Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet And Plantar Fasciitis [2021]

Flat foot tennis players lack the “normal arch”, making it dangerous and painful to play tennis without the proper shoes. In addition to your tennis racket and a playing court in your tennis games, you will benefit from having the best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis, just like Achilles tendinitis running shoes.

Specifically, the lateral movements became very difficult to decipher in the game when you have flat feet. However, you don’t have to be Serena Williams or Roger Federer to have a good time playing tennis.

Your flat feet should not limit your tennis training or game. Many tennis players with flat feet perform their normal training activities without fear of foot pain or injury.

These players know the importance of wearing the correct shoes and paying attention to any warning signs. Our review is based on the stability, support, and safety of the shoe, while looking for a tennis game with comfort and without pain.

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet And Plantar Fasciitis

Now you know some of the important factors to consider when looking for the best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Let’s take a look at some of the high-quality tennis shoes for people with flat feet. We have compiled some of the main products available in the market, they are the following:

1. Prince T22 Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

Prince T22 is one of the leading products available on the market for tennis shoes made especially for people with flat feet.

Extra cushioning and support are just what you need to decrease any strain or force on your feet. This is also suitable for hard courts, the sturdy outsole offers strong balance and traction.

The shoes look great and are very comfortable to wear with additional aeration to cool down your feet. Another feature that the shoes have is that they help keep the toes straightened with the heel to improve their position when on the field.

Prince tennis shoes also provide effective shock absorption in the middle of the sole area, which is crucial to avoid any pain or injury when moving around the court. The Prince T22 is a common brand in the footwear market that can be seen on the feet of players around the world and is excellent for flat feet. They’re lightweight but durable and offer the cushioning you need where it’s needed most.

Customer satisfaction: Some users complain that the shoe pinches the foot. One client said that the right part of his right foot is squeezed tightly by the shoe, and is said to be due to shoe ties made of solid plastic. On the plus side, it’s said to be lightweight and a quality shoe that offers great support for the arch of the foot while on the court.

The product was also found by one customer to be excellent as it offers great support and comfort for the foot while playing both on clay and hard courts. It also gives you support, comfort, and wears.

  • Very attractive tennis shoes
  • Excellent midfoot and arch support
  • It is likely to be consistent with the size and offers a good fit
  • Nice mid-range shoes suitable for those flat-footed players who play the game, not at a professional level
  • Very rare

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

2. ASICS Gel Game Point Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

If you need a pair of tennis shoes that offer great comfort and safety to your foot while playing on the court, then you should get these Asics Gel game points.

The product has a leather upper section with an integrated net panel to make sure your feet stay cool when playing on the court. Sweating excessively from moving and running across the field is not appropriate and this helps when tackling it through free air circulation.

Another special feature of these shoes is that the upper section provides excellent support for your foot and places it in the correct order. Don’t worry about being comfortable with them, as these shoes help you run freely and naturally.

They also provide great cushioning for your insoles. The midsole has plenty of flexible memo padding to reinforce your arches and lessen any damage you may experience. These shoes provide the perfect combination of design, relief, and security that will get you back in your game, having fun at your favorite game in no time!

Customer satisfaction: Some users find them comfortable when wearing them. On the downside, they tend to be too tight when worn at first but then fit well on the foot. These shoes are easy to use and lightweight.

There have been complaints that the shoe is too tight for the top/toe. On the plus side, one customer described it as perfect for flatter feet. They also offer decent, if not the best, arch support, especially for those with high arches, and they sell for a reasonable price. More importantly, they are appreciated for their lightweight and speed that they offer when on the court.

  • Adequate and responsive arch support
  • Effective shock absorbing qualities, particularly at the heel
  • They offer adequate support to the heel
  • Fair footwear for irregular gamers
  • Some people think that these shoes seem a bit “cheap” compared to other ASICS productions
  • They are likely to fit improperly into the “gap” and the heel

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

3. K-SWISS Bigshot Light Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

K-Swiss Bigshot is one of the best products in the tennis shoe market. The K-Swiss brand is one of the leading producers in terms of creativity and design. The K-Swiss Bigshot should not be overlooked and is a tennis shoe to consider if you are dealing with the problem of flat feet.

You won’t have to sweat too much as the design and technology of these tennis shoes prevent that from happening. The product features a cold flow system that is made with the shoes to allow air to reach your feet and offers airflow against them.

They also wick moisture away from the feet through the lining that controls moisture on the sole. This leads to clean, moisture-free feet inside the shoe.

The product is comfortable to put on and play tennis. To help your feet straighten properly when playing, these tennis shoes feature a properly softened and constructed midsole that runs the length of them. When it comes to arch support, these shoes are great and offer everything you need to play when you’re on the court for a long period.

Customer Satisfaction: The shoe is lightweight, sturdy, and built for the type of support and sturdiness that is required for hard court tennis players to wear, as claimed by some of its users.

However, one customer questioned its durability and said it has terrible wear resistance. Some users also stated that it has a nice design and fits well whenever it is used. The shoes are useful for lateral movements on the court and offer excellent support for the foot. They are generally lightweight and made from top-notch materials.

  • They offer excellent finger support, useful for those who tend to overpronate
  • Effective cushioning
  • Excellent odor and sweat control qualities
  • You will likely have a somewhat wide fit even in standard sizes

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

4. Babolat Propulse BPM Tennis Shoes

best tennis sneakers for flat feet

This is another amazing Babolat product. These are the Babolat Propulse tennis shoes. These shoes not only look amazing when worn but also protect your foot and give you great comfort.

When it comes to getting one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet, consider the Babolat Propulse tennis shoes. Another fascinating feature of these shoes is an effective reaction system built into them.

This helps support the toes and toe when on the move. This product also has a unique cushioning structure that reinforces the entire foot in a cozy way while reducing the effects on your arch. This is exactly what you will need to help reduce the impacts of being flat.

These shoes also feature a four-point backrest available via a frame-type foot belt. This allows your foot to be in the correct order and offers you an excellent shelter that indicates that you can be on the court for long periods without stress and pain affecting your game.

This is an amazing product for tennis players to consider regardless of their level of professionalism in the game. The overall safety and arch support they offer is amazing and makes them worth considering and they are on the list of our high-quality flat foot tennis shoes.

Customer satisfaction: the shoe is said to be excellent. It is a much-appreciated product because of its comfort and support to the arch of the foot. A customer said it is a quality shoe at a reasonable price. In summary, it is an excellent product, and all its users have considered it as quality and excellent quality.

  • Excellent arch support
  • Attractive and narrow shoe shape
  • Protective toe frame
  • It is reasonably priced for a professional class shoe
  • The shoe may be a little tight on the heel

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

5. Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes

best tennis sneakers for flat feet

We could not do without adding this Adidas product, it is one of the company’s high-quality tickets available on the market. Adidas is one of the leading producers of sports shoes.

Therefore, the brand alone guarantees and gives buyers peace of mind when they buy the product. These tennis shoes are top quality and offer great comfort when in use.

This product was first used in a professional tournament in the first crucial competition of 2018, the Australian Open, being used by some of the best players during the tournament. Barricade’s “setup” has been on display in Adidas tennis shoes for quite some time. Importantly, it is carefully constructed to provide optimal midfoot support, which is fantastic news for people with flat feet.

Furthermore, the momentum part of this tennis shoe’s name indicates its softening system, not only providing effective shock absorption you desire but also helping to use kinetic energy for additional momentum.

Customer satisfaction: There are complaints about these shoes that their quality of support and cushioning has been decreased since 2018. And support and cushioning were the two things these shoes were known for.

One client said that it had always been a painful experience every time he used it and that he finally couldn’t play tennis on them. On the plus side, they offer excellent arch support, somewhat comfortable, fit well, and provide great stability to their wearers.

  • World-class expert sports shoe technology marketable shoe
  • The best midsole support
  • Great shock absorption
  • They are manufactured in a limited number of different colors
  • They seem a little bulky
  • They are too expensive

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

6. Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoes

best tennis sneakers for flat feet

Addidas is ranked among the largest sports shoe manufacturers in the world. This specific model had its first professional outing at the feet of French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the 2018 Australian Open. That says a lot about the ability, competence, and confidence it brings to aspiring tennis players.

Barricade Classic Bounce is one of the few models of unisex tennis shoes designed by Addidas for flat foot players. It features Addidas’ patented Barricade System, which has been designed to provide the best support for the midfoot, an essential feature for people with flat feet.

the cushioning system deserves a special mention, since it offers shock absorption, minimizing the potential risks of injury. It also helps harness kinetic energy to provide additional momentum as you go, offering the much-needed advantage of a few milliseconds while chasing distant balls.

If that’s not all, Addidas Barricade Classic Bounce comes with abrasion-resistant “Adituff” wraps around the toe to minimize damage caused by foot drag, especially when serving, volleying, or doing extreme sideways movements.

  • Superior technology for professional gamers
  • The best mid-foot mount in its class
  • Shock absorption and abrasion-resistant wrap to avoid injury
  • Excellent kinetic energy boost
  • Available in a limited number of colors
  • A small bulky design

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

7. Asics Gel-Solution Speed ​​3 Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

The Asics GEL-Solution series is a range of tennis-specific sports shoes and the Speed ​​3 model has been designed with the requirements of flat foot players in mind. With an affordable price, it has turned out to be one of the most preferred options among amateur flat foot tennis players.

SpEVA technology is used to provide excellent arch support while keeping the important mid part of the sole lighter. The memory foam heel collar adapts perfectly to the shape of the feet, allowing a more personalized fit, while the PGuard toe protector improves durability.

  • Upper arch and heel support
  • Extremely light
  • Best shock absorber because of the gel insole
  • Payable price
  • All color options are brighter
  • It seems a little cheap

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

8. Brooks PureCadence 7 Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

A low-drop tennis shoe to help people with flat feet, Brooks PureCadence 7 is made for both style and comfort. It is powered by a terrific outsole unit, half support foot with guide guides, and excellent grips, allowing you to continue long training sessions without the slightest discomfort.

In addition to being a tennis shoe, it can double to serve you in long-distance running. While it is a generic men’s tennis shoe, even women can wear it comfortably thanks to its narrow to medium width design.

  • Low drop design for better stability
  • Excellent mid-foot support with GuideRails
  • Imported outsole unit for better traction
  • Value for money buy
  • The arch support could have been better
  • It may not suit people with a wide foot

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

9. WITHIN Cross-Trainer Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

WITHIN is a trusted brand when it comes to producing barefoot, minimalist shoes. These shoes provide a natural experience for your feet in both running and walking exercises. Shoes give your feet the flexibility to move and give your feet the strength to support your body for everyday tasks.

Men’s Cross-Trainer shoes also allow the brain to have a sensory sensation of the ground underfoot and allows you to build new connections with the environment. The design is quite minimalist and is oriented to adaptability to different surfaces.

The shoes are extremely comfortable and make your feet feel connected to the ground, whether you’re running or exercising. The men’s cross trainer also provides more cushioning for a comfortable experience.

Crocs Men’s Training Shoes come with a wide toe box that allows your toes to stretch and relax. The shoes give you the best almost natural experience that barefoot shoes are known for. The shoes have a removable sole that allows a more “barefoot” feeling and also a rubber sole that offers protection against the ground.

Men’s Cross-Trainer shoes also come with a velcro strap that allows the shoes to feel snugger on your feet.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • The barefoot or minimalist feel
  • Zero Drop sole provides a natural step
  • A perfect fit for you would be a little bit tedious

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

 10. Babolat Propulse Blast AC Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes for flat feet

The m Ark Babolat needs no introduction, especially if you are a fan of Rafael Nadal. Hugely popular with professionals and amateurs alike, Babolat shoes are designed to withstand the rigorous smile of a tennis player’s unique needs.

Babolat Propulse Blast is made specifically for flatfoot players with an additional cushion to support the arch. It also features a propulsion system to provide additional support during forwarding movements. It provides light comfort and breathability.

Power Belt technology is used to lock the heel with an external shell for superior stability. Besides, the Babolat Propulse Blast sports EVA midsole with Kompressor technology offers additional responsiveness underfoot. The outsole features a Michelin rubber compound with an advanced tread pattern for better grip and traction on any court surface.

When purchasing this pair of tennis shoes, be sure to select the gender correctly. These shoes are not unisex, there are different variations available for men and women.

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

  • Excellent arch support.
  • Aesthetically pleasing looks.
  • Many color variations available
  • Incredible level of grip
  • It may not be the best option when it comes to comfort

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

How wearing proper shoes can help solve your flat feet issues?

If you’ve never bought a pair of shoes or braces for your flat feet before, it can be a bit overwhelming. The real problem behind this is that flat feet need a little more support than their arching counterparts. How flat are my flat feet? What size bow do I need? And many more questions.

Flat Feet vs. Normal Feet The arch of the foot aids posture and puts the weight of your movement on the balls and heels of your foot. This distribution of weight puts pressure on the parts of the foot that must support it.

With flat feet, although the weight that comes with each step is still distributed throughout the foot, the stress on the hip joint is different and can cause different symptoms after repeated “unusual” wear and tear.

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

So what is the #1 feature of the best flat feet shoes?

The best shoes for flat feet will have good arch support as well as inserts for orthotics.

Foot pain and overpronation are some of the common problems faced by flat foot mates (say 10 times faster!).

As mentioned above, weight distribution across the foot is what would cause foot pain and can often be alleviated by wearing shoes that have the proper arch support and fit properly. If you can imagine for a second that flat feet have the entire foot touching the ground, while the arched counterparts only have a section of their foot on the ground.

It is for this reason that arch shoes are a bit narrower, and if you have been walking in them, your feet may feel tight or sore after long periods of wear. You may need to wear shoes that are wider than normal to relieve some of these pains.

Overpronation is a common problem when walking or running, where the foot tends to roll inward with each step and can create a great deal of unnecessary stress on the knees and back. If you facing problems with your knees or hips hurting after running, it may be because you overshoot (the way you walk/run). In cases like this, choosing the best shoes for overpronation correction can help dramatically. You may also benefit from wearing a specially fitted orthosis made by a podiatrist.

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

Things To Consider While Buying The Tennis Shoes

Hands Holding Flat Feet When you first start on your journey to select the perfect pair of shoes for your flat feet, there are three tests you can do when shopping to ensure you get the correct support you need.

If the shoe is folded where the toes are, it is caring enough, but if it is folded in the middle, it won’t have the support it needs. Your media needs support, not this flexible sole. Try another pair.

How well can you turn it and tighten it? Choose a shoe that is difficult to move. These are the shoes that will give you the most support for your bows.

Is the heel stiff? Proper heel support, which is often found in the best shoes for flat feet, simply combines the entire package. You don’t want to bend an ankle right after you get your arch support, do you?

It all comes down to the basic premise: a stiffer shoe will be more supportive of your feet and help prevent excessive pronation.

A study by Polytech University in Hong Kong found that motion-controlled shoes can help with overpronation by providing a more stable base for the legs and feet.

You may be saying, ‘why would you want a stiff shoe? Isn’t it going to be awkward? Today’s shoes are made with plenty of padded and comfortable material so your feet don’t feel like prisoners in a plastic box. It’s a common mistake to think that extra support means lack of comfort, and for a flat footer it will make it even more comfortable once you get the arch support your feet crave.

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

More comfortable shoes for people with flat feet

Relaxing Flat Feet

There is no better shoe to ease the pain of flat feet for everyone. You will have to shop around, and that is easier if you know what to look for.


It is recommended to find an experienced shoe salesperson for suggestions about your shoe selection. This works much better than randomly removing your shoes from a department store shelf. Watch out for any sales talk about a single model or brand. It just isn’t that easy when you have flat feet. Try several different shoes from different brands.


People having flat feet require more support as compare to others. Gently fold and twist the shoe, as suggested above. It should be flexible on the toes, but not in the middle, where the arch is.

Rigid Outsole

Rigid outsoles are a must in good shoes for flat feet. They reinforce the built-in shoe support and resist the tendency of your foot to roll inward. The strong outsoles in everyday footwear are also strong enough to withstand many hours of daily use.


A lot of people with flat feet get comfortable and relieved in stability shoes. These have additional material in the midsole to reinforce your arch as well as to avoid excessive pronation. There’s also plenty of cushioning to provide a snug but easy fit.

best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis


There you have it, you can select any of the tennis shoes mentioned above as they are all suitable for you due to the first-class design and the support they provide. However, flat feet can be a big challenge if you have them, but they do not indicate that you will no longer be able to play tennis. Selecting the right type of tennis shoes that have been specially made to correct problems with flat feet will go a long way and will get you back on the court.

The aforementioned shoes will bring comfort and relief to your feet and greatly help decrease stress on your feet and legs. Try any of these out and say goodbye to flat feet that keep you from playing the game you love.

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