving stress on our joints and muscles as we age.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9 For Women

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

With lightweight cushioning and a roomy toe box, the new balance 1080v9 ranks first as the best running shoes for older women.

While the sleek and sophisticated design of the New Balance 1080v9 is a definite advantage, its mesh comfort and full-length cushioning took it to the upper range.

These shoes have the best cushioning and an impressing response of the brand to daily requirements runners. Customer feedback has been built on the performance of previous models to enhance the construction of this current shoe.

First of all, a shoe’s ability to absorb shock should be a top priority for runners as they age. Along with the other benefits, these shoes do a great job of reducing stress on the ankles, knees, and hips with the help of Fresh Foam technology.

The 1080v9 midsole is made with full-length Fresh Foam cushioning. This technology allows you to traverse long distances with support throughout the shoe.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

Simply put, 1080v9 will absorb shock to perfection, regardless of which part of your foot hits the ground first or leaves the ground last.

With fantastic support throughout the midsole, this shoe doesn’t compromise on cushioning. However, the New Balance 1080v9 is still one of the lightest out there at just 9 ounces per shoe.

These shoes have achieved the perfect balance by providing unbeatable cushioning while maintaining lightweight.

We have studied some user reviews of this shoe to help you better decide if it is the right one for you.

Because the New Balance 1080v9 offers plenty of room in the toe box, runners with wider feet or those with bunions would benefit from this model.

People with tailor’s bunion also like a seamless construction of the unobstructed toe box and mesh upper. In other words, this shoe offers ample toe room without abrasions from the appearance or constricting logos that can rub against sore feet.

Finally, runners also commented that this shoe maintains tons of cushioning without sacrificing the structure necessary for arch support and preservation.

All in all, the lightweight and superb cushioning of the New Balance 1080v9 is unbeatable when looking for the best running shoe for older women. These shoes are a perfect choice for women who run on paved roads or covered tracks.

  • Ultra padding for shock absorption
  • Lighter than most other shoes
  • Roomy toe box
  • Elegant design
  • Not ideal for rough or cold terrain
  • Heel design could be tighter

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

2. Saucony Women’s Triumph Iso 5

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

Full cushioning throughout the midsole and hardly any tread make the Saucony Triumph Iso 5 second among the best running shoes for older women.

Saucony brings us a colorful and expressive running shoe with the Triumph Iso 5 model. Style aside, this shoe has supportive features that help reduce pain in the ankles and hips.

With high marks on midsole cushioning along with its inner support, the Saucony Triumph Iso 5 achieves a close second-place victory.

In addition to this shoe’s self-proclaimed “cloud-shaped” cushioning, you can find form-fitting foam throughout its footbed. As a result, the Triumph Iso 5 provides custom impact support inside and out.

With Saucony’s EVERUN technology throughout the midsole, the Triumph Iso 5 also offers supreme energy return. In particular, the slight rebound of this sophisticated sole absorbs every impact and propels you forward with every step.

Saucony users comment on the reduction of joint pain while wearing their Triumphs largely attributed to the shoe’s superior cushioning.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

This shoe is slightly heavier than our winner out of first place, coming in at 11.5 ounces per shoe (for a size 9).

Where this model strives for the best supportive footwear, its plush padding and thick outer construction add weight.

While there is widespread satisfaction with the cushioning in these shoes, there is also some dissatisfaction in finding the right fit in a Saucony shoe. According to most reviewers, sizes tend to be small and the toe box is a bit thin on the Triumph Iso 5.

With this in mind, this shoe may not fit a wider foot. However, the Triumph Iso 5 can be a great option if the size is right.

Additionally, this shoe features high arch support that cradles your feet for a custom fit. For this reason, Triumph Iso 5 is a good choice if you suffer from underpronation / supination.

This shoe is ideal for those who enjoy running long distances at a smooth, steady pace on outdoor terrain or light trails. The Saucony Triumph Iso 5 is also ideal for the runner who suffers from underpronation / supination.

  • Ultra-soft cushioning
  • The sturdy outsole is ideal for outdoor running and light trails
  • EVERUN midsole provides a slight bounce
  • Thinner toe
  • Heavier than others
  • Run small

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

3. Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

Unique comfort features, lightweight performance midsole, and roomy toe box help the Brooks Ghost 12 rank third among the best running shoes for older women.

The Brooks Ghost 12 is ideal for runners looking for a soft layer of cushioning to protect their muscles and joints with every step.

Brooks offers that in a running shoe that meets many of the boxes we’ve outlined above, making it one of the best running shoes for women over 50.

Brooks strives to provide truly personalized toe-to-heel support in its shoes by making small adjustments for every type of runner. Ghost 12 is an ideal choice because of top-of-the-line cushioning, comfort, lightweight, and flexibility.

Brooks divides its footwear into these categories: Cushion, Energize, Speed, and Connect. The Ghost 12 is included in the “Cushion” family, with a damping range of two out of three. Because this level of support provides great shock absorption, it does so without sacrificing the lightweight elements runners of any age seek.

Brooks BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning provide softness and flexibility to the outsole and midsole while maintaining rebound. These two technologies work together to ensure lightweight shock absorption throughout the run.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

With great cushioning and a sturdy tread, this model still hits the heels of our first shoe in terms of weight. At the weight of 9.3 ounces, Brooks has done perfection in giving the best cushioning while maintaining a lightweight.

Because Ghost 12 has a roomy mesh toe box, it is ideal for those with wider feet and suffering from bunions. The material and construction also allow for more stretch and less restriction on the forefoot.

Additionally, Brooks has also introduced a characteristic grooved pattern on the shoe’s outsole. The ridges under the forefoot “optimize flexibility”, allowing more control with each step, regardless of where the foot lands or thrusts.

When added, Brooks has a lot to offer with its Ghost 12 model. The Ghost 12 is an excellent choice for runners with bunions, those who need a wider toe, and runners with a neutral stride (normal pronation).

  • Padded heel/ankle collar
  • One of the best toe caps available
  • Comfortable for various types of runners
  • Higher cost in terms of costs

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

4. Asics Gel-Venture 7 For Women

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

Durable characteristics for stability and off-road terrain, along with a gel heel, place the Asics s Gel-Venture 7 ranked fourth among the best running shoes for older women.

Asics Gel-Venture 7 is a great and affordable running shoe for older women.

Due to its robust construction and shock absorption, this shoe is one of our favorites for rough terrain.

With a bit more stiffness than others on our list, the Asics Gel-Venture 7 reinforces the structure of your foot and ankle. Additional elements such as GEL technology absorb strong blows to the heel, making it a great option for older runners.

Above all else, the cushioned structure of the Gel-Venture 7 focuses on eliminating heel tension. If you are a runner whose steps hit the back of your foot hard, this may be a perfect choice for you.

With the combination of gel and a lightweight EVA foam midsole, your feet will receive medium cushioning with every step. As a result, this support along with an additional “heel counter” helps absorb shock, protecting your feet and joints while running on rough terrain.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

With durable materials and elements that provide structure and support, the Gel-Venture 7 is ideal for running on rocks and trails. As a result, the sturdy synthetic leather upper and thick rubber protective sole add some weight to the design.

While the ankles feel protected on rough terrain, these materials bring the total weight of Gel-Venture 7 to approximately 10 ounces per shoe.

According to racers, Asics has made the Venture 7’s toe box a bit narrower than previous generations. If you have a wider foot or bunions, and Asics Gel-Venture may still be the right fit if you try the Venture 5 or 6 from this series.

 The Asics Gel-Venture 7 is a great model if your run takes you outdoors, on uneven or sloping terrain. This shoe is perfect for runners with heavy heel hits or for those who need pronation support.

  • Affordable
  • Rugged outdoor and trail materials
  • Gel cushioning for heel strikes
  • Narrow toe
  • A little heavier

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

5. Asics Gel-Excite 6 For Women

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

An unobstructed upper mesh construction, roomy toe box, and lightweight midsole place the Asics Gel-Excite 6 in fifth place among the best running shoes for older women.

Finally, Asics Gel-Excite 6 is included in our list of the best options for women over 50.

Best of all, in addition to the many styling options, are the features added to this model for luxurious comfort.

With Gel-Excite 6’s full-length midsole support, mesh toe cap, and heel shock absorption, this shoe is a fantastic and affordable option for runners of all types.

Asics combines its GEL technology in the heel and Amplifoam technology throughout the midsole for total foot cushioning.

Asics Amplifoam is engineered to give durable foam cushioning while keeping it flexible, lightweight, and stable. Since this foam is found throughout the midsole, runners love this shoe for all-day wear.

Best Running Shoes For Older Ladies

The GEL technology found in Gel-Excite 6 absorbs impact at the heel and allows your stride to move smoothly into thrust. Along with its Amplifoam midsole, the entire heel-to-toe transition is taken care of while running on any surface.

With the addition of a gel heel and full cushioning, the Gel-Excite 6 still weighs only about 9.9 ounces per shoe.

While this model is not specialized for high or low arches, reviewers are still impressed with the cushioning and comfort this shoe offers. Additionally, runners have found that the mesh upper leaves ample room for custom inserts, allowing for additional support.

The mesh upper, with no unnecessary overlays and stitching, also allows your foot to breathe and provides less restriction. All of these points point toward comfort for those with wide feet, bunion sufferers, and those whose feet can swell.

 The Asics Gel-Excite 6 is a great option if you are looking for an affordable shoe to treat joint pain and accommodate wide feet or custom orthotics. It’s especially perfect for runners looking for a unique shoe that can match pavement, gravel roads, or trails.

  • Gel cushioning for heel strikes
  • Roomy toe cap and mesh upper
  • Affordable
  • Neutral arch support

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