10 Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

If you plan to spend time outdoors and do wade fishing, then you need the right type of footwear to make sure your feet don’t end up trashed. For those who like to spend their time in and around the water, there is only one best type of water shoes needed for wade fishing.

These practical products are designed to keep your feet protected while keeping them from tangling. Therefore, the next time you go for wade fishing, do not walk with sandals or flip flops. Instead, look at these water shoes and see what they have to offer.

We take a look at the superior water shoes and consider the type of traction they offer, as well as the protection of the feet both on the top and the bottom. We will also look at the efficiency with which they work out of the water. Snow more your thing? Check out our review of the best water shoes here.

All of these factors have a high impact on the choice of water shoes and are important too when considering which one is best for your wade fishing.

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

1. ALEADER Quick-Drying Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

First, we have ALEADER Quick-Dry Aqua Water Shoes. These shoes are great for water fishing, as longer or more intense workouts/exercises may require more foot grip to increase agility or speed.

Instead of being bare feet, which will take a beating after a while, these lightweight and maneuverable shoes will do the job well.

The upper part is constructed with a light mesh. Being durable and airy, you have no problem getting your foot to breathe. The midsole is a Solyte model that is known to be very light, it has a great rebound and durability. There’s also a ComforDry insole that helps add a touch of cushioning. And helps keep your foot cooler and drier out of the water.

The important feature is its rubber outsole for a water grip that provides control on slippery or wet places. If you plan to be completely submerged in a less rigorous environment, this is an excellent choice. It may be better to use it for light swimming or aerobics.

The problem with these shoes is that they are not designed for the rigorous terms mentioned above. And are best suited for controlled environments. Rocks and pebbles tend to get stuck in the holes in the sole and tend to run a smaller medium size.

They dry quickly since the mesh is perforated but not to the degree you’ll need for intense activities. As those types of shoes have larger holes to drain water in an instant. Remember if you are looking for outdoor water shoes these are not designed with that in mind.

  • Ideal for light water sports like aerobics or swimming
  • Solid midsole with bounce, comfort and durability.
  • Easy-to-maintain air mesh upper that is breathable
  • Sock keeps you cool out of the water
  • High traction water grip sole
  • Not suitable for more hostile environments
  • Works half a size smaller

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

2. Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 Water shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Speedo manufactures SurfWalker shoes. As the name implies, these shoes are for surfing and similar activities. You can also find a use for them in general for wade fishing or in the pools.

They feature a full neoprene upper that is lightweight and breathable and does not absorb water as other water shoes do. Surfwalkers are water-permeable even when fully submerged. With a patented drainage system that prevents them from becoming heavy in the water by quickly expelling the fluid.

The Speedo Surfwaker 3.0 is quite stretchy and allows for jerk-free entry and a secure fit. So you can be ready to surf anytime. The S-Trac outsole implemented by Speedo is incredibly sticky and gives you a non-slip grip, one of the best features of this shoe. If you’re on a board of any kind in the water, expect it to hold you there easily.

As for the drawbacks, the S-Trac soles are definitely very grippy. But they are also quite soft and thin, meaning they are not ideal for rough terrain like hiking or upstream. For this reason, we do not recommend doing hard water activities with this shoe. But rather surfboards, wakeboards, hanging on the beach, or swimming.

In addition to their thinness, it also means that they will inevitably wear out faster than other options. This is slightly offset by its cheaper price, but it’s not ideal for those of you who want a pair of water shoes to last a long time.

  • Great drainage system
  • Light, sock-like feel
  • Very sticky outsole, ideal for swimming and boarding.
  • Water permeable design
  • The outsole is not designed for uneven terrain
  • The outsole also wears out quickly because it is thinner

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

3. Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Now we have the Aero Sport hiking shoe from the All-Out Blaze line, made by Merrell. Merrell is a trusted shoe manufacturer who is known for making rugged outdoor footwear.

These shoes are for the sole purpose of walking in mind. And it shows through their stronger sole and outsole design options. It has a fully breathable and perforated mesh upper in key areas, as well as an Omni-Fit lace-up design to keep these shoe snug on the foot.

The mesh is lined with M-Select FRESH technology that prevents odors. So you won’t have to worry about unwanted odors after a long walk. The midsole that Merrell put on this shoe is the UniFly model, a well-padded and protective midsole that can keep you on the road for hours without feeling drained.

The outsole is a TC4  Vibram composite, with a 5mm ear depth. This means you can grab onto rough terrain or unusual angles quite easily. Whether you’re in the water or mud during your hike, you will not feel unbalanced or insecure in your steps.

The only serious problem with these shoes is the fact that they are explicitly designed for use on water walks. So if you find yourself on very sandy trails in Lugar of rocky and watery, you better get a different model with a finer Mesh. The mesh here is for certain terrains.

As it will let in a large amount of fine debris, such as sand and silt because it is designed with water drainage in mind. Other than that, these are a solid choice for avid hikers.

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Omni-Fit laces keep your foot locked
  • Mesh lined with odor prevention technology
  • Comfortable 5mm heavy duty Vibram midsole and outsole to keep you clinging
  • Not for sandy trails, but more for rocky and watery

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

4. Premium Neoprene Boots Premium Neoprene For Water

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Now we have a Neo-Sport multipurpose boot design, the Premium Neoprene Boots. As you can probably tell from its design, its main purpose is to keep the water out. These shoes are created with synthetic neoprene upper with different thickness options. This option depends upon the water you want to do wade fishing. 3mm for warm water, 5mm for moderate, and 7mm for cold water.

The neoprene boots have a durable glued and stitched construction and a heavy-duty zipper for easy boot use. Your feet There is also a water inlet barrier (WEB) behind the zipper to further prevent any leaks or water from entering your shoe. The outsole is a durable rubber outsole with decent traction. And also puncture-proof, which is invaluable as long as you need that level of protection.

In general, while serving a variety of uses, most of those uses are heavy-duty like scuba diving or even boating, unlike lighter activities like swimming or aerobic exercise. If you don’t plan on doing some of the more adventurous activities. That may require zero water entry or puncture-resistant soles, you really wouldn’t be making the most of these shoes.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Prevents water from entering the shoe through zipper and WEB technology
  • Comes in various thicknesses depending on the water temperature
  • Puncture proof soles
  • Great thermal protection
  • Overdoing for a variety of less extreme activities or sports

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

5. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Next up are the Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Water Shoes. Ironically, despite the criticism they receive for their bizarre designs, Crocs are a titan in the water shoe industry.

They’re generally durable, lightweight, and quick-drying, and Crocs Swiftwater continues that tradition. These shoes are great as a generalized water shoe and you really can’t go wrong with them.

It has a fully synthetic upper, with a Croslite foam outsole construction that won’t absorb water. Which means you’ll be comfortable and water-free at the same time.

There’s also the iconic wraparound foot bumper to give you extra protection from the elements, and it’s very reasonably priced. These qualities make it quite difficult to beat if you are just looking for a general shoe that drains water quickly and keeps you comfortable on a leisurely walk on the beach.

With that said, the Swiftwater is not the perfect water shoe. These shoes are undoubtedly ideal for leisurely or less stressful activities. But for more demanding activities, such as going to rocky terrain for hiking, they are not the best option.

The reason for this being is that the sole of this shoe is not as resistant as it should be for that type of terrain, so it could cause bruising on the rocks.

Also, there is the fact that the straps can get caught. And the drain holes leave plenty of room for debris to enter and irritate your feet. If you plan to do more intense activities, you will need a shoe that provides more protection and durability. But for all other purposes, Crocs Swiftwater is one of the most versatile water shoes.

  • Very affordable and versatile water shoes.
  • Croslite foam sole is very comfortable
  • Features a bumper for a little extra protection
  • Easily drained thanks to holes in the shoe
  • Not ideal for demanding terrain as it is not protective or durable enough

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

6. QuickSilver Amphibian Plus Athletic Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

We now have a QuickSilver water shoe aptly named: Amphibian Plus. This shoe is quite different than any other option on this list. Simply because it looks a lot like a normal shoe than traditional water shoes.

These shoes are ideal for those of you who are much more informal in your water activities and find yourself going from the pool bar to open waters.

The Amphibian Plus is a low water shoe with cinch laces and a one-piece mesh upper, along with a Lava XL anti-odor lining to keep your feet sweat and odor-free.

The insole is a Hydrobound padded design that is comfortable and quick-drying. So you won’t experience that sticky, squishy feel of an insole that has absorbed too much water.

The shoe will drain quickly, and oddly enough, the drain ports are located on the outsole. Which means that every step you take will expel the absorbed water from under your shoes. In addition to this, the outsole is boat friendly and features custom Michelin compounds.

That increase traction on slippery surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

As interesting and unique as the Amphibian Plus is, it cannot be overstated that this stylish shoe is intended for leisure activities rather than demanding water sports, where shoe designs are much more geared towards specific functions rather than shape.

If you need a shoe that meets the demands of high-intensity activities, they are not. These are more casual shoes that can be dipped at any time, from the bar to the beach, for example. You can consider these the best water shoes for wade fishing.

  • Great hybrid shoe for casual wear
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh upper.
  • Anti-odor lining that keeps you sweat-free
  • Not suitable for demanding activities

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

7. Columbia Drain Maker III Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Next up is a low-rise multipurpose water shoe: the DrainMaker III by Columbia. These are also hybrid shoes that look like regular hiking runner shoes but can also be used in water. However, these shoes are more skilled as they are much more hardworking and can cope with various terrains, from rocky terrain to open water.

It features an open, laceless synthetic mesh upper, just a laceless design that’s ready to go whenever you want. These shoes have TECHLITE midsoles that provide good cushioning and also a high energy return. The midsole also has openings for air and water permeability, so it dries quickly.

The outsole consists of an abrasion-resistant EVA and Omni-Grip rubber, which gives you solid traction and also features cleats. Overall, this water shoe is a solid and versatile choice. It doesn’t specialize in one trait, but it can perform a variety of activities quite well.

However, there is only one problem with these shoes. The fact that despite having an interesting drainage system through the sides, the shoe takes time to dry completely. This is likely because there are many nooks and crannies that can hold water for a time and cannot be completely expelled through the designed drain, and must be air-dried for a time.

  • Great option for general water activities
  • Features a comfortable and breathable mesh upper
  • TECHLITE midsole is comfortable and padded
  • Omni-Grip outsole has great traction
  • Takes some time to dry

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

8. Vibram Signa Athletic Canoeing Wade Fishing Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Next, we have an excellent kayak and sailing shoe: the Vibram Signa Athletic. It is designed with a separate toe forefoot to allow for excellent toe reproduction, giving it an iconic and unique look compared to everything else.

It has a 100% elastic polyester mesh upper that is abrasion-resistant and durable, as its design requires maximum safety. These shoes take the notion of the sock and take it to the extreme, as this upper is quite thin, but at the same time, it is also durable. There are drainage holes through the shoe with durable mesh and rubber that protect key areas like the toe box and instep.

It has a Wave-Grip rubber outsole that is zero drops, which means they move low on the ground. The insole is also a 3mm mix of rubber and polyester that really adds to the fact that they want you to feel like you’re not wearing anything and you’re close to the ground.

These are a great shoe for boating and kayaking, where the dexterity of the toes can help you hold on to the slippery surfaces of the helmet in tough times, and feeling close to the ground is definitely a great feeling. When submerged in water, you won’t be overwhelmed by a bulkier design.

With that said, these shoes have their flaws. The most obvious is the fact that the separate finger design can take a while to get used to and feel awkward at first. For some people, this fact is just unpleasant.

Secondly, because this shoe is so slim in all respects, it is not designed for very difficult terrain as your foot will be in a more vulnerable position. Because of this, it is best to use them in areas that are going to be primarily water-related and less rocky. It is one of the best water shoes for wade fishing.

  • Great sock-like feel design
  • Tough and long-lasting rubber or polyester mesh
  • Wavy grip outsole with zero drops and 3mm insole
  • Very light and feels like home in the water
  • Not ideal for rough terrain

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

9. KEEN Evofit One Sandal Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Our penultimate water shoe is the KEEN Evofit One Water Sandals, which is a great shoe if you plan to take an ankle-long walk in the water and want to be able to get through it. Synthetic fabric upper is a moisture-wicking design, designed for comfort and breathability. The design definitely aims to make you feel like a second skin.

The insole is a KEEN Metatomical insole that gives you an anatomically designed fit that supports your foot internally, with great arch support and cradles the contours of your foot naturally.

There’s also a TPU insert for added stability and a formulated PU midsole for a grounded feel and added agility. The sole of the Evofit One is KEEN’s proprietary rubber blend: AquaGrip traction, which maximizes traction both in and out of the water.

Finally, there is a lightweight rubber toe cap for added protection in the forefoot area. This is a versatile shoe that is good for both a protective and comfortable ride, which is why we recommend it for walking or hiking for a while.

However, the Evofit does have some issues, with the fact that it’s such a bulky and heavy feel despite its modest design. Underwater, 2.3 pounds is not what you want on your feet, so we do not recommend it if you are going to do knee-deep water activities and opt for something a little lighter.

Secondly, if you plan on wearing socks with these, for the times you won’t be in a lot of water, they may feel a little tight.

  • Durable AquaGrip outsole has good protection
  • Comfortable and anatomically designed insole
  • Versatile, ideal for a variety of trails or walks
  • Very sticky and grippy outsole design
  • Bulky and heavy for deep water
  • It can be a little tight if you wear socks

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

10. Nike Aqua Sock 360 Slippers

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

Our final shoe is the Aqua Sock 360 from Nike. With their elegant design and thick tread, you can see that these shoes are a business. This is one of Nike’s most simplistic models, dating back to the original 1980s Aqua Sock. It is made with a two-layer mesh upper but still feels very airy and unrestricted.

It gives you a natural feel without skimping on the necessary support and protection. Internally, there is a foam TPU heel clip and elastic collar, which keep the back of the foot feeling quite comfortable, and rubber pods on the outsole to add flexibility, comfort, and traction to your foot in one variety of slippery surfaces. If we could summarize this shoe in one word, it would be “soft”.

This minimalist design gives you the feeling that you hardly wear shoes and you will hardly notice it when submerged. This is a solid shoe if you are planning to swim or do an activity where you will be spending most of your time underwater as they are tight, have solid traction and lightweight. main characteristics or shape.

These shoes might not be for anyone. With the name of Nike comes the price of Nike when it comes to these shoes, as the cost is not as minimalist as its design. They’re definitely a solid shoe worth considering, but they’re also more expensive, and there are alternatives that are similar enough if you’re budget savvy and don’t want to spend a fortune on your next water shoe.

  • A minimalist design ideal for swimming
  • Ideal for diving, very light and sock-like
  • Dries very quickly
  • Elastic collar and beautiful heel clip (TPU)
  • Really expensive

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing

How To Choose The Best Wade Fishing Shoes?

There are many brands, models and styles of fishing shoes on the market and this can make the process of choice overwhelming. There are also characteristics that fishing shoes must have to fulfill their purpose well. These characteristics separate the best fishing shoes from the mediocre or of poor quality.

Pay attention to the following features when selecting a pair of fishing shoes so you can make a smart choice that gives you the best experience depending on how you fish and the type of conditions in which you fish, and also gives you the best value for your money.


Being specialized footwear, fishing shoes are not cheap. You want to make sure you spend your money on quality shoes that will give you years of service and value for money. You don’t want to get a pair of fishing shoes that will last a few weeks or months and start to fall apart, forcing you to spend even more money on a replacement.

Long-term use in the water and exposure to aggressive outdoor elements means that even the highest quality fishing shoes made from the most durable materials will not last forever. Still, the best fishing shoes and boots are well made to handle conditions, hold up well, and stand the test of time.

To ensure you get durable torque, inspect the build quality. Stitched soles last longer than glued soles. The shoe’s tongue should be securely attached to the side of the shoe to ensure that sand particles and other debris do not enter and wear the shoe.

The quality of the stitching should be top-notch so it doesn’t start to disintegrate soon after purchase. The toe area is a stress point and needs to be made tough and tough to resist impact. Some marine shoes are designed to stay in a harsh marine environment. These shoes have good durability for saltwater wade fishing.

It’s also important to do a little research to determine the reputation of the brand behind the product and read customer reviews to get an idea of ​​how the pair you’re considering is maintained after several fishing trips.

Once you find a high-quality pair that promises to hold up well and serve you for years to come, keep it in good condition and improve its life with proper care and maintenance. You should consider durability while choosing the best water shoes for wade fishing.


Traction is an essential safety feature in fishing shoes. You will walk on slippery, sandy, rocky, and wet deck surfaces or wade in muddy water and slippery rocks, which means you need a pair of shoes with adequate traction for stability and a strong grip to prevent slipping and falling.

When choosing a pair, make sure the outsole that comes in contact with the ground is designed to offer excellent traction and a stable, non-slip grip on the type of surfaces you will step on when fishing.

The main feature of the best fishing boot is the rubber sole because it grips of most surfaces. A sturdy rubber sole is ideal for trekking and hiking to get to your fishing spot. For added traction, the outsole is not smooth but textured and patterned to maximize grip.

Superior traction on slippery surfaces is also provided by studded or studded soles. These have metal toe tips built into the sole to provide excellent grip and prevent injuries resulting from slips and falls. So traction is the key point in buying the best water shoes for wade fishing.

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing


Lightweight wins when it comes to fishing shoes. A good fishing shoe has other important characteristics, such as durability, good material construction, comfort, traction, and protection from the elements, and it is also lightweight.

The lighter the shoe, the less tired your feet will get from wearing and walking with them. You can fish as long as you want without being dragged down by fatigue and discomfort.

When submerged in water, lightweight footwear will not become too heavy and will make it difficult to get out of the water. Lighter weight shoes are one of the best water shoes for wade fishing.


Comfortable shoes are essential to enjoy your fishing trips and fish as long as you want. Good fishing shoes should keep your feet dry and comfortable in the water.

Get the right size for a comfortable fit. With cold weather fishing boots, you can go half a size bigger if you plan to wear your shoes with insulating socks. Always select a shoe having lightweight because that will provide you more comfort.

The level of cushioning built into the shoe or the presence of a sole also affects comfort. Fishing shoes should have enough padding to provide support and cushioning for greater com hate. Comfortable shoes are in turn the best water shoes for wade fishing.

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing


There are different types of fishing. shoes to suit specific purposes. If you enjoy a specific type of fishing, choose the shoes that work best for you. Fly fishing requires wading boots or chest high boots. Surf fishing requires lightweight, breathable shoes. Purpose plays an important role in getting the best water shoes for wade fishing.

The best boat, kayak, canoe, and float fishing shoes are lightweight, drain easily, offer good grip on wet and slippery deck surfaces, and have non-marking soles that do not scratch deck surfaces. Insulated ice fishing shoes are a must to keep cold water out, keep feet dry, warm, comfortable, and prevent freezing.


Fishing shoes come in all kinds of styles. There are boots, sandals, slip-on, and sneakers. Choose a style that suits how you fish and gives you the comfort, protection, and performance you need.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a stylish and good looking pair of shoes when angling, as long as it is also comfortable and protective. The factor of good aesthetics can help you in choosing the best water shoes for wade fishing.

Ankle Support

Alongside traction on wet and slippery surfaces, water shoes should also provide a good support ankle. This is very important for balance and stability, as the fishing ground can be very unstable and even a slight twist can cause an ankle fracture.

Ankle support is especially important when walking in water and walking on muddy and slippery surfaces. So you should not ignore the ankle support the best water shoes for wade fishing.

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing


The type of material the fishing shoes are made of is very important. Not all shoe materials will work. Leather, rubber, canvas, neoprene, and mesh are the materials that are used in making water shoes. The best material for you will depend on the type of conditions present in your fishing environment.

Neoprene is waterproof and insulated and is the best fishing boots to keep feet warm and dry when fishing in cold water. Rubber outsoles offer great traction and a secure grip on most fishing surfaces. Nylon and polypropylene are excellent materials for shoelaces, as they are strong, waterproof, and handle a lot of pressure.

Water Drainage System

When fishing, it is inevitable to get wet and the water will flow inside your shoes. A good pair of fishing shoes should allow the water to drain easily so that the shoe dries quickly. To make sure you don’t end up with shoes that get soggy and drag you down, check to see that the pair you buy has superior mesh construction and sole vents so the incoming water can flow just as easily.


You need a pair of shoes that fit you well and have a grippy sole. Most fishing shoes have rubber soles designed to offer a non-slip grip on the water, mud, sand, rocks, and wet decks.

Best Water Shoes For Wade Fishing


 Maintenance is essential to keep your torque in good condition, avoid the development of unpleasant odors, and obtain long service. A fishing shoe with complicated maintenance requirements will not be as attractive as one that is easy to care for.

You just need to shake the shoes to remove the sand, debris or loose dirt inside and then clean the shoes with warm water using a mild liquid soap or liquid detergent to loosen the dirt and a brush to remove stubborn dirt.

This is followed by a full rinse with freshwater and hanging to dry. Removing the insole and drying them separately leads to faster drying. You can also throw them in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Things to avoid because they will ruin the material of the fishing shoe and shorten the life of your valuable pair include extremely hot water, strong detergents, and heat drying.

best water shoes for wade fishing


Overall, we hope this article was informative and helped you better understand the ins and outs of water shoes. In case you’re a newcomer, you’ll find plenty of options here to suit your next water adventure, or if you just want to relax at the pool bar.

Whether boating, kayaking, swimming, hiking, or just walking, there is a water shoe on our list that is designed to meet your needs, be completely submerged, and come out perfectly fine when you’re done. No matter what your next activity is, stay safe and active!

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