10 Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope 2020

In this article, we will discuss some of the best sneakers for jumping rope and jump training, or plyometrics, in general.

Plyometric exercises, or colloquially known as jump training, are exercises in which we exercise the maximum strength of our muscles in a short period of time, several times in a row, to increase our power (speed and strength) in the long term. Jump training is a great way to learn to move from muscle extension to muscle contraction in a single explosive movement.

It is a great way to burn off excess calories and stay fit. Most importantly, it helps us excel in our physical and sports activities. The ability to wield explosive power at will is an incredible skill to have in a variety of sports: basketball, soccer, and volleyball, to name a few.

However, we are not here to sell you on plyometric, but instead, provide you with a comprehensive and authoritative list of some of the best shoes to consider when jumping rope or training. It should be noted that if you are a physically healthy person, jumping without shoes will allow your feet to develop exponentially, strengthening the small but important muscles for jumping and jumping.

That said while jumping and exercising without shoes will improve your foot strength at lightning speed. Unless time is of the essence, wearing shoes will provide a more comfortable and safe experience. With pressure on your knees, ankles, and lower the spine when performing prolonged jumping exercises diminished by the support of a shoe.

It will often be dangerous to you as it can open you up to unnecessary injury. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best rope skipping shoes in 2020. So you can give your feet, legs, and back the support they need.

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

1. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Training Shoe

best sneakers for jumping rope

The Inov-8 company focuses on producing the lightest and most flexible footwear available on the market. F-Lites without any exception complement the natural motor functions of biomechanics in the human body. It features a rubber outsole that is not only durable but can also cushion the bump from descending high jumps, bringing some of that energy back to aid in the next move or jump.

The F-Lites feature ADAPTER FIT technology that provides variable adjustment depending on the type of foot. For people with wide feet, the shoe wraps and cradles the foot while performing lateral and medium-hard movements.

But it has a spacious toe box that allows the toes to spread properly. It is ideal for jumping and other movements that require contortion of the foot. The second is called the Precision Form, which is a closer close fit that ensures minimal movement within the shoe. This is more in line with people who have a narrower forefoot.

The number in the name is a clue to how light and bare this shoe should be at around 195 grams and a 3mm heel-to-toe drop. F-Lites are designed to be super fast and offer an improved grounding feel for greater flexibility and mobility. Which explains their more “stripped-down” appearance.

They also feature a Meta-Flex groove in the forefoot of the outsole. So the foot can move more naturally by pushing its limits, something that normal shoe designs would overlook. It serves as a natural flex point at the bottom of the shoe. So just by looking at it, you can see why it would be perfect for bridges.

Speaking of the forefoot, the F-Lites also have a sticky rubber outsole that is inspired by rock climbing gear. Which means it’s well-equipped to keep you planted before a jump. As for aesthetics, it has a sleek design with a variety of color combinations. Black / Lime / Blue, Blue / Red, Grey / Blue / Yellow are few of its most prominent combinations. F-Lites are definitely not shy.

Overall, this shoe is a great design that provides a crisp, down-to-the-ground feel, perfect for jumpers, and skipping rope. As no excess design or architecture hinders your range of motion on the move. One problem is the fact that they can run a larger average size than expected. So try to order an average size below their actual size.

  • Minimalist design and bare feet feeling.
  • Good outsole
  • Breathable, well-padded
  • Good price
  • Runs half a size bigger

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

2. Reebok Nano 8.0 Trainers

best sneakers for jumping rope

The Nano 8.0 comes in two shapes for the top, you can choose between fabric or textile. Both are meant to be highly breathable, but there is an option for those who prefer one type over the other (either simply aesthetic or allergic to one type of material).

Both materials are nano-engineered at the back, so the fit and breathability are the same. It has a rubber sole very similar to other shoes designed to jump and do quick exercise in mind. It has an energy feedback circuit and high durability.

The Nano series has always had a proven level of comfort and performance. But the 8.0 takes it to the next level with a new comfortable fit: a new heel boot construction and molded sock lining.

This provides great performance comfort with its ample cushioning and curability after excessive use. There’s also a high-abrasion rubber outsole and a cheval molded midsole for that extra cushioning you’ll really love after doing a lot of jumping.

The 8.0 also has a groove in the front of the foot for greater flexibility, reaching the clutch when jumping for long periods. Since it really is the small things that accumulate after a while that affect its resistance. Of course, it is also a low cut design so as not to restrict the ankle or lower leg to the point where you would not get the exact precision and power of your jumps as you would like.

In short, the Nano 8.0 is a solid choice for all kinds of HIIT training routines, including plyometric exercises. These are high-quality shoes with a recognized brand behind. And that is reflected in the price as it is at the top end of the spectrum. This is to be expected, but a definite drawback when considering these shoes over others. Which may be more appropriate for the budget.

  • Great design for a variety of activities and sports.
  • Great cushioning and support characteristics
  • The outsole has grooves that adjust to the natural movement of your foot

  • A little expensive

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

3. Nike Metcon 4

best sneakers for jumping rope

Beyond brand recognition, the Nike Metcon series gained a lot of notoriety for being banned by Reebok-led CrossFit competitions at the highest level. And subsequently created an ingenious marketing campaign against Reebok’s actions.

The Metcon 4 solves all the problems with the previous Metcon iteration, with a super-strong flywire cable combined with laces to lock these shoes on your feet. It also has lightweight foam cushioning to comfort your feet during heavy impacts.

The Metcon 4s have a stable platform with a flat heel meant to keep you stable and planted on the ground. It is perfect for lifting, running, and jumping training, with a durable and comfortable sole to keep your entire foot planted.

The color scheme is great, a lot of colors may be at your disposal. Since these are a more traditional design. You should be in a position of incline to use them even beyond jump workouts, but in all other routines.

The only noticeable problem is that this pair of shoes is small, so half of its actual size would be ideal for you. They hold up pretty well even after tons of rigorous training regimes, and unlike other top-tier brands, their prices are very competitive.

  • Quality and aesthetic design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors available
  • Run small, half the size is ideal

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

4. Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

best sneakers for jumping rope

These shoes are made up of polyester and spandex upper, which aim to keep the top of the feet adequately flexible and agile, not padded in place by a bulky or thick design. The V Trail Runners are the latest Vibram version of the elite Spyridon running shoe. They feature a 3d cocoon technology molded into its rubber sole, combined with a 2mm EVA footbed.

This is intended to provide high protection, especially for the ball of the foot, to have both the flexibility and durability necessary to withstand a large amount of applied force in seconds, over and over again.

Trail Runners’ outsole is multi-directional, meaning the bottom of the shoe will have grip for a large number of directions. Wherever or how you put your foot down, the Trail Runner’s outsole will make sure to keep your feet flat to the ground until you take off. They come in a few shades: black, dark gray, light gray, and even blue. While not the most eye-catching, Trail Runners claim to do the job.

As for its design, it emulates the shape of a normal human foot. Instead of the rounded designs that we have become accustomed to. The reason is that this type of design should allow a little more flexibility for our feet and help us properly stretch and use our feet as best we can while jumping with a pair of shoes.

One of these drawbacks is that if you intend to wear this type of footwear without socks, you may need to order half the size because most of the time they should be worn without socks. This is, of course, a minor inconvenience.

What might not be so small is the price associated with these Trail Runners. As they are deservedly at the top end of the jump shoe spectrum. If you’re looking for a cheaper pair of shoes, Trail Runners might not be your best option.

  • Great “bare feet” feeling for them.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • Good grip and traction.
  • Lack of colors and unconventional design.
  • The price is a little higher than the other options.

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

5. New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

best sneakers for jumping rope

Our next pair of shoes is also known for providing support and comfort for a variety of your needs. The MX608v4 is comprised of a breathable leather upper, rubber sole, and lace-up closure.

The lining provides a comfortable and breathable experience. And the EVA sock liner will make the jump rope feel much easier on your feet.

Despite their bulky and heavy appearance, the NB MX608v4 is flexible and lightweight. While offering a great balance of cushioning, support, and durability. It’s a Medicare-approved design like many of the other New Balance shoe lines. The midsole is made of IMEVA and has ABZORBZ technology behind it, creating a great landing after each jump.

However, this is not a flawless shoe as it tends to be a little small, about half the size, and the extra cushioning you would not find in other shoes of this type could be annoying or take a period of adjustment if you are used to a totally different style.

  • Large leather upper
  • Comfortable extra padding
  • Support midsole
  • Room for custom braces
  • Run a little small
  • Not very elegant or attractive

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

6. Xero Shoes Prio – Minimalist barefoot Shoe

best sneakers for jumping rope

Despite their tongue twisters, these shoes are fairly basic in design, very clean and minimal. Xero has designed these shoes to feel incredibly light and comfortable. They feature a first-foot design, with a wide toe box to widen your toes and increase your overall comfort when in use.

They’re also not elevated on the sole. So you feel right on the ground, which is a good feeling when jumping rope or jumping. It is also beneficial for your posture, as well as for your balance and agility. You will not feel off-center or bogged down by these shoes.

Xero designed a FeelTrue outsole built into the Prio, giving you the traction, protection, and feedback feel you expect from a top-of-the-line outsole. It’s a “natural fit,” which means you want to stay true to the source. That is, how you feel with bare feet. You will feel equally serene and comfortable with these shoes.

The only other possible fix is ​​the lack of available colors, with just black, black/red, black/white, and gray/blue. The price is in the middle of the road, if a little high, but that is to be expected with a special shoe.

  • Light and flexible
  • Good for all kinds of activities, including jumping
  • A feeling of bare feet
  • Lack of colors
  • The average price of the road

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

7. Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid

best shoes for jumping rope

These shoes are a mix of synthetic and mesh upper to give you greater breathability when exercising and dissipate heat at an appropriate rate to avoid discomfort.

They feature a rubber sole to cushion impact and enhance additional movement, as well as an EVA midsole for support. The outsole features traction control grooves and durable material. So you won’t have any trouble staying upright as gliding is simply not an option.

This is a lightweight shoe is especially for running and jumping in particular. And it can be said that Adidas took the time to create it in such a way that the comfort and ease of the user are at the forefront of the experience when using the Freak X Carbon Trainers Mid Cross. Whether you’re skipping rope or doing another jump-related exercise, these shoes won’t disappoint.

It is a generally reliable shoe, but a lingering issue is the fact that you will need to order half a size or more compared to the actual size of your foot as this is how they are manufactured. The price is proportional, not quite expensive. But expensive enough to guarantee to keep your eyes open for a good deal or sale.

  • Increased breathability thanks to the mesh upper
  • Rubber outsole and EVA midsole for durability and comfort
  • The outsole has excellent traction control and friction creation thanks to its grooves
  • Lack of unique colors
  • You must order half size to be sure

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

8. Nike Free TR 8

best sneakers for jumping rope

Truly a staple in any shoe list, the Nike brand never ceases to amaze with its designs that are not only eye-catching but also practical. It shares many traits with all other top jump rope shoes: lightweight mesh upper for breathability, flexibility, and excellent traction.

These are great skipping shoes that are suitable for all kinds of tiny movements and don’t make your foot feel like it’s stuck in place, but allow for smooth movements.

The Nike Free TR 8 is actually lighter than many of the other cross/jump training shoes on the market. The Flywire technology used in the design of this shoe gives you a greater feeling of mobility and reaction, allowing great movement and precision. You may wonder if you are wearing a comfortable sock instead of a sneaker.

The only obvious problem with the Nike Free TR 8 is the fact that the raised collar on the back can sometimes cause irritation. Also, certain colors and sizes can be difficult to find. With all that said, they have a lot for them and as a result, they made it to this list.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Flexible and light
  • Allow wide range of motion
  • Never overheats your feet
  • The raised collar can cause irritation in some
  • Hard to find certain sizes / colors

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

9. PUMA Bowl 6 Fracture FM

best shoes for jumping rope

This is PUMA’s classic fracture look with a modern twist, making it a very sleek yet minimalist shoe design. This design marks the line between conventional (Nike) shoes and comfortable (NB) runners, with a midsole made of soft foam with additional TPU shank support in the middle of the insole.

Internally, it is incredibly comfortable, and it also has enough breathability that it doesn’t seem to line up with other “comfortable but suffocating” type shoes. Its outsole provides plenty of grip and arch support, clearly visible from all angles.

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

Despite that, this shoe has problems in the department of flexibility and durability. Sometimes it can feel quite stiff or quite padded. Which counteracts some of the maneuvers you intend to do during jump rope or jump training.

It tends to be small, and with stuffy socks, you may experience excess heat build-up when you exercise seriously. Since it can be prone to overheat, the shoe also suffers, and its durability is lost out the window if it is overexposed to heat or simply worked to the bone.

At the end of the day, these shoes are not totally ideal for the most demanding. As they will inevitably give in, but they find a place among people who mix and match their routines and require a bit of both worlds: lightness and stability.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Stable and comfortable cushioning
  • Great support through TPU Shank
  • It is not so flexible and sometimes it gets hot
  • Run small

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

10. Nike Air Monarch IV Trainer

best sneakers for jumping rope

Rounding out our list is another pair of Nikes, but this time sporting a very different and classic look. The Air Monarchs feature a mixed faux leather and rubber outsole, which of course is to help with shock absorption from fast movements and high jumps, which you’ll do a lot of on these kicks. They’re very comfortable running shoes with a Foam Phylon midsole, Air-Sole unit cushions, and overall a very soft feel.

The outsole is a solid rubber that provides long-lasting, friction-free movement over a wide range of surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about where you step with these pairs of shoes. If you’re a fan of the classic retro shoe look, but with the added ergonomics of the current decade, the Air Monarchs fit your niche. Despite their bulky look, they’re deceptively lightweight and soft, with a mesh tongue and an easy-to-slide tongue on the heel.

As for its disadvantages, the colors are not very impressive. Only the black and the variations of white in its name, will not arouse much envy of the looks. They’re practical, priced conveniently, and true to size.

So the only major flaws are the fact that you can’t dig the retro vibe, nor will the colors surprise you. Apart from that, they are comfortable and stellar sneakers. That will be very useful when you start your jump rope games or anything else since they have an omnipresent design.

  • Comfortable thanks to a large amount of cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole and good grip
  • Lightweight despite its appearance
  • Affordable prices
  • Not super flexible
  • Bulky look might not be appealing compared to fancier shoes

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

What To Look For In Jump Sneakers?

You may be wondering now, what are the telltale signs that you have a good pair of shoes to jump on, or more aptly feet? Here is what to look for when determining if a pair of shoes is good for jumping rope or plyometric exercises.


Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

Shoes that allow an adequate amount of airflow to pass through the entire foot. By having a breathable design, your feet are less likely to get hot or sweaty. Which would normally cause discomfort or fatigue faster.


Ideally, a flexible insole allows you to jump more smoothly. As you can stretch your foot to the maximum possible range without feeling caged in a pair of sneakers. The same is true for the toe cap. You want a flexible upper end of the shoe that allows your toes to have a proper range of motion. But are not so malleable as to get stuck in a malformed shape from use. Remember, we want the support of a shoe, but the feeling of bare feet.

Grip / Pull

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

Essential to a good jumping shoe is its ability to create friction. And therefore provide enough traction for your feet to have a clean and powerful jump after contact with all types of surfaces. A better grip will give your feet the foundation they need to take a big jump.

Impact Absorption

A great pair of jumping shoes have the design in mind to allow a bit of your spent energy to jump towards you and make each jump a lot easier. Almost like a bounce or waste energy recycle used to power the following jump just a little.


Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope

Hand in hand with breathability comes durability. As the type of material affects both. Ideally, it has a material that is breathable but also durable, not prone to holes, wear, or tear over time.


As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to jumping shoes, the less weight you’ve added, the better. Because of this, it is best to avoid excessively awkward or heavy shoes that will keep you too planted on the ground. Light shoes will help you better while jumping rope without tiring your feet.

Best Sneakers For Jumping Rope


To conclude, we have gone over what to consider when considering shoes dedicated to jumping ropes, as well as plyometrics, and we have also given you a detailed list of shoes to consider. We have a large number of training shoes, a wide variety of designs. Some border nature, some are elegant and pure, some are basic and to the point.

Regardless of which shoe meets your aesthetic needs, everyone should serve the purpose of giving you a smooth, comfortable, and accurate jumping experience. We hope we have provided a bit of information and advice to your curious minds, enough for you to go out and buy a pair of great jumping rope sneakers before the end of 2020!

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