Best Women’s Walking Shoes For Heel Spurs 2024

Heel spurs affect many people every day. It is common to struggle to find shoes that allow you to feel comfortable despite the heel pain. When you suffer from heel problems, you must find the best shoes for heel spurs.

There are many products on the market that claim to be the best, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Follow our complete guide where we will show you the best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs.

What is a heel spur?

A heel spur is simply a calcium deposit that causes a bony bump at the bottom of the heel bone. When viewed on an x-ray, the spur can extend forward up to one-half inch. Sometimes they are painless, but often the victim will have heel pain in association with the spur.

Many people commonly believe that heel spurs and heel spurs are the same things, but that is not true. The Source of the pain is the difference between them. Heel spurs will often cause pain in the arch of the foot to the heel. That is from damage or overuse of the plantar fascia.

Heel spurs, on the other hand, or small irregular calcium deposits in the heel bone. They develop in response to trauma caused by the plantar fascia. Normally, the pain of a heel spur is located only in the heel.

The case of the ailment is another difference. Heel spurs are caused by stress and damage to the ligament. Heel spurs are caused as a result of heel spurs. Once this ligament is damaged, the body creates jets on the heel in an attempt to support the injured foot area.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

What causes heel spurs?

Heel spurs because of calcium deposits that build up on the bottom of the heel bone. This process takes several months to occur. The most common cause is due to tension in the muscles and ligaments of the foot.

It usually begins by stretching the plantar fascia. Then after repeatedly ripping the membrane covering the heel bone, you end up with spurs.

Heel spurs tend to be more common among athletes who perform many running or jumping exercises. There are also other risk factors. Some of these are poorly fitting shoes that lack arch support, excess weight, and obesity.

Still, others find that a gait abnormality when walking can lead to their problems. When the gait is not correct, walking can cause an excessive amount of stress on the heel bone. Not only that, but it also stresses the nerves and ligaments.

The shoes you wear also play an important role in the heel spurs. Wearing shoes that don’t fit or are worn can lead to heel spurs and heel spurs. Also, it is not advisable to wear flip flops often because they tend to offer minimal support for the foot.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

Heel Spur Symptoms

Although it does not happen frequently, heel spurs sometimes cannot cause symptoms. Typically, you will find that heel spurs cause intermittent or chronic pain. This is especially true when walking, running, or jogging.

Most of the time the pain itself does not come from the heel spur, but from the soft tissue injury that is associated with it. Most people complain that the pain feels like a knife or pin stuck to the bottom of the foot. This is the most common first thing after waking up from sleep. As the day progresses, that pain will turn into a dull ache.

For some people, this sharp pain may come back if they spend long periods sitting or standing. Some of the most common complaints other than pain are inflammation and swelling at the front of the heel.

These symptoms can spread to your foot arch sometimes. You may even notice a small bony bump on your foot.

For those who do not experience pain, heel spurs are often discovered by X-ray. Because heel pain is the result of many ailments, heel spurs can be difficult to diagnose. For proper evaluation, a specialist is needed. You can go to a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

How to treat heel spurs?

There are different treatments available for heel spurs.

Non-Surgical Treatments

The first option will be a non-surgical treatment. Normally, heel spurs do not respond favorably to rest. This is why walking after a restful night can be so uncomfortable.

In general, the pain will decrease the more you walk, but it may start to hurt again if you walk too much. If you continue with ongoing pain, try one of these options to help ease the discomfort:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Tying or gluing muscles and tendons
  • Wear a supportive pair of shoes.
  • Installing insoles or orthotics on your existing shoes
  • Night splints
  • Physical therapy

Sometimes heel pain may respond to over-the-counter medications. The most popular are paracetamol, ibuprofen, or naproxen. If the pain is the result of an unbalanced or impaired gaitYou will need a brace to treat the underlying problem. In some cases, doctors will use a corticosteroid injection to relieve inflammation in the area.

Surgical Treatments

Fortunately, more than 90 percent of heel spur sufferers will find relief with non-surgical treatment. If after a period of 9 to 12 months, those options don’t work, then surgery may be necessary.

Some of these techniques include:

  • Plantar fascia release
  • Heel spur removal

Before you can proceed with any surgery, you will need extensive tests and examinations. Additionally, you will be asked to observe all postsurgical recommendations.

This will include guidelines for rest, compression, elevation, ice, and weight-bearing. You may even need to wear bandages, surgical shoes, casts, splints, or crutches after surgery.

Possible complications from surgery may include:

  • Recurrent heel pain
  • Neuralgia
  • Numbness in the area.
  • Infection
  • Scars
  • Instability
  • Obstacle
  • Tendinitis
  • Tendinitis stress fractures
Preventive Treatments

The best way to treat heel spurs is to prevent them. It’s much easier to avoid having them first than correcting them later. Avoid heel spurs by wearing well-fitting shoes that have shock-absorbing soles. They should also include rigid shanks and heel support counters.

Choose appropriate shoes for each activity in which you participate. Before exercising, warm-up, and stretch your muscles properly. During exercise, be sure to keep up. Avoid wearing shoes that have excessive wear on the soles and heels. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important to avoid heel spurs.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

Features Of Shoes To Relieve Heel

Whether you are trying to avoid heel spurs or looking for the best shoes for heel spurs, you need to know certain important characteristics.

Arch Support

Proper arch support is essential when searching for the right shoes. Many people who develop heel spurs have low or high arches where they need additional support. Many shoes offer this feature available in the market. You can also choose to wear a shoe insert that supports your arches.

Cushioned Soles

Proper cushioning is essential when trying to keep your feet comfortable on all surfaces. They should also be able to absorb shock to keep their feet stress-free.

Support Heel Counters

Many shoes offer a stability feature that helps stabilize the back of the feet. This will decrease the pain in the arch and heel.


Your priority should be comfort in choosing. When you wear uncomfortable shoes, you find it difficult to focus on anything else. It will make your day worse.

Make sure your shoes are oriented to the activity you are doing and that you can complete the task or exercise comfortably.

Removable Insoles

Some shoes will come with removable insoles. This is a good option to allow insole adjustment based on what your foot needs.

Special Needs For Athletes

It is important to note that if you are an athlete suffering from heel spurs, you should pay special attention to your feet. They should be wrapped in the best possible shoes, but you should also let your heels rest after playing sports.

Running can worsen your condition and thwart any progress made in healing your tissues. By investing in the best running shoes for heel spurs, you can help make recovery easier. Make sure you have the extra support and cushioning you need, especially in the heel area.

Best Women’s Walking Shoes For Heel Spurs

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

1. Orthofeet Verve-Turquoise Tie-Less lace For Women

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

These may be the right shoes for you if you have an active lifestyle. The Orthofeet Verve Women’s Sneakers provide anatomical arch support, have a relaxed, non-binding fit, and provide the wearer with maximum protection in foot areas where pressure points are located.

They have a premium orthopedic insole, as well as ergonomic and cushioned soles that help soften every step you take while improving your stability and allowing your sensation to move naturally.

These shoes are designed to help reduce pain when walking and improve the comfort of people with sensitive feet. They have a wide and deep toe box so that your feet occupy the space they would naturally have if you did not wear shoes.

  • Many find that these shoes do not require the addition of their special braces.
  • Comes with an adjustable heel strap.
  • Easy to put on and take off shoes with velcro straps.
  • It has a prominent logo, making it clear to others that you wear orthopedic shoes.
  • Some find that the toe is very shallow.
  • The soles wear out quickly.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

2. Sky Ryka Walking Shoes For Heel Spurs

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

If you like to walk/run casually, these are the best shoes for you. They feature rubber outsoles for firm traction and durability, however, they have a very lightweight EVA midsole and a TPU shank in the midfoot, making them easy to move and jog lightly if you like.

These shoes are made of rubber and mesh, making them breathable and durable. They provide full support and comfort. They provide good support and comfort. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the style that best suits your personal preferences.

The sock lining is made of memory foam, which cushions its unique shape for individual support. The sole of the RYKA Sky Women’s Walking Shoe is specially curved to fit the shape of a woman’s foot, meaning the muscles and foot will engage properly to encourage better walking.

  • Best for casual walkers and joggers.
  • Come in a wide variety of colors.
  • Specially designed to fit a woman’s foot.
  • Some people find that the soles are too thin.
  • The holes in the upper part of the shoe are not finished, so you can see the foam stick out after several uses.
  • It is not good for cold weather.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

3. Orthofeet Women’s Tahoe-White Sneakers

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

This is the best option for women. The Orthofeet Tahoe shoe has a seamless fit, a wide toe box, and optimal protection at and around your pressure points. The anatomical insole and ergonomic sole will give you unmatched support while providing excellent cushioning, making each step smooth and comfortable.

These shoes have a no-tie lacing, which is an advanced system that combines laces with hook and loop straps, allowing you to have an easy way to tighten and unbutton your shoes on both sides without having to tie the laces.

The orthopedic support in these shoes is offered by the Ortho-Comfort brand high-quality orthopedic insoles, which have anatomical arch support and several layers of cushioning to help perfect the alignment of the feet and legs, improve their comfort and reduce the amount of stress you exert on your heel and the rest of your foot.

These shoes have a friendly design for the orthosis with removable insoles that leave you ample space to place your custom made orthoses. They also come with an Ergonomic-Stride (TM) design to ensure the soles are lightweight but can soften your step, while the shoe’s design helps push your body forward.

  • Ideal for people who work standing up.
  • Users claim that these shoes make them feel like they are walking in the air.
  • Durable shoes that provide lasting comfort.
  • They tend to run small.
  • Not good for high arches.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

4. Opening Ceremony of Hoka X Bondi Walking Shoes

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

Hoka One is well known for producing comfortable shoes designed to keep your feet pain free. Although these shoes are generally always designed for comfort, as is the case with the Hoka X Opening Ceremony Bondi, these particular walking and running shoes are also quite stylish.

In terms of comfort, this shoe comes with a variety of features, and one of the biggest is a full-length EVA midsole. EVA is a good material to wear in shoes because it provides great soft and luxurious cushioning.

This particular shoe is rated as extremely soft and luxurious, almost like walking on a cloud. It can absorb a large number of bumps and impacts created by walking, thus preventing those impacts from being transferred to your feet.

What also helps improve the comfort level is the fact that this shoe comes with proper arch support. The design of this shoe is specifically made to provide your arches with the support they need to avoid overstretching, fatigue, and pain. This is especially good for people who can suffer from conditions like flat feet and overpronation.

This shoe also comes with a comfortable upper frame, which means it provides a great deal of structural support for the entire foot, particularly from the sides for a great deal of lateral support. You can also appreciate the beveled heel design, which allows for a smooth transition from heel to forefoot.

  • Made with full-grain leather.
  • Great lateral support.
  • Lots of arch support.
  • Superior cushioning.
  • Smooth transition from heel to toe.
  • Reflective marking on the laces for greater visibility.
  • A fairly tight fit.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

5. Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker Shoes

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

The Saucony Grid Omni Walker Women’s Shoe is a comfortable and supportive shoe that provides excellent cushioning and stability at an affordable price. Saucony has pioneered an innovative sole-based cushioning and stability system called Grid. The biomechanical fit, along with the midfoot support bridge and heel-centered stability makes these shoes an excellent choice for people suffering from heel spurs and foot pain.

The Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker sneaker has a synthetic upper with a lace-up upper and a mesh tongue for breathability. The midsole has a support bridge with impact protection, and the interior has a soft and comfortable lining. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction and slips resistance, with an asymmetric and biomechanical fit. Rearfoot grid system provides additional cushioning and stability.

The Saucony Grid Omni Walker Women’s Shoe comes in black or white and silver and is available in standard and wide-width sizes.

  • Comfortable and padded.
  • Support midsole with shock absorption.
  • Balanced and stable, with non-slip traction.
  • Ergonomic fit.
  • Payable price.
  • Not very durable.

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

6. Orthofeet Naples Orthopedic Sandals

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

Orthofeet is famous for making elegant and comfortable orthopedic shoes. It can be hard to find a summer sandal with the support and comfort you need to protect sensitive feet, but these sandals are stylish, summery, and supportive. Naples sandals are certified by Medicare and rated as therapeutic shoes by the Diabetic Shoe Bill and are recommended by doctors for heel pain, foot pain, and heel spurs.

The Orthofeet Naples orthopedic sandals are lightweight, with air cushioning for comfort and protection. Soft uppers have a seamless fabric liner with extra padding, to keep sensitive feet dry and comfortable without jamming or pressing.

They have a heel strap for greater adjustability and heel stability. These shoes have extra toe room and multiple layers of cushioning, with removable dividers in case more space is needed. Anatomical insoles provide excellent arch support and impact protection while improving stability. The ergonomic stride sole is air-cushioned, and the extra deep design allows space for custom orthopedic insoles if needed.

The Orthofeet Naples orthopedic sandals come in blue, gray, or tan colors, and are available in standard, wide, and ex sizes. Heel to toe drop is half-inch. Orthofeet invites customers to enjoy a 60-day trial version with no risk, with free shipping and returns, so you can try these comfortable and modern sandals without any risk.

  • Light and supportive
  • Comfortable, without rubbing or binding
  • Roomy interior and toe box for the included arch and heel support, or custom orthotic insoles
  • Velcro strap on the heel for an adjustable fit on the back of the shoe
  • Padded sole
  • Support template
  • Available in wide and extra-wide sizes
  • 60-day risk-free trial
  • Colors can go away if shoes get wet
  • Sizes tend to be small/short
  • Velcro straps get loose over time

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

7. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Pursuit Women’s Walking Shoes

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

Let’s be honest; women are busy! There is always something that they are busy. That is why you need the best women’s walking shoe for heel spurs. Life is not going to wait for your feet to feel better. This pair of Skechers features a rubber outsole and is incredibly lightweight.

It also has the innovative highly responsive 5GEN midsole cushioning and a 1.25-inch heel to toe drop. The new Goga Max offers users a high-rebound insole that helps put some energy into their stride. With the smooth, seamless mesh upper construction, you are sure to have a comfortable fit.

The improved arch support, antibacterial insole, and fairly breathable design make these a great choice. You can only put them on and you’re ready to go!

  • Bamboo lined insole for antibacterial odor control
  • 5GEN midsole cushioning
  • Goga Max technology
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Sometimes it can seem squeaky
  • Not for running

best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs

8. Saucony Cohesion 10 Women’s Walking Shoes

best women's walking shoes for heel spurs

If walking is an important part of your daily life, you shouldn’t let your heel spurs ruin it. That’s why it pays to invest in the best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs. This Saucony shoe is made with a rubber sole and the shaft measures 2.5 inches from the arch. They feature an injection-molded EVA grille for optimal support.

Additionally, the heel mesh system offers stable cushioning for every impact your foot makes on the ground. The mesh upper provides breathability, while the plush tongue and collar offer an extra cushion.

  • GRID, injection-molded EVA
  • Upper mesh
  • Available in different colors.
  • Light
  • Some users prefer older models
  • They can be expensive depending on the color you choose

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