Best Under Armour Running Shoes For Flat Feet [2024]

According to Wikipedia, “Flat foot is a postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse, with the entire sole coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground.”

In this article, we are going to review the best Under Armour running shoes for flat feet. Sportswear company Under Armour began its journey to success in 1996. Kevin Plank, a Maryland soccer player at the time, came up with the idea to design synthetic fabric that could efficiently handle moisture buildup during workouts. He started selling the clothes from the trunk of his car, and from there the business took off.

Today, Under Armour is a well-known business, and its inventory has expanded far beyond shirts and pants. Under Armour, fans will be happy to discover that the brand now also has a wide selection of running shoes. Here are 10 of the best men’s Under Armour running shoes.

Best Under Armour Running Shoes For Flat Feet

1. Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3 Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

The HOVR Sonic 3 is a versatile pair of shoes with an 8mm drop. It performs well in a range of distances with plenty of cushioning but also with a reasonable level of responsiveness.

It has Bluetooth connectivity between the sensors in the shoe and the UA tracking app that will record all your career metrics and communicate them to you.

These mid-level sneakers are reasonably priced with a comfortable, well-cushioned, and optimistic feel.

  • Registration sensor technology.
  • HOVR foam midsole with Energy Web.
  • Microthread upper is breathable and quick-drying.
  • At a reasonable price.
  • The sizing is small.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

2. Under Armour HOVR Machine Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

One of UA’s newest kids on the block is already a bestseller. With the combination of HOVR midsole foam and a Pebax drive plate, the HOVR Machina is a highly responsive, highly cushioned neutral runner.

It is too early to say if Machina meets all the requirements, as it is still very early since its launch.

But, it’s safe to say that UA has put everything it has in these shoes in terms of design and technology. And if the rest of the HOVR line is something to go through, this shoe will be a winner.

A responsive and well-cushioned shoe that will perform well at different distances. These are the best Under Armour women’s running shoes if cushioning is your priority.

  • HOVR midsole and Pebax drive plate.
  • Carbon rubber under the heel for durability.
  • Superior engineering mesh.
  • Real-time forms coaching through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The size may be small.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

3. Under Armour HOVR Guardian 2 Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

The HOVR Guardian is a more stable option in the HOVR brand. It has a similar midsole feel but with the addition of a medial post and heel counter to protect overpronation.

It has an 8mm drop, and a super comfortable, seamless mesh upper that is new to this edition.

These are the best shoes for flat feet.

  • Registration sensor technology.
  • Good for overpronators.
  • The designed mesh upper is lightweight and breathable.
  • HOVR midsole foam is stretchy and responsive.
  • Firm cushioning feeling.
  • The sizing is small.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

4. Under Armour HOVR Phantom Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

This is Sonic’s muffled max brother. Like the Sonic, it’s neutral with a modest 8mm drop, but unlike the Sonic, it’s okay to add a little weight in favour of a super-luxurious feel.

This is another one of the best Under Armour running shoes for master regulates but without the Machina Pebax plate.

  • It can come with or without connectivity technology.
  • HOVR midsole foam provides extreme cushioning.
  • Knit collar at the ankle.
  • Rubber outsole for traction.
  • The sizing is small.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

5. Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2 Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

Another highly cushioned option, the Infinite is another great neutral running shoe with an 8mm drop that has been highly recommended by many runners.

It has a high similarity with the Phantom which is discussed later here. But it is a little more durable and good for long distances too.

HOVR Infinite is the best Under Armour shoe for long distances and marathon training.

  • Flexible.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Well padded with luxurious yet responsive HOVR foam.
  • Durable.
  • Good for long-distance.
  • The heaviest in the HOVR line.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

6. Under Armour Speedform Europe Running Sneakers

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

A great choice for moderate overpronators, the Speedform Europa is a lightweight, responsive stability shoe with a unique fit upper. It is designed with a more minimalistic, padded upper, but with careful structural features to maintain a secure fit.

Not the best choice for long runs, as the cushioning compresses a bit later in the miles, but the feel and support up to that point are great for moderate overpronators.

This is a great option if you are looking for a lightweight, moderate-stability shoe for races up to 10 miles.

  • Very stable.
  • Loaded midsole.
  • The customizable top fit is secure and supportive.
  • Light and breathable.
  • Non-removable insole.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

7. Under Armour LogoSee Running Sneakers

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

The Micro G Pursuit is a truly lightweight and minimalist running shoe. You will have to be quite confident and used to running in minimalist shoes as you don’t have much in the way of stability.

But it does have responsive cushioning, a comfortable fit, and flexible “car tire” soles.

This is a great option for short to medium-distance road trips and treadmills. A great option if you are a neutral broker on a budget.

  • Micro G foam midsole.
  • Affordable.
  • A large size is available.
  • Upper breathable mesh.
  • The templates are very thin (but can be replaced).
  • Some durability issues.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

8. Under Armour Charit Bandit Trail Gore-Tex Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

The Charit Bandit Trail is a very popular, well-cushioned, lightweight, and waterproof shoe.

It is designed for neutral runners with an 8mm drop and will keep your feet warm, dry and protected from the elements.

An excellent choice for trail running if you want lightweight, flexible, and comfortable cushioning in a weather-resistant package.

  • Gore-Tex waterproofing.
  • High abrasion rubber outsole.
  • Molded Comfort Neck.
  • Excellent for winter running.
  • Tight fit.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

9. Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

The Speedform Gemini 3 is a neutral long-distance shoe that leans towards a more minimalist design in terms of weight and padding on the upper.

However, it still offers a secure and comfortable fit with a moulded heel cup a wide-toe box, and a well-padded midsole.

It has an 8mm drop and is designed for runners who hit the midfoot.

This is a lightweight but well-cushioned mid-range shoe. This is a well-cushioned and lightweight mid-range shoe.

  • Very breathable
  • Light.
  • Loaded midsole.
  • Micro G heel unit.
  • The sole wears out quickly.
  • Non-removable insole.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

10. Under Armour Speedform Intake 2 Running Shoes

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

This is a neutral daily running shoe with a 10mm drop. It is a reliable choice for daily city racing as it is well-cushioned and breathable with good traction.

The midsole does not perform as the HOVR but it still is a great shock absorber and energy provider.

This is an affordable and reliable option for daily city tours. These features make them the best under-armour running shoes but not for tough runs.

  • Abrasion-resistant blown rubber outsole.
  • Lightweight mesh upper.
  • Foam-laden midsole.
  • Slip-on style.
  • The upper mesh is not durable enough for tough runs.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

11. Under Armour Charged Bandit 5 Running Sneakers

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

For a more affordable option, the Charged Bandit is an excellent, lightweight neutral trainer. Use UA Charged cushioning, designed in this shoe to be firmer at the heel and softer at the forefoot to maximize shock absorption and responsiveness where you need it.

The designed mesh upper is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

This is the best value for money and under-the-budget shoe. So if you are looking for under-budget sneakers then these are the best under-armour running shoes for you.

  • Affordable.
  • Light.
  • Soft EVA sock.
  • Padded heel collar.
  • Superior engineering mesh.
  • Slightly slim fit.

best under armour running shoes for flat feet

Buyer’s Guide

According to Wikipedia, In a study conducted to analyze the activation of the posterior tibial muscle in adults with flat feet, it was observed that the tendon of this muscle can be dysfunctional and lead to disabling weight-bearing symptoms associated with acquired flatfoot deformity. Study results indicated that while barefoot, subjects activated additional lower leg muscles to complete an exercise that resisted adduction of the foot.

However, when the same subjects performed the exercise while wearing braces and arch support shoes, the tibialis posterior was selectively activated. Such findings suggest that wearing shoes with properly fitting arch support braces will enhance selective activation of the posterior tibial muscle, thus acting as an appropriate treatment for the undesirable symptoms of flat feet.

When looking to buy your footwear, there are a few things to consider before deciding on the pair that will suit your style. Each runner not only has his style but also prefers the terrain or route he takes. Some prefer running in a gym on treadmills. The type of race you like to do will determine which pair you will select.

Remember that the right footwear will not only make your career more comfortable, it will also help you stay injury-free. Cycling more your thing? Check out the best cycling shoes here.

Trail Runners

Trail runners run on various surfaces and need shoes with traction to deal with all of them. They also require stability and support to deal with rough terrain and protective details like dropouts, hidden stems, and plates. These features help protect the foot from bruising. Integrated soles and overlays that cover the cushioning required when tackling rocky, uneven, and muddy terrain are vital. Under Armour produces a range of trail runners who are the best for the task.

Road Runner

Most runners use the road as it is very convenient and an easy running surface. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter obstacles here too, like uneven surfaces or wet patches. Roadrunners need flexible shoes that can withstand the impact of hitting hard surfaces over and over again.

Can you run in basketball shoes?

Comfort is also vital here. Your footwear should protect you from the toe to the heel especially the midsole area which requires a lot of pressure to hit the ground repeatedly. Under Armour has a wide range of road footwear that offers just the right amount of comfort, stability, flexibility, and durability that a road racer will need.

Track Runners

When hitting the track, you need ultra-light and responsive footwear that better hugs your foot and doesn’t add any drag. You need footwear that has a minimalist construction and one that has traction to allow for explosive takeoffs at first. Forefoot support is vital here, as is cushioning for the toe and toes.

Under Armour offers a selection of shoes that are suitable for the demands of track racing and will offer comfort and support in all the right areas.


Some runners don’t like to take them outdoors. Often these are people who live in climates where jogging outdoors is undesirable, such as very hot or very cold climates. Running on a treadmill is a completely different type of race than any other. Wearing a lighter pair of shoes with less cushioning is what you’re looking for here.

The reason you don’t need as much cushioning is that the treadmill itself is elastic, so you don’t need to cushion the impact as much as when you’re on the road or trail. When you are going to be on a treadmill regularly, you should try and wear the pair of sneakers that sit best on your feet. It should offer stability, support, and control every time you run.

It is good to remember that a pair of shoes has a lifespan of around 300 or 500 miles before you have to buy a new pair, especially if you are a regular runner.

How good are Under Armour running shoes?

Under Armour, shoes are new in the market. But don’t get fooled by the thought that they are not as good as the other well-known brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. The most important feature of the best under-armour running shoes for flat feet is providing the ideal comfort. Having the best trainers, the cutest shoes, or the most expensive shoes will do nothing for you if, when you wear them, they hurt, pinch, or torture your feet.

This is where Under Armour has the advantage. Its stability, balance, and comfort levels are unsurpassed in its range of running shoes and this, together with its better appearance and better traction, makes it one of the best brands for this type of shoe. Not only are they lightweight and supportive, but they are also breathable, so your foot is always cool and comfortable when you wear the best of both worlds.

The shoes are designed to fit the foot perfectly, so much so that there is almost no need to wear a sock. Buying the same brand every time doesn’t necessarily ensure you the best running shoes, and sometimes a novice on the market brings out an excellent product in every way.

Under Armour, shoes are one of the best products and they are on their way to becoming one of the most popular sports shoes on the market.

Are Under Armour sneakers good for flat feet?

When you have flat feet, you need to make sure to buy a pair of running shoes that will give your foot the kind of comfort level you need. Shoes with a low arch, great cushioning, and excellent stability are necessary for people. Flat feet. Under Armour has a range of shoes, many of which offer the stability you need when fighting flat feet.

One of them is the men’s loaded Bandit 3, however, there are a few in the line that offer the levels of stability and comfort needed for people with flat feet.

How are Under Armour shoes usually in size?

Like most shoes on the market, Under Armour is the same standard size, unless, of course, you are shopping in another country. However, the width and other specifications will be different. Some may be narrower than others. It’s always good to check your shoes before purchasing them. Under Armour generally advises you to take one size higher or lower than your normal size if the shoe has different specifications.

What do zero falls mean in a running shoe?

In a shoe, Zero Drop has simply defined sneakers that have no drop between the heel of the shoe and the forefoot. Most traditional shoes have a drop of around 12mm, however, Under Armour has a zero drop with the same ground clearance at the heel and forefoot this is the best and most comfortable fit of all.

Things To Consider

When looking to buy the best Under Armour running shoes for flat feet, you will notice that different styles of sneakers offer different constructions. So if you are a trail runner, you will be looking for something completely different than a running track.

Some Important features of running shoes are discussed below:


The material used in the upper shoes, which must be a breathable and flexible fabric, is of vital importance so that you can keep your feet firm, comfortable, fresh, and dry. The soles under your shoes should be rubber to offer the grip you need, as well as being light and flexible.

Soles, which act as protection for your feet, are also important and should be made of strong materials that can form a barrier between your feet, toes, and heels against any foreign object.

Career style

Your activity style will determine which shoes you need. If you prefer trail running or if you are a track or road athlete, your shoes will differ significantly from each other in the way they are built. From top to bottom sole, each style requires unique qualities to be safe and comfortable to wear.


The needs of men and women when it comes to sneakers are very different. Females need more support in different aspects than males. There are some important differences between men’s and women’s shoes. The main difference in these sneakers is the shape. Men tend to have wider feet than ladies, and their sneakers should compensate for this.

Then there is the Q angle. The designers will adjust both the soles and insoles of the shoes according to a woman’s needs. Weight is also a big difference since a woman is generally less heavy than a man, they have to deal with fewer bumps when competing. Designers generally make their sneakers lighter with a softer midsole than men’s running shoes.

Space For

The shift is also known as a drop from the heel to the foot of running shoes. This is the height difference between the forefoot and the heel and this will make a difference in the way you run. The lower the heel-to-toe drop, or the offset, the easier it will be to land in the midfoot and not the forefoot or heel, this is optimal for most runners and shoes with zero drops from heel to toe.


Any running shoe should always be as light as possible, depending on the style of sport you practice. If you’re running on a treadmill, you’ll be looking for the lightest shoes you can find.

A trail runner will wear slightly heavier shoes as they require much more protection built into the shoes for the uneven and sometimes rocky areas where they run. A roadrunner and a runner need shoes that have extreme comfort and are light enough to avoid drag when running.


Deciding which sneakers you need is not difficult. Comfort is paramount and, combined with proper support and traction, you can boost your performance and enjoy your daily race.

Under Armour offers a wide range of running shoes. And designed in such a way to provide exceptional flexibility, stability, comfort, durability, and reliability. It also offers excellent support and traction. Surely you will find the shoes that best suit your needs among its excellent offers.

Hopefully, you liked the list of the best under-armour running shoes for flat feet.

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