Best Socks For Long Distance Running in 2024

If are serious about running, then you should know what types of socks are available. Our helpful guide below highlights the best socks for long distance running so that you can find and compare the best products quickly and easily.

Things To Consider

Before buying a pair of socks, consider the following:


Your sock needs are different in summer than in winter. The weight of the material is heavy in winter while light in summer. Some socks can be used all over the year.


If you run for hours at a time every day, you need a top-notch pair of socks that you reserve just for running. Others tend to wear their running socks for everyday use (in the workplace or to help with circulation problems), so shop around based on how you plan to wear your running socks.


 Anything that helps prevent blisters is a great investment. If you find you have more susceptible blisters, get a pair of socks to help prevent the problem.


 No-show or compression stockings? Decide what is most important to you while running and whether you need the sock to achieve a certain effect while running.


 Don’t forget the smell factor. Moisture-wicking fabrics will keep your feet dry, and wool does not tend to absorb unwanted odors.

Individual Needs

 Chances are you’ve bought socks in the past and run into some issues during your runs. Do your feet tend to sweat a lot? Do they tend to squeeze their toes together? Do your feet often break into blisters? Think about the issues you need to address before buying your socks. At whatever level of running you are, you need the right kind of socks.

Unisex Long Distance Running Socks

best socks for long distance running

1. Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Running Socks

best socks for long distance running

You can probably run a marathon in Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Running Socks for men and women.

High volume impact-resistant cushioning ensures your feet stay comfortable over long distances and the patented Drynamix wicks moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry. These socks are non-slip and have a wide variety of colors that can match your outfit.

Key Features

  • Padded running sock without presentation
  • Patented Drynamix removes moisture from the skin
  • Seamless toe cap, hand attached
  • High heel tongue and extra deep heel pocket
  • Enhanced elastane provides additional slip resistance
  • High volume shock resistant cushioning
  • Provides comfort and performance
  • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
  • May not fit smaller feet

best socks for long distance running

2. ASICS Unisex Low Cut Cushion

best socks for long distance running

Most runners prefer the comfort and ease of wearing ankle socks because they often feel like they are not wearing them. These ASICS Unisex Cushion Low Cut feature a single tongue ankle fit with plush cushioning through the sole for the comfort you will love.

They are comfortable and breathable and feature humidity control technology to keep your feet cool and dry. The seamless toe gives you that extra touch of comfort, as your socks won’t irritate where seams usually do. These socks are ideal for casual and experienced runners.

Key Features

  • Moisture management and woven mesh
  • One-tab ankle adjustment
  • Engineered mesh upper foot
  • Plush cushioning through the sole
  • Soft cushioning in the sole for greater comfort
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Moisture management technology
  • Seamless toe for comfort
  • May slip during an activity strenuous

best socks for long distance running

3. Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks

best socks for long distance running

Nothing can slow you down or stop a dry run faster than blisters. If you are looking for anti-blister socks then Balega Blister Resist socks are the best choice for you. Made from a combination of natural mohair and Drynamix, they are excellent for all runners, including those with sensitive skin.

Reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels keep feet dry, and high-volume cushioning adds anti-blister features while keeping your feet comfortable in any weather. They fit perfectly with one of the best beginner sneakers on our list.

Key Features

  • Natural Mohair and Drynamix for anti-blistering performance
  • High heel tongue and extra deep heel pocket
  • High volume cushioning
  • Drynamix removes moisture from the skin
  • Seamless toe box minimizes friction
  • Soft and durable mohair that regulates temperature
  • Blister resistant, super cushioning
  • The size should be verified

best socks for long distance running

4. Saucony Performance Comfort Fit No-Show Men’s Running Socks

best socks for long distance running

The last thing to think about when you go running are your socks, so you’ll love these Performance Saucony Men’s Performance Comfort Fit Slip-On Socks. They feature Run Dry Moisture Management and Airmesh Venting technology to keep your feet cool and dry even after a long run.

Targeted arch compression will keep your arches stable and secure inside your shoes and will also prevent your feet from slipping or piling up inside your shoes. Available in multiple packs with great colors, so you can wear a new pair every day. Be sure to pair them with one of the best low fit running shoes on our list.

Key Features

  • Machine washable
  • Run dry moisture management
  • Airmesh ventilation technology
  • Directed Arc Compression
  • Padded sole
  • Ultra-absorbent fibers keep feet dry
  • Light cushioning that provides impact protection
  • Arch support system for stability and secure fit
  • Finger seams can cause rubbing

best socks for long distance running

5. Adidas Climacool Superlite Men’s Low Socks

best socks for long distance running

Keep your feet cool and dry with these sports socks from Adidas. These running socks feature strategic ball, heel, and toe performance cushioning where you need it most, and Climacool socks ensure your feet stay cool and dry when you’re most active. The feature you’ll love the most is odor-resistant technology, which means you don’t have to clean the room before taking your shoes off.

Key Features

  • 60% polyester, 38% cotton and 2% elastane
  • Strategic performance damping
  • Odor-resistant finish
  • 360-degree ventilation technology
  • Cushioning in the ball, heel, and toe
  • Ventilated CLIMACOOL keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Odor-resistant technology helps keep feet cool
  • Mid-padded ball, heel, and toe box for comfort and durability
  • You may feel too thin for rigorous activity

best socks for long distance running

6. Physix Gear Sport Compression Running Socks For Men And Women

best socks for long distance running

Runners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from wearing running socks, but finding attractive compression socks can be a challenge. Whether you enjoy running or have conditions like plantar fasciitis, you can have the best combination of comfort and style.

These Physix Gear compression sports socks feature moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet cool and dry, and the anatomical design is sure to give you all the comfort and support you need from your socks. You can use them with one of the best running shoes without falling from our guide.

Key Features

  • Machine washable
  • Anatomical design
  • Moisture absorption technology
  • Optimized Achilles tendon protector
  • Flexible and durable heel
  • It helps improve circulation
  • Achilles optimized tendon protector prevents blisters
  • Toes without irritation
  • Ideal for those with plantar fasciitis
  • It may feel tight at the top of the ankles

best socks for long distance running

7. LITERRA Single Tong Running Socks with Hidden Sport Cushioning

best socks for long distance running

Hit your favorite running track in comfort and style with these Literra running socks. These socks have a reinforced toe and heel for better durability.

Mesh ventilation ensures your feet stay dry and moisture-wicking properties wick sweat away from your feet so your feet don’t end in a soggy mess. The heel tab design also helps prevent blisters, so all you will be thinking about is the way to go.

You can combine it with one of the best neutral sneakers on our list.

Key Features

  • Polyester, fiber, and elastane
  • High stretch and moisture absorption
  • Reinforced heel and toe for durability.
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Padded upper for a better fit.
  • Light cushioning provides impact protection
  • Arch elastic provides additional support and stability
  • Heel tab design helps prevent blisters
  • Not completely transparent around the toe

best socks for long distance running

8. Thorlos Unisex Light Running Thin Padded Socks

best socks for long distance running

If you prefer padded socks that aren’t too bulky, check out these unisex lightweight thin padded socks from Thorlos. These slim running socks are padded in all the right places, but the padding is slim so you can wear them without tightening your running shoes.

Low-profile toe seam ensures comfort and will not rub or irritate the delicate toe area, and since the padding is in the ball and heel impact areas, most of the impact is absorbed.

Suitable for both men and women, you can stay calm thanks to the cold THOR • WICK fibers that are breathable and also wick away moisture. Be sure to pair them with stability shoes from our list.

Key Features

  • 70% THOR • WICK acrylic, 28% nylon, and 2% spandex
  • Fine cushioning
  • Constructed of THOR • WICK COOL fibers
  • Does not irritate or rub feet because of low profile toe
  • Padded arch for a better fit.
  • Padding on the ball and heel absorbs shock.
  • Thorlos Protection offers incredible comfort
  • THOR • WICK COOL fibers absorb moisture for cooler, drier feet
  • Specifically designed for protection and comfort
  • The cushioning may be too thin for some runners

best socks for long distance running

9. Features Unisex Elite Max Cushion Running Sports Socks

best socks for long distance running

No one wants to worry about their socks and if you are a serious runner you want a pair of running socks that you can put on without thinking and just move. These Unisex Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab Athletic Features athletic socks are designed to deliver performance without compromising comfort.

Zone-specific compression ensures you get comfort, and support where you need it most and also ensures you have adequate circulation, which is crucial to foot health. Made with iWick polyester fibers, you can be sure your feet will stay cool and dry with blister protection for added peace of mind. These socks are available in a wide variety of colors and are comfortably machine washable.

Key Features

  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Zone specific compression
  • Made with iWick polyester fibers
  • Designed for performance
  • For professional and technically sound runners
  • Blister protection
  • The size should be verified

best socks for long distance running

10. ASICS Intensity Single Tab Women’s Socks

best socks for long distance running

Keep your feet cool and dry when you go jogging in these ASICS Women’s Single Tong Socks. These sports socks have been created to offer comfort and support, keeping you dry during intense activity, such as when you wear your favorite trail shoes for women.

The seamless toe box eliminates discomfort and the arch band provides an added degree of comfort that most runners insist on.

Available in packs of 3 and fun, modern colors for everyday running and other activities when you need to do your best.

Key Features

  • 52% polyester, 45% nylon and 3% spandex
  • Soft sole and lace pad for comfort.
  • Breathable moisture management and woven mesh.
  • “Y” on the heel
  • Single tab ankle adjustment protects against irritation
  • Seamless fingers eliminate bulky finger discomfort
  • Bow band for added support
  • The heel and lace pad offer superior comfort
  • Moisture control and woven mesh keep feet cool and dry
  • Colors may bleed

best socks for long distance running

11. Adidas Climalite X II Low Cut Men’s Socks

best socks for long distance running

Stay calm in any weather with these Adidas Climalite X II Low-Cut Men’s Socks. These thick running socks give you all the cushioning you need, and 360 degrees of ventilation ensures your feet can breathe and stay comfortable during your run.

These socks have thick cushions in the toe, which act as a shock absorber on hard surfaces. For comfort, in the long run, ClimaCool technology is used in these socks. Combine them with your favorite running shoes for a complete look.

Key Features

  • 67% acrylic, 16% polyester, 12% nylon, 3% natural latex rubber, 2% spandex
  • 360-degree ventilation
  • ClimaCool technology keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Odor resistant
  • Padded heel and toe construction
  • Combine with Adidas footwear and apparel colors
  • Quick-drying materials
  • 360-degree ventilation for total breathability
  • It can feel tight

best socks for long distance running

12. Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running II Lo Quarter

best socks for long distance running

The Wrightsock socks feature lightweight cushioning with the thickness you need to absorb impact when you run. Save your feet with the double anti-blister layer and the patented “Stabilizing Zone” arch band that protects and supports your feet at the same time.

Your feet will also stay cool and dry thanks to the enhanced Dri-Wright II polyester inner layer and breathable materials that keep your feet cool, regardless of whether you’re looking for a challenging run in your men’s trail running shoes or a relaxed hike in the forest.

Key Features

  • Light cushioning
  • Double layer anti-blister
  • Patented arc band “Stabilizing zone”
  • Enhanced Dri-Wright II polyester inner layer
  • Made of quality and breathable materials.
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Quick action that absorbs moisture
  • Dri-Wright II hydrophobic removes moisture
  • Size may not be exact

best socks for long distance running

13. Socks Features Elite Light Cushion Running Socks

best socks for long distance running

High-performance athletes need high-performance socks that offer comfort, support, and stability. These Features running socks offer high-density knit fabric for thick yet lightweight cushioning that feels like you’re wearing soft clouds.

That comfort doesn’t mean you will give up performance qualities. These socks have specific compression of the area to protect your feet where they need more care and the unique anatomical design improves the fit of the socks for extreme comfort.

Stay calm when you run thanks to iWick temperature control and moisture-wicking properties. Your feet will stay cool and dry no matter how challenging your fun is.

Key Features

  • Suitable for men and women
  • High-density fabric for lightweight, thick cushioning.
  • Unique anatomical design improves fit.
  • IWick temperature control
  • Zone specific compression
  • Sock-Lock technology provides specific support
  • Designed with an awareness of movement dynamics for better performance
  • Designed for extreme comfort
  • Superior moisture-wicking properties keep feet dry
  • Compression for comfort and support
  • Be sure to check the sizes

best socks for long distance running

14. Stance Uncommon Solids Tab Running Men’s Running Socks

best socks for long distance running

Experienced runners like the comfort they get from seamless socks so there are no distractions causing irritation or irritation.

These Stance Men’s Uncommon Solids Tab Running Running Socks provide an anatomically correct fit and seamless toe closure to give you all the comfort you need, and the elastic arch support and heel tab offer a nice, stable sock for a fit. sure. Our practical guide to the best sports socks features cooler products like this.

Key Features

  • 58% Polyester, 16% Nylon, 14% Spandex and 12% Elastane
  • Machine washable
  • Anatomically correct fit
  • Seamless closure and ventilation of the fingers
  • Elastic arch support
  • Deep heel pocket and low-thickness dry seam.
  • Active and safe support for your feet
  • Seamless closure eliminates irritation
  • Heel tab prevents the sock from slipping
  • Well adjusted and comfortable
  • May be tight around the toes

best socks for long distance running

15. Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultralight Cushioned Socks

best socks for long distance running

Not all socks are made of synthetic materials, and many runners prefer natural materials such as wool. Made from 100% merino wool, the ultralight Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab running and jogging socks offer the ultimate comfort and breathability.

The performance fit ensures that the socks will stay on your feet the way they’re supposed to, and since wool has fast-acting absorption properties, your feet will stay dry. Quick-drying and naturally antimicrobial, these socks will keep your feet cool so you don’t get offended when you take your shoes off.

Key Features

  • 100% wool for maximum comfort and breathability.
  • Performance tuning
  • Undetectable stitching
  • Fine gauge knitted fabric
  • Unique “put it on, forget it” feeling
  • Fast-acting absorption properties
  • No-slip, no piling, and no blisters
  • Super durable, but very comfortable
  • Repels bacteria and odor
  • Quick-drying and natural antimicrobial
  • 100% wool is not for everyone

best socks for long distance running


Performance Running Socks are one of the most competitive markets out there, leaving us with many options to choose from. Here are some of the most important features of socks to review before making a purchase:

Blister Protection

Few things can deter a runner’s ambition more than acquiring blisters after hard workouts. If you’re upset with the blisters on your shoes, or just want to get the insurance that you never have to deal with, you should consider buying socks that are specifically designed to be blister-repellent and will keep your heels and feet looking like new.

Winter Weather

If you’re a racing junkie, chances are you can’t get the satisfaction of a good race on a treadmill or indoor facility. Running outside can be great when the weather permits. If you are facing brutal winters and hate the cold, you should look at the cushioning of the socks and which pairs are specifically designed to withstand cold winters and keep you running!

Breathability (Bad Smell)

For one thing, having adequate ventilation will go a long way in reducing the fatigue you may face when running. By letting your foot breathe instead of trapping the heat inside, your body will better maintain homeostasis and prevent overheating resulting in harmful fatigue.

Another consequence of the lack of breathability is the odor that will accumulate in the socks. Trapped in a breathable fabric, and while you push yourself hard during exercise, your feet will sweat a lot. It is important to have breathability to avoid smelly socks.


If you’re looking for performance tights, chances are you’re looking to cut down on your time and feel lighter in your shoes. Having a pair of lightweight socks can go a long way as you run for miles and miles because you won’t have to bear the burden of carrying heavy feet with every stride.

There are many lightweight models of performance socks, as “lightweight” tends to be one of the most coveted keywords among sock seekers. However, keep in mind that the lighter it is, the less durable it is likely to be as well.


Comfort can come hand in hand with socks designed to withstand winters. More comfortable means light to you or great insulation and cushioning. Visualize yourself wearing the socks when you are buying them and decide if you think they would be comfortable for you.

Uncomfortable socks will only affect your chances of reaching your goals and eliminate your satisfaction with your performance socks decision.


Everyone hates wearing clothes that don’t fit well and your socks are no different. Socks that don’t fit well can annoyingly wrap around the heel or foot. Some socks are adjusted for shoe size, while others are vastly different in size. It’s important to look at previous customer reviews to see how your sock fits and which size is best for you.

These performance socks are customized for optimal performance and the wrong size could greatly affect the quality of your design. It may also be important to ensure that the sock brand has a mirror design for the left and right editions of the sock.


Many pairs of high performance running socks can come at a high price. It is important that your investment is not wasted and can last a long time. Everyone who has ever had a pair of socks in their life, which I hope is everyone’s, knows how detrimental it can be to make a hole in your sock for the life of that sock. It is important to find socks that are in it long-term and that do not easily break or get damaged by extreme circumstances.


At first glance, the price of these socks may seem very similar, however many editions offer a pack of 3 or more of their socks, while others only offer 1 pair. It is important not only to look at the price when searching for high-performance socks but also to consider the number of socks you receive when purchasing.

best socks for long distance running


In conclusion, there are many performance running socks on the market right now, and there are almost as many factors to consider when deciding which running sock is best for you. Whether you prioritize lightweight, comfort, anti-blistering, etc., it is important to understand the combinations these socks have and the weaknesses they possess as well.

ASICS Kayano Classic low-cut socks combine l lightness and great fit. Drymax Sports Running Hyper thin socks are known for their breathability and comfort. Thorlos Thick Cushion Running Crew socks are currently the best socks for winter, they also provide thick double soles and fit perfectly to the size of the shoe.

The Saucony Performance Socks have a soft aesthetic with unique neon-gloss branding as well as excellent sock padding. The ball Hidden Comfort Tab Running socks also feature a sleek design, protect against blisters, and offer a great combination of comfort and breathability. Thirty48 running socks are known for their lightweight and a great fit for shoe size.

The Wrightsock Anti Blister Double Layer Running Socks are optimized for exactly what the title says, anti blisters and cold weather. Falke Running socks feature a stabilizer edition that is the best socks for increased ankle stability. The characteristics! The ultralight high-performance socks add breathability, heel cushioning, and thickness to your already unique brand.

Darn Tough Merino Vermont Tough Wool provides exactly what you would expect, maximum durability, and great comfort.

There are many different performance socks to choose from, and each has a set of specific characteristics that they are known for. Prioritize what you’re looking for in your running socks and hopefully, this guide has helped you make a better decision, good luck and thanks for reading!

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