Best Shoes For Knee Pain Relief in 2024

Anyone can face knee pain at times. The new runner who ran extremely, or the marathon runner who trained too much. It’s unfortunate and uncomfortable, and it can take us away from what we love to do the most – running! Luckily, there are some best shoes for knee pain relief, which can help in a better running experience and relieve the knee pain.

There are a variety of causes for knee pain, and in most cases, it should be seen by a doctor before running again. You may have poor alignment in your feet, legs, or hips. You may be overpronating (moving your feet inward when you walk). Or you could have arthritis or a torn ligament.

If you’ve gotten clearance from your doctor to start running again, here are ten shoes that will help cushion your knees and joints for a run that feels great.

10 Best Shoes For Knee Pain Relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

Another great shoe from the Hoka One One, Bondi 7 provides great cushioning power. This shoe gives ideal cushioning of 43.5mm at the heel. Whether you’re looking for a road warrior or a marathon buddy, this is a great option.

Thanks to Bondi’s deep cushioning, runners report that they feel the shoe fits their feet, so they run in their shoes, not their shoes. Although Hoka markets this shoe as a neutral shoe, it has enough support to help mild overpronators – the shoe is very stiff and helps guide the foot in the correct stride for running.

It provides a smooth transition with a consistent curve at the bottom. It can sometimes help in the arthritic toes because of enough stiffness provided.

You’ll notice great feedback on the heel as well as a sleek look. The Bondi looks a bit modern with its high stack height, but its smooth ride will help ease any knee pain you may be experiencing.

  • Great road shoe thanks to its curved sole and cushioning
  • Corrects gait because of stiffness and good support
  • Strong protection in the midfoot, which provides greater arch support
  • Rocker insole takes getting used to
  • Some buyers complained that the sole is less durable

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

The Hoka Seagull 2 ​​is the company’s favorite for overpronators. With more cushioning and stability than even the Arahi (another Hoka shoe), the Gaviota 2 is one of Hoka’s softest running shoes and also has enough stability to correct for overpronation.

A common cause of knee pain comes from a runner’s foot that moves too much (overpronation). It is not uncommon to find that a good shoe solves these problems, both by providing additional cushioning and comfort and by helping to control and guide the feet while walking. Because of J-Frame technology, these shoes do both.

The J-Frame is a J-shaped support that is designed to give inner support to your foot. It is needed when you have knee pain. Thanks to the EVA and rubber, the cushion of this shoe could be described as “like a cloud”. Seagull 2 ​​is one of Hoka’s softest shoes!

  • Plush and padded
  • Smoother ride than a traditional stability shoe
  • High levels of stability for overpronators
  • At 10.5 oz, this is a heavy shoe

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

The Glycerin 18 is a plush, ultra-cushioned running shoe, making it a great option for people whose knees are actively hurting. It is 10.4 oz., Which is slightly heavier compared to other running shoes. But what you gain in weight you make up for in overall comfort.

Thanks to DNA Loft foam in the midsole, runners with this shoe enjoy soft cushioning that lasts for miles. The shoe responds surprisingly. But the big feature here is the soft cushioning. This helps take the pressure off the outer corner of the knee, relieving pain and discomfort. The cushion in the heel adds to the overall soft landing of the glycerin.

A new seamless upper gives a nice look and also keeps the shoe light and reduces potential irritation.

Generally, soft cushioning is needed for knee pain. This model has a traditional look and also not as cushioned as the Hoka brand.

  • Great arch support thanks to exclusive midsole technology
  • Plush and padded
  • Very high level of comfort
  • Quite heavy
  • Not as safe in the midfoot as previous versions

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

Hoka’s Clifton 7 is their best-selling model. It’s lightweight, has great cushioning, and looks a bit more “shoe-like” than some of Hoka’s other models.

It has a mesh overlay and foam deck that combine to create a very powerful show from a highly respected company. The heel cushioning is 37mm which provides comfort but buyers reviewed that even with all the added cushioning (which translates to less pressure on the joints, including the knees), the Clifton is still very responsive.

It has tight mesh which makes it breathable in hot weather. This is good from previous models of Cliftons with increased durability.

CLIFTON 7 is softer but durable too. This model has a 10oz weight on the lighter, but it can be felt heavy if you have used normal trainer shoes. Either way, this shoe will provide the padding to carry her away without increasing knee pain.

  • Stiffness gives extra ankle support and also helps with knee pain
  • Good take off from the forefoot
  • More durability and smoother than previous versions
  • A little heavy than the previous models

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

Similar to Hoka’s Clifton, the Challenger is optimal for trail runners who have knee problems. With its off-road outsole and low drop (only 5mm), it provides great traction and stability on light to moderate trails.

The Challenger’s oversized EVA midsole provides firm comfort where it’s needed, and the dual-layer mesh upper provides added protection against gravel, rocks, and clubs. The shoe has 4mm lugs on the sole that shed mud and grip the trail, helping you stay focused on the trail.

At 9 oz, this is a lightweight shoe for a cushioned trail shoe. The extra cushioning will help mitigate knee pain. The meta-rocker midsole helps push the foot forward so it doesn’t hit the heel.

  • Great all-terrain trainers
  • Very soft forefoot and heel for comfort
  • Strong toe cap to prevent the foot from sliding forward
  • Too much aggressive tread

best shoes for knee pain relief

6. NEW BALANCE 1080V10

best shoes for knee pain relief

1080 from New Balance is a neutral shoe that provides high levels of knee support, shin pain, or plantar fasciitis, even if you are not pronating or supinating.

The engineered mesh upper is comfortable thanks to its breathability, and its toe box provides support and helps provide additional stability, keeping the foot on the platform for support. The new heel cup gives comfort in use.

This model tends to run wide, so if you have a wide foot, you will appreciate the construction of this shoe. Fresh Foam midsole offers support and comfort. Your aching knees will rejoice as your feet sink into the plush lining and outsole optimized for comfort.

  • Super luxurious cushion for a comfortable ride
  • Drop from heel to toe means a more natural run
  • Breathable upper
  • Wide toe
  • Quite a thick cushion, so not suitable for anything other than running on pavement or light trails
  • Low on the ankle

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

The Asics Fortitude is a great shoe with solid cushioning for all-day walking or running. What people with knee pain especially appreciate about this shoe is its ability to wear an orthosis. Whether it’s an over-the-counter insert or your podiatrist has prescribed a custom orthotic or wedge, having that extra space prevents the top of your foot from getting squished inside the shoe.

Thanks to its wide toe cap, the Fortitude is also very suitable for particularly tall or corpulent people. The gel cushioning system is strong yet lightweight and helps reduce shock during the impact and propulsion phase. This means that the impact stops at the heel and does not reach the knees.

A directional mesh upper with stretch gussets adapts to the shape of your foot on the fly.

  • Gel cushioning system gives ideal comfort
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Neutral shoe
  • Accepts braces easily
  • A wider base is not good for narrow feet
  • May feel awkward for some runners

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

This an ideal shoe with maximum cushioning and stability to help you relieve your knee pain. This newer version of the Kayano is enhanced by Asics FlyteFoam, a lightweight, high-performance foam.

FlyteFoam is made of fiber-reinforced foam. It manages to add the stability and strength your tired knees crave, but it does so without the added weight. You’ll find that the cushioning feels firm and responsive, but molds to your feet for all-day comfort.

Asics gel cushioning is used to provide maximum comfort. The Kayano 27 has even more gel in the heel than previous models.

This is a shoe designed for overpronators, perfect if you are dealing with knee pain, chances are high that you are overpronating.

Also new in the 27 version is a redesigned upper that is breathable and has some stretch. But this model keeps its plush feel along with a snug fit in the bottom.

  • Low-profile heel cup for a better silhouette and a slimmer feel
  • Extremely durable for hundreds of miles
  • Gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel provides superior cushioning as you rack up miles
  • Expensive shoe

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

The Hoka One One Arahi is designed for overpronators who don’t want the inflexibility and stiffness that normally come with stability shoes. J-Frame technology is used in this model of ARAHI.

J-Frame technology is a J-shaped piece of engineered foam designed to provide strength where you need it (along the medial or inner edge of your shoe) and comfort and cushioning where you need it. This innovative design reduces weight and provides a responsive, cushioned ride without rigid and unforgiving materials.

Reviewers love the stability this shoe provides, perfect for those aware of causing further knee, shin, or ankle injuries.

  • J-Frame engineering provides weightless stability
  • Denser foam under arch prevents curling
  • More breathable fabric on the upper
  • Lightweight (9.6 oz)
  • A very high profile could offset some of that classy feel

best shoes for knee pain relief


best shoes for knee pain relief

If you are a fan of great Saucony running shoes and have knee pain, this is the perfect shoe for you. Ideal for moderate overpronators, this shoe has cushioning, stability, and performance features built into it throughout.

Saucony’s EVERUN technology may be popular across its lines, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still impressive. EVERUN’s landing zone under the heel creates a kind of trampoline effect that gives you maximum responsiveness and more performance with less energy.

Reviewers note that the energy in this shoe is great – they feel faster. The PWRRUN + midsole is Saucony’s lightest and most cushioned foam yet. And the flexibility of the FORM FIT system adapts to your feet for a custom fit.

  • Great energy return
  • Greater cushioning throughout
  • Dynamic engineered mesh upper for better support
  • Quite inflexible, which can decrease comfort

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