Best Socks For Blister Prevention Running in 2021

Is there anything more painful than a blister when it comes to running, or even when it comes to putting on running shoes? That stinging and rubbing sensation can make running a real chore, and in some cases, it can prevent you from running entirely.

Is there a way to prevent blisters completely? There is! There are some shiny socks on the market that can be a great way to help with this. In this article, we will look at what causes blisters, prevention, and some of the best socks for blister prevention running.

best socks for blister prevention running

What Causes Blisters While Running?

Friction is what causes blisters while running. You probably know that it is inadvisable to get a new pair of shoes and go for a long-distance run. The reason is due to the friction on the foot that rubs the shoe that has not yet broken.

Another thing that can cause blister is different terrain. I realized that if I am used to running on a treadmill or just around the neighborhood, and then I switch it to a hill race, it increases the likelihood of blisters forming. The impact of going uphill or downhill can cause more friction on the toes or the back of the heel.

Excessive sweating or poor socks can also cause blisters. As your feet sweat, the skin becomes smoother, increasing the chance of blisters. Also, if the socks you are wearing do not effectively wick away sweat, it only provides a greater opportunity for your feet to overheat.

Blister Prevention

Now that we’ve discussed the causes of blisters, I wanted to mention a few things you can do to prevent blisters.

Get Proper Shoes

When you go running, it is common for your feet to swell a little. It may be in your interest to obtain a shoe that is approximately half the size of your normal casual or dress shoes. Also, be sure to get a shoe with the right cushion. This will help prevent blisters and make running much more enjoyable.

Use Lubrication

This works especially well if you are breaking new shoes and can spot a couple of places where your shoe will cause friction on your foot. The amount of lubrication should only be minimal. You don’t want to slip and slide too far into your shoe.

Use Padding

I learned this while hiking. But Moleskin is the perfect filler for spots that start to rub or that you think can rub. Only a small square will help prevent friction from blisters.


1. Wrightsock Men’s Coolmesh II Crew 3 Pack Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

These are the best running socks that prevent blisters and pain. It is made of 70% polyester and 30% nylon in the interior and 71% polyester, 24% nylon, and 5% lycra in the exterior. The inner layer of these socks is very smooth and also keeps moisture away.

This sock has a double layer construction. It has also used most of the technically advanced fibers. This helps protect you from blisters. It has also used performance fibers in the outer layer. Specific designs on the inner and outer layers absorb friction. This mechanism protects your feet from blisters.

Similarly, this sock has two layers of trapped air. It provides effective insulation from both heat and cold.

You can wash this sock in the machine. Socks will not be damaged. However, washing many times in the machine will remove threads from the sock. Therefore, it is recommended to wash by hand rather than in a machine.

Overall, this sock is durable and comfortable. Its lightweight, the dual-layer design gives you full protection against blisters. So don’t think twice if you are looking for the best quality running socks. This is best for you.

  • Double-layer construction
  • Use of technically advanced fibers
  • Two layers trap air
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Not very thick

best socks for blister prevention running

2. Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

If you intend on trail marathons or long-distance travel. Then you should buy a Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Run ¼ team socks. You will not be disappointed if you buy this sock.

It is made of 37% profiled, 27% polyester, 29% olefin, 3% nylon, and 4% elastane. There is no compromise on quality. Their whole production is done in the USA. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of this sock.

This sock has a double welt construction. It means that the sock is waterproof. Protects both the leg and the feet. You will have no difficulty walking even if it rains. It dries very quickly, making it very comfortable and easy to move your feet.

You can even use it while riding a mountain bike, paddling and running. It will prevent blisters on the feet in any condition. Even if you wear it all day and walk a long distance, you will get zero blisters.

You may face a problem with this sock. It gets too heavy when it gets wet. However, it gives you 100% protection against the blister. If you are a marathon runner or hiker then you should buy this sock.

  • Waterproof
  • Zero blisters
  • Made in the united states
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Weigh yourself when wet

best socks for blister prevention running

3. HUSO Unisex Fashion Running Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

HUSO Unisex Fashion Running Socks are one of the best anti-blister socks. It is made of 55% polyester, 15% spandex, 21% elastic, and 9% cotton. Socks are also in fashion as they have a specific digital print design.

Without a doubt, it is the best sock for running. In addition to that, you can also use it in daily life. Its seamless stitch prevents your feet from getting hurt.

This sock absorbs moisture and prevents bacteria. There is a special mesh in this sock that creates an airflow that helps keep feet dry and cool all the time. This sock also has a Coolmax fabric that keeps your feet away from sweat and bad odor.

In addition to its special blister prevention feature, it also gives you a comfortable fit in your shoes. This sock has a deep cup in the heel and superior shape retention that prevents it from slipping into the shoes. Similarly, it also has a specific design on the left and right side that gives you a perfect fit.

Similarly, this sock is soft and lightweight. It is lightly padded at the heel and toe so your feet are comfortable. It also eliminates stress and abrasion on the foot.

To be safe, it has a waterproof striped construction on the sole. Socks are available in different sizes. Men can find the sock size from 9 to 13 and women can find the sock size from 9 to 11.

  • Fashionable and anti-blistering
  • Antimicrobial wick moisture and odor control
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft and safe padded heel
  • I didn’t find anything negative about this sock

best socks for blister prevention running

4. Bio Climbing DryCool Cushion Men’s Running Socks 

best socks for blister prevention running

Bio Climbing DryCool Cushion Men’s Running Socks are best for multi-purpose running. It is made of 70% cotton, 20% DryCool yarn, 7% polyester, 2% Spandex and 1% Elastane.

You may want to know how this sock prevents your feet from getting painful blisters. So, it will be nice to know that you have a padded extra weight pile cushion in the heel and ball area. Ensures you won’t get blisters.

Similarly, this sock also keeps moisture away. It has an odor protector to fight odor and bacteria. You can use this sock for any type of outdoor activity. It can be camping, climbing, running, trekking, running, outdoor running, and various performance.

This sock also has a Y-heel tab that helps to put the calf socks on and off. It also has great elasticity. It always stays above your feet. This sock is made in Korea.

Even if this sock gets wet, it dries quickly as it has a functional bio max fabric. Your feet won’t get sticky from sweat either.

You may have a problem with this sock. It is very thin compared to other running socks. Similarly, if you are buying this sports shoe sock, you may feel that this sock is too small.

  • Extra padded medium fur padding in the heel and ball area
  • Wick moisture
  • Odor protector to combat odor and bacteria
  • Y-Heel tab helps keep you from slipping
  • Comfortable and quick-drying
  • Doesn’t get sticky from sweat
  • Support elasticity arch
  • Very thin
  • Use of cheap threads

best socks for blister prevention running

5. Balega Blister Resist Running Socks Unisex

best socks for blister prevention running

If you want to prevent your feet from blistering, then you should buy Balega Blister Resist Quarter Athletic Running Socks. It has an amazing feature that will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in the winter.

This sock has a hand connected seamless toe that makes your feet very comfortable. Similarly, the high heel on the sock ensures that the sock fits snugly on the shoes.

The sock is made of 49% dynamic polyester, 49% Mohair, 8% Acrylic, 16% Mohair, 16% Wool, 3% Nylon, 3% Microfiber, 3% Neofil and 2% Elastane. It has a combination of a different type of material. Thus, it gives you extra texture from various materials.

It is very thick. You can use it several times. It will not be damaged even if you wear it for a whole day. Similarly, it dries quickly after putting it in the sun for a few minutes.

You may have a problem with this sock. It may get too hot on a hot day. However, you can still use it while walking in a hot place.

  • Prevents blisters
  • Thick
  • Moisture wicks
  • Cool in summer while hot in the winter
  • Hand-linked seamless toe
  • High heel
  • Comfortable fit
  • Fast dry
  • It’s too hot on a hot day

best socks for blister prevention running

6. Ultra-Comfortable Running Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

Ultra-comfortable running socks give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with its use, you can return the sock to Amazon within 30 days. We will refund your money.

This sock is one of the best running socks that prevent blisters. In this sock, there is a strategically placed padding in the toe and heel area. Prevent your feet from getting the blister. Similarly, it has introduced moisture-wicking technology that makes your feet more comfortable and keeps them dry.

When you wear this sock, it allows for optimal airflow to your feet. Similarly, a specially designed mesh panel at the top offers an additional feature. This allows for optimal airflow in the foot area.

When you wear this sock, it will not slip from the calf to the feet. It has a non-slip cuff that prevents the sock from slipping.

If you are tired of trying different cotton socks to prevent blisters, then this sock is the best you are looking for. However, you may have a complaint with this sock. It is a little thinner. It may feel too hot to use in really hot places.

The sock will not lose its quality even if you wash it several times. It remains the same size as before washing.

  • Great running sock
  • Comfortable and perfect fit
  • Smooth and blistered
  • Easy breathability
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Absorbs moisture and odor
  • Slightly slimmer

best socks for blister prevention running

7. ArmaSkin Extreme Anti-Blister-Unisex Running Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

ArmaSkin Extreme Anti-Blister running socks have a polished outer shell. Avoid blisters and absorb friction created by foot movement inside the shoe.

This sock not only prevents blisters but also prevents skin irritation caused by repetitive rubbing. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet. It has an internal Si Fusion layer that keeps the skin dry and allows fresh air to circulate.

It also eliminates the main sources of heat and humidity that form blisters on the feet. These socks also fight odors and bacteria. This sock a high wear period. It can be used for any outdoor activity like running, marching, and running.

This sock has not compromised the quality of the socks. It is made of 87% polyester, 5% silicone, and 16% spandex. It has an elastic fabric that adapts to your feet like a wet suit. The sock will not be damaged even if you wash it several times. It also dries very quickly.

These socks are like rubber gloves on your feet. You feel gummy on the inside and silky on the outside. It makes you feel very comfortable while walking or running.

Even if you are not satisfied with this sock, the company offers you a 100% money-back guarantee. So, try buying an ArmaSkin Extreme Anti-Blister sock.

  • Polished outer shell prevents blistering
  • Si Fusion hydrophobic inner layer
  • Wick moisture
  • Keep skin dry
  • Fight odors
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • If used, it could have a hole and wash it for a long time

best socks for blister prevention running

8. Everlis Unisex Running Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

Everlis Unisex Running Crew Socks are made from 55% combed cotton, 20% ATB100 anti-odor tibial silver thread, 18% spandex, 5% polyurethane and 2% polyester. It is made in South Korea.

The high-tech ATB100 antibacterial thread used on the toe and heel makes this sock odor-free. Similarly, your feet don’t stink due to this high-tech antibacterial thread.

It also excels at absorbing moisture and keeps feet dry.  This sock is a great companion for running and other outdoor activities. It adapts perfectly to your feet.

You might be wondering how this sock is anti-blistering. So let me remove your curiosity. This sock has reinforced cushioning at the toe and heel. Makes this sock resistant to blisters and rubbing. Likewise, it has a heat and moisture ventilation upper that keeps moisture away.

The sock size will remain the same after washing and wearing for a long time.

This sock is luxurious and will not be crushed by washing. It is very thick and gives you a perfect fit on your feet. It may not be soft compared to other socks. But it is very comfortable to use both indoors and outdoors.

  • ATB100 high-tech antibacterial thread
  • Odor-free
  • Wick moisture
  • Keep your feet dry
  • Supportive and durable
  • Prevents blisters
  • Not very soft

best socks for blister prevention running

9. Women’s Multi Performance Cushioned Running Socks 

best socks for blister prevention running

If you’re looking for an ideal sock for outdoor running, try these amazing high-performance women’s quilted running socks. This sock has an extra medium pile cushion padding in the heel and ball area. Protects the feet from having painful blisters.

This sock is made of 77% cotton, 14% spandex, 2% polyester, and 7% polyurethane. She has not done any in quality.

It has different sizes for males and females. It comes in different sizes for men and women. For men, it fits the shoe size from 7 to 9 EE. The USA Similarly, women can get a shoe size small from 6 to 8 EE. USA It also comes in a women’s 8-10 medium shoe size.

You will not have any moisture problems if you buy this sock. It will fit perfectly on your feet. It has a Y-heel tongue that adapts perfectly to your feet. Your socks will not slip under any circumstances. Similarly, it has great elasticity. The high compression faucet keeps this sock secure on the calf.

You can wear this sock anywhere and with any shoe. Perfectly fits your feet with boots, riding boots, urban boots, and sneakers. Even if you wear it all day, it will make you feel comfortable.

Overall, this sock is comfortable; The length is perfect and not too bulky. So go ahead!

  • Comfortable
  • Extra medium weight padded pad
  • Wick moisture and antibacterial
  • Y-Heel tab
  • Great elasticity
  • Perfect adjustment
  • Little tight to the band

best socks for blister prevention running

10. Dri-Fit Coolmax Athletic Cushion Men’s Running Socks

best socks for blister prevention running

Dri-Fit Coolmax Athletic Cushion Men’s Running Socks are the best-performing stocks. This sock is best for any outdoor activity. It can be used for running, camping, cycling, trail running, marathon, trekking, mountain biking, and travel.

So why should you buy this sock? You may have a question in mind. If you buy it just for use in outdoor activities. Then you can buy other socks too.

What makes it different from another?

All right! The answer is that it provides additional blister protection. This sock has a seamless, hand-lined toe. Eliminates bulky seams and ultimately reduces abrasion and blisters.

It also minimizes humidity when running and walking. The sock uses Coolmax fabric that helps reduce moisture on the feet. It is also easy to breathe.

You will always feel your feet very cool and dry due to its mesh ventilation construction design. Similarly, it reduces foot fatigue because arch compression adds support. This sock also has a heel tab that prevents it from slipping down while running or walking.

This sock is made of 40% nylon, 20% Coolmax, 15% polyester, 20% cotton and 5% elastane. You don’t have to worry about anything related to its quality. It even gets wet; You will not face any problems. It dries very quickly. It guarantees you a great durability feature.

  • Prevents blisters
  • Mesh ventilation
  • No-slip
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Seamless tip lined by hand
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Fast dry
  • Great durability
  • Not available for women

best socks for blister prevention running


Blisters are a common complaint of walkers and joggers. If you’ve just started walking or running, changed your shoes, or started doing longer workouts, you may have blisters on your feet and toes.

A blister is a fluid-filled sac caused by friction (or from the heat of a burn). Walkers and runners fear them, but there are ways to prevent most foot blisters. You can eliminate the sources of chafing on your shoes, tighten and protect your skin, keep your feet cool and dry, and be on the lookout for hot spots that will blister if left untreated.

best socks for blister prevention running

Find The Right Shoes To Prevent Blisters

Her shoes are often the source of her blisters. Blisters are because of the friction between your foot and the shoes. They all have feet of different shapes and sizes, and there isn’t a single shoe that’s right for everyone. Getting the correct shoe size and shape can help prevent blisters.

New Shoes

If you take out new shoes for a long walk or run, you may get a blister as it skims different areas than the last pair of shoes. Any shoe can give you a blister in its first uses before your feet have become accustomed to them.

Solution: The most important thing is to get a shoe that fits you well so that your heel doesn’t slip and your toes don’t rub against the front of the shoe.1 Take it easy and just walk or run in new shoes, even if they are the same brand and model that you have been using. Increase your mileage and speed on each pair of shoes.

Tight Shoes

With a narrow toe, your toes rub against the sides or end of the shoes. This can even cause blackened toenails or lose them after a long walk.

Solution: Select shoes of the proper width for your foot so that your toes have enough room. Proper width for running shoes is a finger between the end of the toe and the end of the shoes.

best socks for blister prevention running

Do You Need Bigger Walking Shoes?

Feet Slipping On Shoes

If your shoes are too loose and your feet slide back and forth inside the shoe with each step, you’re adding extra friction that causes blisters. You can also get a black nail.

Solution: Wear a thick sock fill some of the extra space. Learn how to fasten your shoes to keep your heel in the heel cup with each step instead of sliding forward. If you still seem to have too much room, buy shoes that fit better.

best socks for blister prevention running

How To Find And Equip Yourself For The Right Shoes?

Rough edges on your shoes or insoles

The seams and insole edge may rub against the foot or toes.

Solution: You can change shoe or insole styles. Some shoes are designed to be seamless on the inside. You can also try heat molded insoles (available at some running stores) that will cradle your feet perfectly. If you can’t avoid rough spots, lubricate or cover the area being rubbed.

best socks for blister prevention running

Prevent Blisters By Stiffening Your Feet

A novice is called a sensitive foot for good reason. Your soft pink feet will have less trouble with blisters if your skin becomes a little stiff.

Add the distance gradually. Help your feet develop protective calluses rather than blisters by gradually increasing your walking time.

Hydrates heel cracks. To prevent your calluses from becoming too dry and developing painful cracks, moisten your feet after each bath or shower with good foot cream or hand cream.

best socks for blister prevention running

Prevent Blisters By Wearing The Correct Socks

Forget About Cotton Socks – Stick With Synthetics.

Cotton retains sweat on the foot, which then softens the skin and makes it more prone to breakdown from friction, resulting in blisters.

Avoid Chafing Seams

Check where the seams of the socks hit the toes. Is that where you have blisters? Some running socks are specially designed to keep seams away from your feet. Tube stockings are not recommended as your feet are not tube-shaped and just don’t fit well.

Change Your Socks On The Go

Many marathoners recommend changing socks every time your feet get wet from the rain, or in the middle of a marathon.

Get The Correct Thickness

Experiment with the thickness of your socks. If your socks are so thick that your toes don’t have room in the shoe, you need bigger shoes or slimmer socks.

Invest In Good Socks

With sports socks ranging from $ 7 to $ 20 per pair, it can be painful to stock up.

Wear Double Layers

Double-layer socks can prevent blisters by reducing friction and removing moisture.2 Some double-layer socks, like Wright Socks, even come with a blister-free warranty. The inner sock or the inner layer of the sock must be made of sweat-wicking fabric.

Eliminates Moisture

Synthetic socks made of acrylic, polypropylene, or CoolMax fabric wick moisture away from the foot and keep it dry. These are available in sports stores.

best socks for blister prevention running

Prevent Blisters By Lubricating Your Feet

Friction, the friction movement between the foot, sock, and shoe, creates heat and tear forces, making the skin prone to blisters. If you reduce friction, you reduce blisters. One way to reduce friction is to lubricate your feet so they slide instead of rubbing.

Cover the trouble spots on your feet

If you have a blister-prone spot or have developed a hot spot while walking and running, covering it can help protect you. You can use moleskin, paper tape, special patches, sports tape, and gel bandages. In a pinch, you could even put duct tape to work.

The downside to covering the area is that these bandages and pads often don’t stay where you put them, especially as you continue to walk or run. You may have to try several types to find the one that works best for you.

best socks for blister prevention running

Bandages And Cover-Ups To Prevent Blisters

Often you will feel a hot spot develop that can become a blister. While you may want to continue, the best thing to do is to stop immediately and use these ideas.

If you carry a blister kit, put a blister bandage or other cover over the place, or create a protective donut around it. You can find take-out kits online or at sports stores. Or, make up your own with the toppings of your choice (like gel bandages or moleskin), antiseptic wipes, sports tape, small scissors, and a miniature container of lubricant.

Readjust your socks and shoes to try to eliminate the places where your socks may have clumped. If your socks are wet, change to a dry pair if you can. While it’s best to finish the walk or run when you have a hot spot, these tactics can prevent a blister from forming if you have to keep going. If a blister has developed, cover it rather than draining it unless you are at risk of rupture.

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