Best Shoes For Standing All Day With Bad Knees 2021

In this article, we are going to review the best shoes for standing all day with bad knees. We are usually obsessed with the best running shoes, the best walking shoes, so it seems a little oxymoronic that we are talking about the best standing shoes.

However, anyone who spends a large part of their day on their feet, not necessarily where we are quick to add, will appreciate the amount of stress and strain that can be placed on the feet and lower body.

Treating osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee may require medication and rehabilitation, but the correct choice of shoes can also be of great help.

According to research from 2009, the right shoes or insoles can help reduce pressure on the knees and help with pain caused by knee OA.

Whether you are walking or standing, the fact that you are not sitting means that your soles, balls, heels, and ankles can quickly tire and tire and you will face an overwhelming desire to take your shoes off. end of the day.

If you work in retail or work in the healthcare or service industry, it is vital to choose the right footwear that you can comfortably wear all day. So without further ado, let’s not leave you standing any longer! Take off your weight and rest as we check out the most comfortable work shoes to stand on all day.

How should I choose the best comfortable shoes to stand on all day?

The misunderstanding about shoes is that once shoes feel good from the moment you try them on, you’ve thought you’ve found the most comfortable shoes to stand on all day. There are a few things to consider.

  • Do you know how long the break period of shoes lasts and how to break them?
  • Did you know that there is a break in the period?
  • Do you know how to properly inspect shoes to analyze how supportive the shoes are for your feet? Can the shoe accommodate an orthosis?
  • Which sneakers can help you with supination or pronation?
  • Do you know how to select the right shoe width and size for your foot?
  • Do you know how to get the best fit for your arch setup?

Here are some of the things to consider and evaluate when shopping for your next pair of comfortable shoes to wear all day. Let’s see how we can evaluate your shoes. Before continuing, grab and put in front of you a pair of the most uncomfortable shoes you own, as well as a pair of the most comfortable shoes you own.

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Things To Consider While Choosing Shoes For Yourself

Let’s start with your most uncomfortable shoes first. Let’s first assess how much built-in support the shoe has.

  • Pick up the shoe and try to fold it in half. If the shoe is easy to bend towards the center of the shoe, then you won’t get any support for the side arch. If the shoe is difficult to fold, then there is lateral support.
  • Now twist the shoe. If the shoe can be easily twisted, then you don’t have any support to keep your foot stable.
  • Then check if you can remove the inner sole. If you can, once it’s outside, check to see if it’s flat and flimsy. Most likely, the inner sole is flat and very flimsy. This is a generic template without arch support. If bedding cannot be removed from the foot, it will be difficult to accommodate an orthosis.

Are your shoes uncomfortable because they bend too much? Are the shoes uncomfortable because you notice that your ankles tend to roll inward (pronation) or outward (supination)? Do your shoes hurt because they are too wide or too long?

A general rule of thumb for your shoes to fit properly based on your foot length is that you generally want to go up half a size. Now put on your most comfortable shoes and go through the same evaluation process that you did on your most uncomfortable shoes. What did you notice about the differences between the two pairs?

Best Shoes For Standing All Day With Bad Knees For Women

1. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe

Best Shoes For Standing All Day With Bad Knees

They are made of 100% mesh fabric, which makes them very breathable.  These shoes are lightweight, so you can carry them easily all day. And they are non slip because of the rubber sole.

They are also easy in wearing and taking off because of the pull tab of the heels. Good support to the arch and tampered midfoot design provides you stability.

These Skechers offer innovative, highly responsive, and specially designed midsole cushioning and a high-rebound insole that gives you extra power with every step you take.

  • Available in various colors.
  • Soft mesh makes these soft like sneakers.
  • Antibacterial odor control system.
  • Some people find the templates too thin.
  • Less durability than the other options.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

2. Slip-On Flat Women’s Windham By Grasshoppers

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These shoes have antibacterial insoles and moisture-wicking facility that keeps your feet dry and also prevents the bad odor of the shoes. These shoes provide comfort whether you walk or stand all day.

These shoes are light and have optimal arch support that provides better stability. With a combo of good and dynamic aesthetics that matches any of your looks from work to play. These shoes are known to celebrate women’s confidence, individuality, and unique lifestyle.

  • Variety of styles available.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Some users found the stitches weakly strapped.
  • Run tight.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

3. Dansko Women’s Hazel Flat

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These are the best shoes for standing all day. Because this model received the American Podiatry Seal of Acceptance for good quality and foot health. Dansko shoes are lightweight and can be used in any type of place.

You even don’t need socks to wear with these shoes. These shoes have removable insoles made of memory foam that provides good arch support and comfort to your feet all day.

  • Flexible and removable insole
  • Shock absorbing
  • An antibacterial odor control system
  • Not good for high arches as the straps of the shoes are short

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

4. Hoka Bondi 6 for Women

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

The cushioning these shoe offers has earned them an award from the American Podiatric Medical Association. This seal of approval was created to educate podiatry practitioners and consumers about shoes whose quality, safety, and effectiveness promote healthy foot function and proper foot health.

Unlike some previous Bondis releases, the Bondi 6 for women comes with a rocking chair shape on the sole, giving take a gentle step as you walk.

The Bondi 6 also comes with updated cushioning that has been described as a “marshmallow” feel, offering a smoother ride and making it the best shoe on the market if you’re looking for maximum cushioning. The midsole is made of a thick double layer that provides ideal shock absorption to the foot.

With a 36mm midsole, these plush slippers offer users high lift, yet with a more precise fit than previous versions of these slippers, they feel very stable, even if you have to take a sharp turn.

The heel collar offers more pa In addition to the heel stability, it allows you to feel secure when wearing these shoes. Users have even noticed how cool these shoes are in the snow because the amount of lift they provide helps their feet stay dry.

The redesigned upper is made of engineered lycra and mesh combo, which makes them highly breathable. This keeps the front of your feet feeling especially cool and your feet maintain an airy feel throughout the day. HOKA also redesigned the Bondi 6 rubber outsole, making it wider and more durable than before without compromising the lightweight feel of the shoe.

These forgiving shoes work well if you need a daily training shoe, but they’re also great for those who want to try running in pain from overuse or while doing a slow recovery walk or run. Users note that podiatrists, chiropractors, and orthopedists have recommended wearing these shoes.

  • A superior cushioning system.
  • Energetic and shock absorber.
  • Many love to wear these shoes to work, especially people who have to work long shifts.
  • These shoes come in a variety of colors, and runners appreciate how the color schemes draw attention.
  • Highly breathable upper.
  • This shoe is considered by some to be too narrow.
  • The tongue may rub uncomfortably against the instep.
  • The rubber sole is not very durable.
  • The bottom of the foot is slightly stiff.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

5. MBT Zee 18 Women’s Sneakers

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

They aren’t much more comfortable than a pair of MBT shoes, and while they may be our Premium Selection and require you to push the boat a bit in terms of budget if you’re standing all day, you’ll appreciate having these beauties on your feet. They have a high capacity for comfort and shock absorption.

With a highly breathable mesh upper that’s finished with a removable antimicrobial insole, your feet will stay cool, fresh, and odorless, no matter how long your shift lasts. Insoles can be replaced with your custom-fit orthotics if needed, though to fully appreciate the full benefits of wearing MBT and its advanced technology.

It is recommended that you wear these Zee 18 Athletic shoes without an orthotic. These are the last word in comfort and support and provide the best stable ride.

  • Padded
  • Breathable
  • High performance
  • Humidity management system
  • Removable insoles
  • MBT technology
  • Support for
  • Run small to size

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

Best Shoes For Standing All Day With Bad Knees For Men

6. Skechers Afterburn Men-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker With Laces

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These are one of the best shoes for standing all day with bad knees. These shoes have a padded platform for standing or walking all day without wearing out quickly.  They reduce the legs fatigues and provides good support to the foot.

A mix of leather and synthetic material is used in these shoes, giving a relaxed feeling to the foot with arch support. These shoes also help give you support to improve posture maintenance.

Synthetic leather and mesh fabric are used in the upper of the shoes. It keeps the foot ventilated and dry.

  • High-quality material.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Ideal grip.
  • A little heavy.
  • Not good for running and a long walk.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

7. Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Race Men’s Shoes

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

If you have comfort and casual look in mind, then these are the ideal choice for you. They are visually simplistic and elegant but are made in a complex way to ensure your comfort. This lightweight shoe is perfect for standing or walking all day. It has Adidas boost technology and a rubber outsole that provides extra support and comfort.

The upper part of these shoes is made with mesh synthetic leather and the midsoles are made with Adidas Cloudfoam technology. These shoes are supportive and durable because of the hidden toe box.

  • Comfortable.
  • Stylish.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Support your entire foot.
  • The soles are a little slippery.
  • Some users have found these shoes squeaky.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

8. Saucony Originals Jazz Men’s Low-Top Shoes

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These shoes are very stylish and comfortable. Because of the lace-up front with a padded tongue, collar, and insole. People love that this shoe is true to size and lightweight, which helps ensure your comfort for long walks. These shoes take a little longer to get used to daily wear.

The shoe has a retro and modern style that is perfect for men of all ages, and most people are satisfied with its overall performance (especially when it comes to comfort and style), so much so that they often get more pairs of it. shoes in different colors.

  • Available in various colors.
  • These shoes are cheap.
  • An ideal choice for comfort, and versatility.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It is not as durable as other options.
  • Narrow toe.
  • Minimum arch support.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

9. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoes

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These shoes offer a perfect combination of aesthetics, comfort, and performance. Mesh fabric is used in the manufacturing of these shoes. Skechers Walk 3 is also easy to wear and take off.

The fabric trim and cushioned insole are made from a proprietary technology that cushions your foot throughout the day. They also feature a high-tech midsole, which grabs make sure your feet get optimal impact absorption. Their heels are padded with memory foam that gives a comfortable padded fit.

The best features of Sketchers Go Walk 3 are responsiveness and flexibility of the soles. That enhances the walking or standing experience. These shoes are well known for their maximum resistance and comfort.

  • Easiness in wearing and taking off.
  • Very flexible.
  • Versatile style.
  • It runs a little bit.
  • Less durable than the other options.

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

10. Adidas Ultraboost 19 Men’s Sneakers

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

With their stretchy Primeknit upper that features movement weaving technology, these are a great and extremely comfortable pair of all-day sneakers. With a stretchy rubber outsole, they also provide a cushioned ride that comes with an integrated torsion spring to increase energy return with every step or stride you take.

They feature supportive 3D heels for a stable and safe ride and come in a range of contemporary yet easy-to-wear colors that look stylish and attractive. The Ultraboost 19 fits like a sock with fans excited about how comfortable they are.

Whether you’re running in coaches or using them for a job where you stand all day, you won’t be disappointed. You can also check out our guide to the best running shoes.

  • Comfortable
  • Padded
  • Breathable
  • Support for
  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Efficient energy
  • The best to evaluate

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

11. Hoka Bondi 6 Shoes for Men

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

Triathletes or other serious runners who are used to training with exhausted legs have long appreciated the benefits of the Hoka Bondi, and the latest version offers as much comfort as its predecessors. Anyone who prefers plush cushioning will love the Bondi 6 as a daily shoe, but it’s also great for long runs.

The unique ride is refreshing and fun and allows anyone who has suffered from overuse (or any other type of injury) the opportunity to run without the detrimental effects of repetitive hard impacts from hitting the heel.

These shoes will help your feet roll from heel to toe in the rocking shape of the sole, providing a smooth step and enhanced feel. They offer high cushioning to give you a remarkably smooth step. This upgraded Bondis offers one of the highest cushion-to-weight ratios of any shoe on the market.

It has the perfect amount of shock absorption because of the thick double-layered midsole. A firm cushioning minimizes the stress on every step. This means that you will have a smooth and steady ride on every walk you take.

These shoes offer users 36mm of lift without compromising their precision, making them feel very stable. One of the best parts of these shoes is the mesh of a semi-firm flexible pattern and concave design, giving you a reliable rolling feel as your feet go from heel to toe. Reliability and support are further enhanced by padding that provides stability in the heel collar.

The breathable upper is made from a combined mesh and lycra material that keeps your feet cool and fresh all day. HOKA’s newly redesigned rubber outsole also makes them wider and more durable than previous versions without compromising the lightweight feel of the sneakers.

  • They provide an exceptional amount of cushioning
  • Offer users a rocking motion from heel to toe
  • Wearers feel very stable when walking with these shoes
  • Received the award from the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means these shoes promote good foot health
  • Come in a variety of widths
  • Slippery after the soles wear down
  • It is not the most attractive option
  • Some users want these to come in more colors

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

12. Reebok Men’s Floatride Run ULKT

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

These Reebok Men’s Floatride trainers are lightweight and comfortable and specially designed for long-distance runners, including tackle marathons, so they should be able to easily support you on a long work shift standing all day.

Constructed from a one-piece ultra-woven upper, they are designed to be supportive, breathable, and ultimately flexible. They absorb moisture thanks to the nylon mesh lining and are very soft and sensitive to wear.

The heel is specially contoured and designed to support and help minimize unwanted irritation. You shouldn’t experience blisters after a long day using your Reebok Floatride Run ULKT. Naturally, they help balance and position your foot properly too, and with a pointed rubber outsole, they provide plenty of traction and support in a variety of surface conditions.

  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Support for
  • Breathable
  • Padded
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Good traction
  • Eliminate irritation
  • Sock lining a little loose

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

13. Nike Air Monarch Cross Men’s Sneakers

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

They are super soft but durable, made with a quality leather upper so you won’t be disappointed, whatever your working conditions. As you can expect this from a brand like Nike, that deliver from high-performance shoes to these supportive and comfortable sneakers, which are ideal who stands for a long time.

They feature a lightweight padded foam midsole supported by a full-length encapsulated air-sole unit that fully supports you with every step or stride. They’re built to last and come equipped with a solid rubber outsole that offers all the traction you need, no matter what surface you’re working on. For more training shoes, check out our guide to the best cross-training shoes.

  • Leather upper
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Padded
  • Casual
  • Energy return
  • Light
  • Tight fit

best shoes for standing all day with bad knees

Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy the best shoes for bad knees, you will consider the following features:


Running is a high-impact activity. It will transfer up to three times the weight of your body to your joint. And the situation could get worse if you are a runner with knee pain. But with proper cushioning, your trainers will absorb all the shock, thus reducing the impacts that can hurt your knee. So look for shoes with a high cushioning material.

Make sure the midsoles have sufficient cushioning. And don’t forget to buy those that have a padded heel section, as your heel is a high-impact zone. You can also look for those with well-cushioned tongues and collars for comfort. Also, you will need all the comfort you could get from shoes if you have knee pain.


In addition to comfort, you also need a lot of support from your shoes, especially if you have an injured knee. There is a lot of support you could get from your shoes. One of those supports is the arch support.

You will need this type of support to help your foot distribute the pressure of your weight throughout your foot. As a result, no section of your foot will take the full impact, helping to relieve knee pain. But neutral runners may not need high arch support. Make sure you get running shoes that avoid pronation issues by offering the ankle support you need.


The soles provide good traction to prevent slipping. As a runner with a bad knee, the last thing you need is more knee pain. Therefore, you cannot fall and slip. And that’s why you should buy shoes with efficient traction. Also, make sure that the material of the soles is durable so that they can serve you for years.


High-quality materials will ensure protection against shocks. In addition, they will make the shoes very durable. It means that they will protect you for a long time if you choose sneakers with high-quality materials.

One of the best sole materials is rubber. Not only is it durable, but it also protects you from abrasive materials on the ground. But look for soles with flex grooves for more flexibility.

The midsoles must be of high quality for good shock absorption. There are two best foams available for efficient cushioning i.e BioMoGo DNA foam and Pro Fly X foam.

Shoes upper area must be breathable. Those with a mesh upper might be your best option. But you can be sure to find those with a Flyknit upper that is just as breathable. Plus, they provide sock-like comfort. As such, you should buy them.

The Fit

You want to run in shoes that fit perfectly. And for this reason, choose the right size shoes. Buy shoes that don’t need a break-in period. They should adjust instantly so you can start running as soon as they fit.

Look for running shoes with enough room for toe separation if you need a good fit. Oversized trainers can pose a hazard as you will have internal slipping. Also, these oversized trainers will slow you down as your weight will increases.

All of this requires shoes that fit perfectly.

Tips For Preventing Knee Pain

1. Treatment 101: Find The Source

Finding the source of knee pain is an important first step in treating and preventing knee pain. Again, not all knee pain originates from the knee, but it may be due to strained and stiffness in the hips, lower back, quads, and even abdominal muscles.

Treating those areas first helps stabilize the knee, foot, and lower leg.

2. Reduce Mileage

Problems like knee pain and foot and ankle problems can occur when a runner increases his mileage too fast. In those cases, reducing your mileage, or even resting, can help relieve knee pain. Either way, it’s always a good idea to stop running until it’s pain-free.

3. Strength Training

Strength training is beneficial to your body and your overall well-being in many ways, including the fact that it can help prevent and relieve a runner’s knee.

Some exercises you can do include the foam roller for both your quadriceps and knees, as well as back and hip exercises such as bridges, planks, and lateral leg raises. All are exercises frequently recommended by physical therapists and trained coaches as a way for athletes to avoid a runner’s knee.

4. Treatment of Patellar Tendinitis

According to Wikipedia, “Patellar tendinitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is an overuse injury to the tendon that straightens the knee. Symptoms include pain in the front of the knee. Pain and tenderness are usually found in the lower part of the kneecap, although the upper part can also be affected”. The pain is exacerbated when running up and downstairs. The force exerted on the knee during a run can strain the patellar tendon.

5. Streches

You should understand the importance of stretching as part of your routine. Stretching also helps prevent and even treat knee pain, especially stretches for the quadriceps and hamstrings.

6. Use Support Or Additional Orthotics

Arch supports and braces for your shoes can help with the position of your feet, which can help relieve or eliminate knee pain.

7. Ice Your Knees

Applying ice to your knees regularly can help reduce the inflammation that causes knee pain. You can apply ice for 15 minutes daily and 5 times daily.

8. Be Patient

How quickly you heal is probably different than how quickly someone else heals. This process depends upon your body’s condition and the limit of knee pain.

Frequent Questions

Could my overpronation be the cause of my knee pain?

The arch plays a crucial role in the distribution of pressure between the feet. But overpronation affects the arch of your foot, causing it to distribute pressure unevenly. And that sometimes stresses knees more than normal to cause knee pain.

Therefore, overpronation could potentially cause knee pain. The best way to avoid knee pain is to prevent overpronation.

Can I keep standing even when I have a bad knee?

You will stand in comfort if you buy running shoes for damaged knees. In addition, these shoes have well-cushioned midsoles to absorb all the pressure from impact. And this means that no stress will cause you pain in the joints, especially in the knee. But be sure to buy high-quality midsole shoes if you need enough cushioning.

What is the best sole material?

The midsoles protect you from impacts. But the soles protect you from abrasive materials on racing surfaces. They also protect you from slips and accidents.

As such, you need to think hard about your soles when shopping for the best shoes for knee pain. Rubber outsoles provide exceptional performance by offering more traction and still being anti-abrasive. Therefore, it should be the sole material to consider.


Do you stand all day with pain in knees? If so, what type of shoes you use? Why do you like them? Have you used any of the shoes on our list? Kindly let us know in the comments section.

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