Best Wireless Headphones For CrossFit Training 2021

Music is a vital part of our lifestyle. Music keeps you fighting, pushes you harder, and is your best hearing aid for working with a constant partner in the fight. Your headphones are the first thing you come close to when you head out on your daily run. And not all audio equipment is suitable for healthy and productive exercise. So after extensive research, we identified and rated the best wireless headphones for CrossFit training.

We selected them for sound firms that are geared toward exercise and the comfort of wearing for long hours in public. These are just over-ear earphones, we have covered other portable kinds of sports earphones here.

What are Wireless Training Headphones?

Wireless training headphones are wireless headphones that are specifically suitable for a workout. This ergonomics of these headphones allows you to stay comfortable while the user is active and resistant to the resistance of their physical activities.

Different Kinds of Wireless Headphones

In the headphone industry, we divide wireless headphones into two categories. One category is named “True Wireless Headphones” and the second is known as “Wireless Headphones”.

True Wireless Headphones

For true wireless headphones, they are internal monitors (IEM) or headphones that do not have a connection cable between them. All controls, microphone, and battery are integrated into its case.

Wireless Headphones

As for wireless headphones, they can be classified into IEM or wireless headphones and wireless headphones.

A pair of IEM or wireless headphones have cables connecting them in the form of a neckband. The cables contain the microphone, volume controls, play button, and battery.


Most of the time, wireless earbuds are nano-coated to protect them against water and sweat. More on this later.

The Bose QC35 and Sony MDR 1000X are classic examples of wireless headphones. They are usually over-the-ear earbuds and work wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Best Wireless Headphones For Crossfit Training In 2020

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

1. HIFIMAN Ananda Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The HiFiMan Ananda Over-the-Ear Flat Magnetic Headphones are comfortable, stylish, and can handle a tough workout.

They are ideal for Crossfit because they offer incredible sound and can be used for long hours without being annoying. These headphones are very light, making them very suitable for minimal head or shoulder stress when performing Crossfit.

They have a comfortable earphone, which takes advantage of ear shape. The metal construction and the elegant finish, including aspects such as the design of the window curtain, offer greater aesthetics and greater durability.

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

  • Great Window Shade Grill Design
  • High output performance
  • Open back for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Some customers have complained about quality control issues, such as scratch marks on the cups.

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

2. Bose QuietComfort 25 Noice Cancelling Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The Bose QC 25 headphones are perfect for your Crossfit training. These headphones are stylish and offer high-quality performance. They are also very comfortable, even when worn longer. They will handle heat conditions very well and are designed to be breathable.

The soft foam padding makes these options very comfortable, while the lightweight construction reduces the likelihood of any interruption due to fatigue. The Bose QC 25s are available in white or black, allowing you to find a custom fit that meets your needs.

They also feature a 3D swivel headphone for a perfect fit on different ear sizes. For added value, these headphones will block noise. They offer a life-like sound without loud interruptions that hinder the flow of your music. They are available with a compact carrying case, allowing you to move around with them without worrying about any damage.

  • This to use online controls
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Compatible with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Poor storage and maintenance can affect the quality of production

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

3. Sony MDR-Z7 Wireless Headphones 

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The high-resolution Sony MDR-Z7 headphones offer a high-quality sound. They also offer comfort that makes these ideals for Crossfit exercise.

They feature a solid aluminum casing structure for maximum durability. The MDR-Z7 headphones will deliver precise and pure audio, thanks to the solid, well-designed design and lush casing structure.

They are very sensitive and will ensure minimal distortion or sound loss during your Crossfit efforts. The wide sound field should create a pleasant atmosphere to enhance your experience.

These headphones also feature a pressure-relieving foam cushion that wraps completely around the ear. It creates an acoustic seal that enables sound isolation resulting in uninterrupted experience. They’re wired but will offer tangle-free options long enough for balanced, customizable sound options to use when performing Crossfit.

  • Well designed and lightweight
  • Comfortable for a long time
  • Easy to use and offers powerful sound
  • Foam padding can wear out with constant use of heavy-duty

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

4. Audeze Mobius Wireless Headphones For CrossFit Training

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

Audeze Mobius wireless headphones are the best choice for a variety of activities due to their durable construction, high-tech output, and excellent design.

These headphones are available in 3 different colors. Mobius headphones deliver an immersive surround sound experience thanks to built-in WAVEs sound functionality Nx. The Mobius will stay on your head throughout your Crossfit session because it fits perfectly and can be adjusted for different head sizes. It will remain comfortable even after hours of use, making it ideal for long workouts, jogging, and other equally demanding routines.

Mobius relies on its Planar Magnetic technology to offer one of the best sound outputs for any option in its price range. It includes a detachable microphone that allows you to keep up with any call and connects to multiple devices simultaneously for more comfort when you exercise.

  • Comfortable and safe
  • High-resolution wireless audio
  • Battery life can be compromised by long-term use while charging

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

5. Akai Professional Project 50X Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The Akai 50X Project Professional Headphones may be designed for audio monitoring, but they are a versatile set of over-the-ear options that will reshape your Crossfit experience.

These headphones are easy to use and light. They’re also designed for high-quality output, thanks to the specialized dynamic transducer designed for rich, deep sound delivery.

The foldable design makes extra portability easy when not in use, ensuring you can store and travel with these headphones without worrying about damage. Although they are only available in one color option, they have a comfortable design. However, they can be adjusted too securely and will be uncomfortable if used over a long period.

  • Lightweight and well designed to meet the high demands of Crossfit
  • High-quality sound output
  • The yield of value for money
  • Strong holding force can make them feel uncomfortable after prolonged use

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

6. Marshall Mid ANC Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

Marshall Mid ANC headphones provide an ideal wireless experience. Custom dynamic drivers offer a robust and well-balanced sound, which will ensure a complete presentation while participating in Crossfit.

The model is very comfortable, lightweight, and features an adjustable plush headband for an easier fit. The black anodized metal detail that gives these headphones an iconic look also works to make it stronger and more durable.

These headphones have a 20-hours battery life. That is more than enough for a Crossfit session. The fast charge feature should make these headphones more convenient, and they will offer one hour of battery life with 10 minutes of charging. Built-in microphones allow complete situational awareness. They also have voice integration that lets you control voice assistants, take calls, and record notes.

  • The best designer travel case, which is also very durable
  • 3D metal hinges for a secure and comfortable fit
  • High-quality noise cancellation
  • You may experience a connection drop over long distances

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

7. Brainwave HM5 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

Brainwave’s HM5 headphones are lightweight but very comfortable. They feature the most comfortable hearing aid design of all the models listed here and will remain comfortable even after hours of constant use.

These headphones are wired but deliver high-quality sound thanks to high-performance drivers. They are ideal for use both at home and in the travel environment, as they feature two cables of different lengths to ensure that you can use these headphones conveniently regardless of the task involved.

They also feature a neutral sound signature that ensures each note is delivered as it is produced, ensuring that you can enjoy your music the way you like it without any interference or distortion. The headphones also offer high-quality calls, ensuring you never have to take them off during your Crossfit efforts.

  • High-quality sound engineering
  • Excellent sound isolation reduces distracting sounds
  • The most comfortable earmuffs of the listed models
  • Wired connectivity could limit mobility during Crossfit

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

8. JBL JR300BT Kids Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The JBL JR300BT offers a facility to enjoy Crossfit training. These headphones are designed for a comfortable fit at all ages. They are ideal for children and would be an excellent Crossfit option for them.

You can enjoy family at the same time by participating in hectic Crossfit with these earbuds with minimal fuss because they are a value for money purchase, and are available in a variety of custom earbuds that are also padded for added comfort, making ensures that you can enjoy Crossfit for long amounts of time. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, these headphones will facilitate your Crossfit efforts without any interference.

They also include a sticker pack for additional personalization options for your kids. These headphones will limit sound below 85dB, protecting your children’s hearing when in use without compromising their listening experience. They can be charged very quickly for convenient use, with an additional hour of battery life with just 10 minutes of charge. These are one of the best wireless headphones for crossfit training

  • Available in kid-friendly sizes
  • Different custom color variations
  • Comfortable and offers high-quality sound
  • 15M wireless range isn’t the largest available

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

9. Shure SE215 In-Ear Headphones With Sound Isolation

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The Shure SE215 is a good value for the money in-ear headphone set. These rugged and durable options will handle your Crossfit needs because they are safe, lightweight, and comfortable even with long-term use.

They will bring this extra level of comfort without compromising output quality, providing an immersive audio experience. The model is available in a wired and wireless option, allowing you to choose an option that meets your exact needs. It will offer similar quality performance in any mode.

The brand provides an adjustment kit with different sized fins and tips for a comfortable fit on different ear sizes. You won’t give up during your rigorous Crossfit regimen, ensuring you can focus on your fitness efforts.

  • Comfortable and secure design around the ear
  • Available in a variety of custom colors
  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • The detachable cable could break very easily without proper care

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

10. Jaybird X2 In-Ear Crossfit Training Headphones

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

The Jaybird X2 in-ear is one of the best wireless headphones for CrossFit training. These headphones are lightweight and sturdy and feature different-sized tips and fins for a secure fit on different ear sizes.

Jaybird has developed a range of headphone options that are durable, rugged, and designed for extreme performance, with the X2 headphones among the top models in the line. They are sweat-resistant and can withstand intense weather, ensuring you are not limited in your fitness efforts.

Well-designed foam tips offer secure noise insulation for high-quality output, increasing its value. The super capacity battery will deliver up to 8 hours of charge, which means your headphones won’t go out during your session. If you’re in a hurry, the quick charge feature allows you to get enough battery life to complete your session with just half an hour of charging time.

  • Sweat-resistant for long-lasting use even with strenuous exercise
  • Available in a range of trendy colors
  • High-quality sound and performance
  • It won’t deliver ideal performance without the right set of tips

best wireless headphones for crossfit training

Best Wireless Headphones For Crossfit Training Guide

Headphones vary by sound signature and purpose. The training headphones have specific characteristics that contribute to better comfort and listening experience. These include:


Over-the-ear headphones are bulky compared to headphones. Therefore, you must find the perfect holding pressure of the best in-ear headphones to work with the arms of the headphones around the head. This should be balanced so that the clamp is enough to keep the headphones stable on the head, but not enough to form pressure points or injure the head. Surprisingly, this can be achieved especially with lighter headphones.


You would spend at least 30 minutes on your cardio. And if you’re looking for headphones especially for your work, you can spend more time on your feet. This requires the need for a comfortable pair that feels right at home on your head. Comfort depends on many other factors that we consider separately. We recommend trying the headphone before buying but that’s not possible in online buying. Then buy from a platform with a robust return policy.


Most people who run and work indoors or outdoors would prefer a wireless headset, as this eliminates the possibility of cable noise. While exercising, the cable can continue to swing against your body and generate noise in the audio. Furthermore, the cable can restrict its movement. Wireless headphones eliminate these two problems, making them preferable to wired versions.


As you would be training with headphones, the lighter the better. The lightest headphones can be kept stable with a loose clamp and are comfortable for long hours of use. Heavier headphones wobble resulting in bothering you in a longer run.


The training headphones must be ready for the wear and tear of daily races. They would be handled roughly and could even be stored in gym bags without ceremony. Therefore, we would check to see if there are metal reinforcements in crucial areas and there are no weak links in the design that can easily break in the tension.


The audio response we need to run and exercise is often dominant in the bass. We’re not talking about the explosive bass type, drown out the rest. We’re thinking of sound signatures with a calculated boost in the mid-bass region. This gives the audio a fuller body even at lower volumes and ensures that you can hear the music over the noise of movement and the people around you.


Over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable when the ear pads are placed around the ears without any pressure on the headphones to work off the edges of the ears. The proper adjustment also allows for better noise isolation.

Noise Isolation

Another consideration is the amount of isolation you want from the headphones. True noise isolation headphones can shut out ambient noise, and you may not hear significant noises such as speakers or callers. However, if you are going to run in a traffic-free area, noise isolation could be a benefit.

Build Quality

High-quality exercise headphones are built to last. We check your weak points to discover the weak links and how they are doing during a stress test. We still recommend treating your headphones carefully if you have opted for a budget option.


We have selected the headphones with noise isolation and relatively less isolation. Depending on the need to hear ambient noise, You can choose. There are some wired headphones with low budget options. Wired headphones sound better than wireless headphones unless Bluetooth has performed well.


We compare them based on their relative value for money. Whatever the budget is, there is a corresponding headphone available in the market.

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