Does Jump Rope Make You Taller? [2021 Updated]

Taller people always look very attractive than shorter people. You must be wondering that what does the taller people have that we don’t? It is very obvious that they have a height.

Shorter people very often get lost in masses and this is a very depressing thing for shorter people. Taller people have personality and grace. The next question in your mind will be; does jump rope make you taller? Yes, and we will discuss it soon.

Now increasing height after a particular age becomes difficult and tiresome. You must be thinking that building a body is possible then how increasing height through exercise is not possible?

Then you just start buying fake products i.e. medicines, supplements, etc which does nothing to your height except causing side effects and damage to your body.

The answer is yes. Jump rope can do small changes to your body to make you taller. There is one important point for you to note that you cannot become Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith in one night but a couple of inches can be added to your height.

First of all, let’s discuss some factors that affect the height:

does jump rope make you taller

What Are the Factors That Influence Height Growth?

Does Jump Rope Make You Taller

Maybe you feel like your friends have suddenly hit a growth spurt and you are lagging behind. Maybe the rest of your family is really tall and you are wondering if you can do anything to catch up.

The truth is that a person’s height is mostly determined by various factors:

Genetic & Hereditary aspects

According to Wikipedia, genetic potential and a number of hormones, minus illness is a basic determinant of height. Thus, there is a cumulative generation effect such that nutrition and health over generations influence the height of descendants to varying degrees.

As you can clearly see that genes have a very high effect on your height. If your family members are tall than your genes will mostly inherit the taller height and vice versa.

does jump rope make you taller


Diet has also a vital role in height. The most important nutrients for the height are proteins in childhood. Calcium, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin D also influence height.


Lifestyle is also impactful to your height. A happy, healthy and productive lifestyle will result in a good height and vice versa

Body Posture

Right body posture is also very important for good height. If your posture is not good, despite being tall you will look short.


Does jump rope make you taller

The environment has adverse effects on life. It can operate during the whole growth period, but infancy is probably the most sensitive phase regarding external influences.

In the presence of adverse environmental conditions, the physical growth of children can decline and even adult height be affected (Nature). So the environment can also play a vital role in making you taller.

does jump rope make you taller


Exercise has also the main role in making you taller. Different exercises can increases your height like jumping rope (skipping), hanging, side bends, and vertical stretches.

does jump rope make you taller

How Does Jump Rope Help In Making You Taller?

As discussed earlier, exercise is a necessary evil for most people. The truth is that the shortest route to your dream body does not involve those long and boring aerobic exercises that most of us are familiar with.

Rather the true path is the short and quick anaerobic exercise. And guess what is the best anaerobic exercise? That is Jump Rope (Skipping rope). It has various benefits on your health, especially on your height.

Rope skipping increases your heart pumping. When you start jumping rope, you start placing your legs on and apart from the field which results in an activity with high acceleration.

During this process, all your muscles and ligaments start contracting and stretching. That increases their elasticity property which helps in the stretching.

The constant skipping helps your back muscles and spine to stretch and strengthen at the same time which causes a slight height gain through the expansion of your vertebra’s discs and improvement of posture.

does jump rope make you taller

Does Jump Rope Make You Taller

By continuous knee bending in jumping rope, muscles of your calf area expand in the vertical direction. And thus jump rope can make you a bit taller.

Skipping rope also makes your bones long and increases its mass. It also grows your hormones level to its peak and this effect lasts for several hours after your exercise.

It is also very helpful in fat loss and calorie burning, in fact, it has a high-calorie burn rate than running. So, it also helps you with weight loss or making your body slim. The slimmer body also helps you in looking taller.

That’s not only the one way that skipping rope can increase your height. By doing it consistently and with passion there are lots of benefits that will conspire for you to grow taller and healthier in no time.

Jump rope can also make your tummy slip. Till now you must be clear about does jump rope makes you taller.

Workouts such as jumping rope can naturally increase HGH production in your body by 500% and this is also one of the main reasons why it is good to increase height.

does jump rope make you taller

How Much Skipping Should I Do Every Day?

If you have never jumped rope before and you don’t know how to jump rope. First of all, learn jump rope and coordination of your body.

If you learn it then start with 50 jumps a day. After a few days when your body gets used to it then increase your jumps to 70 and then to 100.

After a few weeks if you feel comfortable by doing 100 jumps a day then try to increase jumps day by day and reach to 500 jumps a day.

Remember one thing that if you are losing your breath during skipping and which is out of control then immediately stop and drink some water because skipping dehydrates the body a lot.

But don’t drink too much water just a few sips. Always try not to drink access water while skipping because it has negative effects on your body. But if your throat gets dry then you can take a few sips of water.

Do jumping rope consistently for 3 to 7 months and you will feel an increase in your height and improvement in your posture.

does jump rope make you taller


Here is the short summary of the whole discussion on “Does jump rope make you taller?”.

Jump rope can increase your height and posture but you should be consistent with it and also take care of your intake or diet. A healthy diet contributes a lot to your height.

Also try to mix some exercises with it like hanging, side bends, cobra pose, and vertical stretch. Buy a jump rope according to your body length and strength and try to test the jump rope many times before buying.

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