Best Women’s Shoes For Lower Back Pain 2024

Most of the people are experiencing lower back pain nowadays. It can start with dull lower back pain and get worse when you exercise or play sports. One of the most important methods of managing back pain is to wear proper shoes, as well as do wide stretches before strenuous exercise. When back pain becomes severe it can have a big effect on your life, here are some effects that I have noticed in my life as my back pain got worse and more frequent. Here we are reviewing the best women’s shoes for lower back pain.

The Effect Lower Back Pain Has On Your Life

Lower back pain can affect various aspects of your life depending on the severity and cause of lower back pain.

Here are some areas where lower back pain can affect your life;

Mobility and Pain

The pain in my lower back has made me move more slowly and be more cautious when doing certain daily activities.

When pain becomes more noticeable and less avoidable, people tend to start doing fewer activities and moving more carefully to prevent pain.

Emotions and Moods

When you have chronic pain, particularly back pain, you have a much lower tolerance for stress and become more sensitive to anything that may aggravate the pain.

Back pain can take a long time to improve and does not change much from day to day; this results in an ongoing negative mood and emotions.

Because back pain can get worse fairly quickly, a person suffering from severe back pain will be in a bad mood and have negative emotions rather than feelings of relief and comfort.

Family Life

The way lower back pain affects mobility and pain sensitivity also affects the ability to actively engage with the family.

As the pain progresses and worsens, you may become more frustrated and begin to avoid spending time with family and friends.

Rest and Sleep

Lower back pain impacts the sleep routine a lot. Proper rest is essential for the treatment of back pain because back pain is very exhausting in itself.

Sleeping can be quite uncomfortable with lower back pain, but finding a comfortable sleeping position or option for an orthopedic mattress or pillow can give you a lot of relief.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Improper alignment of the entire body from head to toe is the main cause of lower back pain.

Your joints and muscles become stressed and tense if your body generally remains out of alignment.

To restore this alignment, your body has to compensate in some way, and this constant compensation can cause several health problems, including pain in your lower back.

If you have a flat foot, the impact of running and walking can cause stress on your back, flat foot sneakers can help reduce the impact by providing better cushioning.

Other reasons for lower back pain

Here are some more reasons I have found, for back pain;

  • Standing or sitting in an uncomfortable situation for a long period.
  • Improper handling of heavy objects.
  • Excessive physical effort during training or at work.
  • Back injury.
  • Sciatica, spinal nerve root compression in the lower back.
  • Age-related problems.
  • Occupations that involve strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects.
  • Be idle
  • Obesity.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

Characteristics Of A Good Shoe For Lower Back Pain

First, and most importantly, you need to find out what type of arch your foot has because a shoe that is good for your back should work well with the natural arch of your feet.

There are three types of bows; low arches (pronation), neutral or normal arches, and high arches (supination).

A good shoe that provides motion control will help with pronation, but it also provides stability to a neutral arch and cushioning for supination arches.

Shoes that promote the foot to hit the ground with half of the forefoot instead of the heel are also a great option, as the impact on the heels can affect the lower back.

You can also get specially designed orthopedic insoles or insoles that provide additional support for back pain relief.

Best Women’s Shoes For Lower Back Pain

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

1. Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The Triumph ISO 4 is Saucony’s superior neutral shoe with extreme cushioning. The EVERUN midsole is well-cushioned and responsive with an 8mm drop. That makes you feel fast and prepared for the distance.

ISOFIT technology on the upper provides a superior fit that conforms to your feet in a way that few shoes do, providing an extremely comfortable and safe ride.

The Triumph is a top of the line shoe that will give a neutral foot all the cushioning and support it needs to control lower back pain.

If you are looking for extreme cushioning that doesn’t feel slow and slow then this is the shoe for you.

If you don’t mind putting money front and are looking for a top-of-the-line neutral shoe, here are some of the best running shoes for back pain.

  • Extremely well cushioned.
  • Top support.
  • Flexible and responsive.
  • High mileage shoe.
  • It is not necessary to enter.
  • Breathable.
  • A little expensive.
  • Traction could be better.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

2. Brooks Glycerin 16 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The Glycerin 16s are the most comfortable and well-cushioned shoes for neutral long-distance running or walking. Brooks has upgraded its DNA foam to incorporate air bubbles into the new DNA loft for extra light and smooth ride, making it a great marathon shoe.

More revelations come to light with the upper providing more comfort and support by using a 3D printed layer on the top of the seamless mesh with a particularly soft collar that makes the shoe comfortable enough to wear without socks.

Easily some of the best neutral running shoes for women with back pain due to their superior comfort and cushioning

If you loved the Glycerine above, all 16 will not disappoint you.

  • Highly padded.
  • Durable outsole.
  • Very comfortable and seamless upper.
  • Good tread.
  • It may take a while to dry.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

3. Asics Gel-Nimbus 20 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The Nimbus is an Asics classic, its superior neutral cushioned shoe. However, while it remains a top-of-the-line shoe, it hasn’t changed as much as its counterparts from different brands over the years, maintaining a traditional feel that users will appreciate or resent.

So, whether or not to go with the Nimbus is reduced to preference. But it has some solid attributes going for it.

The Flytefoam midsole along with gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot provides great cushioning, while the additional structure of the sole increases overall stability. This edition is also gender-specific, with a lighter weight and a 13mm drop for runners.

For those who prefer the feel of traditional sneakers while getting plenty of cushioning, the Nimbus is a great option.

  • Extremely cushioned.
  • Good structure.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Durable.
  • Narrow forefoot.
  • Run small.
  • Expensive.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

4. ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The Kayano is easily one of the best stability shoes on the market, and they are always a failsafe option for pronators.

They’re reliably padded while holding your roll to maintain optimal alignment and remain responsive enough not to feel sluggish on long runs. Kayans are known to travel the distance and alleviate all kinds of problems arising from overpronation, including lower back pain.

The introduction of the new Flytefoam Lite and Flytefoam Propel cushioning in the midsole marks the advancements of previous Kayans while maintaining the use of classic Gel and Duomax components.

The end product is a highly cushioned shoe, yet lighter and more responsive.

Kayans are a fail-safe option for pronators with lower back pain who are looking for a comfortable, cushioned ride.

  • Extremely supportive.
  • Well padded.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Upper breathable mesh.
  • No, it is a lightweight shoe.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

Adrenaline GTS 18 is a reliable shoe fit of Brooks that is designed especially for pronators. It is also lightweight and well-cushioned providing a high level of comfort and responsiveness.

The upper has been redesigned in a stylish mesh to further reduce the weight of the 18, making it an impressively lightweight and at the same time very stable and quite well-padded shoe

BioMoGo DNA Foam in combination with the Progressive Diagonal Scroll Bar controls over-pronation while absorbing impact.

The highest drop of 12mm means it’s only really suitable for heel-bumps, but if this is your jam and you want a shoe that will keep you stable for the long miles, then Adrenaline is for you.

Adrenaline is the Brooks equivalent of the Kayano. Choosing it all comes down to fit and comfort.

Adrenaline’s optimal arch support and cushioning won’t disappoint.

  • Light.
  • Comfortable.
  • Breathable.
  • Good size toe.
  • Reasonably affordable.
  • Some durability and cushioning were sacrificed in favor of lightweight.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

6. New Balance Beacon V1 Fresh Foam Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The Fresh Foam Beacon is a revolutionary shoe for New Balance, combining extreme cushioning with lightweight and responsiveness.

The result is extremely comfortable footwear that doesn’t feel slow and heavy but will provide ample cushioning to control back pain.

Beacon uses a new variety of fresh foam that feels much softer than the original and allows for a better earthy feel.

With its 6mm lower drop, it also moves in the direction of less conventional running shoes and reduces the need to hit the heel.

A very versatile shoe that will be an excellent choice for recovery runs, long-distance runs, and some tempo sessions. An exceptionally light, supportive and cushioned shoe

  • Lightweight
  • Very well padded.
  • Soft feel
  • Comfortable knit upper.
  • Sensitive.
  • Drop lower than most conventional shoes.
  • The foam exposed on the sole may be less durable over time.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

7. New Balance 890v6 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

The 890 V6 is a versatile neutral shoe that will comfortably support you through long-distance training and tempo work.

Full-length REVlte foam forms cushioning in the outsole unit, resulting in a highly responsive midsole that feels firm and fast. TPU straps at the forefoot of the outsole unit combined with the 6mm drop make scrolling even smoother and travel even faster.

The 890 won’t feel as cushioned as other shoes on this list, but it’s a great choice if you’re suffering from mild back pain but still want a responsive, responsive, and responsive shoe with adequate cushioning.

A great choice to provide cushioning and support for back pain while staying fast and responsive.

  • Full-length REVlite midsole.
  • Very responsive
  • Breathable and seamless mesh upper.
  • Durable.
  • Narrow toe.
  • A little heavy.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

8. Altra Escalante Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

In classic Altra style with its zero drop and toe-shaped toe box, the Escalante meets Altra’s expectations and more.

FootPod technology in the sole is designed to promote as natural a running style as possible, allowing the foot to bend where it’s supposed to.

Altra EGO foam provides soft, elastic cushioning in the midsole, while the fully woven upper is flexible and comfortable, but not as supportive as more conventional shoes.

This is extremely comfortable with a fantastic amount of cushioning and a more minimalist design than the other shoes on this list, promoting a more natural running style.

Not recommended if you’re used to high-support 12mm drop shoes, but it’s a great option if you have some foot strength.

  • Padded
  • Very comfortable.
  • Light.
  • Versatile.
  • Very flexible.
  • Zero falls.
  • It doesn’t feel as much on the ground as other Altra shoes.
  • Superior provides limited support.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

9. Brooks Glycerin 14 Women’s Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

Brooks Glycerin has always been known for providing highly comfortable cushioning.

This running shoe has been created for those who have a neutral to mild overpronator.

There is no denying the support this can provide because it can be easily adjusted to fit the different feet of people

  • Ideal pressure zones
  • Rounded heel design
  • Light
  • Expensive
  • Some early breakdown reports

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

10. Saucony Women’s ISO Redeemer 2 Running Shoes

best women's shoes for lower back pain

You already know that Saucony is probably one of the most popular running shoe brands today and there is a good reason for that.

This is because their mission has been to ensure that they provide comfortable shoes to their loyal customers.

This particular pair has been designed to fit perfectly with all women who would choose to wear it.

  • It provides great support.
  • Hip look.
  • Plenty of room for your toes.
  • You may need to enter.
  • The bottom of the shoes is thick.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

11. Vionic Walker Women’s Classic Sneakers

best women's shoes for lower back pain

There will be times when you don’t want to wear running shoes. Rather, you want shoes to help you walk, especially when you’re running errands. These might be the shoes you need for your lower back pain.

This can help provide the support you need for your bow. Shopping will no longer be a difficult task as you don’t have to suffer from foot pain afterward.

  • Amazing for plantar fasciitis.
  • Provides lateral and arch support.
  • Minimal fatigue in the legs.
  • Toes are too wide.
  • The laces are difficult to tie.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

Effects Of Shoes On Back Pain

You might have heard about high heels causing back pain but it’s not the only reason for it. Many times, people wear shoes that they are not comfortable with for the sake of their style. People tend to prioritize appearance and style over true comfort and functionality.

It doesn’t matter the fact that you are going to have painful blisters on your feet, plus pain in your calves and thighs. The fact is, faulty shoes are causing strain on your lower back.

Can you consider yourself going through these various pains just for the sake of looking good?

Back pain may become more apparent over time. As people age, the more they will feel the tension they feel from wearing uncomfortable footwear.

When you’re young, will you make an effort to see the best shoes for lower back pain? Perhaps you would only consider this when your back is already really painful.

These are some of the types of footwear available and how they can affect your back:


Are you surprised that floors can cause back pain?

When you wear flat shoes, you can expect that you will not receive any support for your back.

Since you tend to wear them longer, they can cause more pressure on your back than other shoes.

Since the floors offer no support, you can expect her to put pressure on your legs every time you take a step.

Once your legs have been beaten enough, the pressure will also begin to build upon your back.

Without wearing the right shoes, the time will come when you can even develop plantar fasciitis.

Toning Shoes

You may feel that you are already happy with the appearance of your legs and thighs, but you want to tone them.

The perfect solution may be to buy toning shoes, right?

This is bad. When you wear toning shoes, you can expect your muscles to tend to work harder. This is due to the curved bottom of the shoes.

According to some studies, toning shoes don’t work because they are just similar to sports shoes.

The main difference is that you can feel every step you take due to the shape of the shoes.

There is a good chance that you may tend to feel more pain not just in your lower back but all over your lower body after a while.

High Heel Shoes

Since this is the best-known culprit, let’s discuss how this can affect your back.

When it comes to high heels, don’t just assume it’s all about stilettos and open-toe shoes.  Any type of shoe with a high heel can cause lower back pain.

Every time you walk with your heels, you walk in a certain posture to balance yourself and this can eventually strain your back.

Usually, the part of your body that is most affected by wearing high heels is your knees, but eventually, it will also cause some problems with your spine. All told, they can cause knee, back, and foot pain.

To improve your back condition, it’s okay if you wear heels when you can’t help but wear them, but if you’re going to wear them daily, you can already expect your back to start hurting. Seriously, they are bad for the back and foot!

Flip Flops

Do you remember the time when everyone thought it would be great to wear flip flops everywhere?

There was a time when people collected flip flops of different colors and used them everywhere.

It is good that in recent years the use of flip flops has decreased considerably. Now, they are seen more on the beach to which they belong.

However, there is a reason why flip flops can be bad for your back. Just notice how you use them.

Isn’t it that every time you walk, you have to squeeze your toes?

This means that the pressure will be on your hips so you can keep moving. Over time this will also affect the lower back.

The types of shoes mentioned above are not the only types of shoes that can cause back pain.

As long as the shoes are not well made and do not offer adequate lower body support, you can expect to experience lower back pain from time to time.

Keeping these in mind, you must be wondering what are the best shoes for lower back pain.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain

Best Women’s Shoes For Lower Back Pain Characteristics

A big misconception is that you have to wear thick shoes or shop in the orthopedics for your lower back pain.

This is not true at all. Her main objective is to find shoes that can be perfectly combined. Mind with the rest of your wardrobe without causing some back pain.


Look at the arch of the shoes you’re considering buying.

Does the natural arch of the foot and arch work well together?

The arch may differ from person to person, so it doesn’t mean that just because a pair of shoes works well with one person, it already means that it will look amazing on you.


One of the mistakes people make is choosing shoes that are too small or too big for them. There are different factors for which you have shoes that do not fit you:

  • You have purchased another person’s pair.
  • Shoes were on sale and you just bought them for this only reason.
  • You like the style so much that you bought a pair, even if it doesn’t suit you.

No matter what your reason is, buying shoes that don’t fit you will hurt your entire body.

Seal of Acceptance

Do you realize that some shoes have been tried and tested for being comfortable? If you want shoes that don’t hurt your lower body. Look for this seal.


Do you realize that some shoes are stiffer than most? Stiff shoes don’t move that well.

They may eventually injure their feet because they will not be allowed to breathe. Too-flimsy shoes won’t do wonders for your feet, either.

Be Evaluated

To find the right shoes for you, the best thing to do is to evaluate your feet first.

You should know if the width of your feet is narrow, medium, or wide. The wider your feet, the more difficult it will be for you to find shoes that fit you.

Once you consider these factors, it will be easier to remove some shoes that you want to buy.

You also have the option to customize your shoes if you think this is the best option.

You can ask your doctor if he/she thinks this will work for you. On the positive side, there are better shoes for lower back pain that you can already buy ready-made.

best women’s shoes for lower back pain


Different types of shoes can be considered the best shoes for lower back pain.

There are many options, but not all of them will be good for you. Remember, the best shoes for back and hip pain will not work if the size is wrong.

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