Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscles? Benefits For Calves [2021]

We have all heard of the incredible benefits of skipping rope to jump from increased spatial awareness, increased agility. The incredible weight loss benefits have, but does jumping rope build calf muscles?

If you envy popping calves, jumping rope is a fun way to get your own shows. According to Gullickson, the take-off portion of the jumping program works to develop the calf muscles.

The landing also has benefits for the calves. It helps improve the elasticity of the tendons and the fascia (that is, the connective tissue) that surrounds them, helping them to better store energy.

To answer this question in detail, we will have to analyze two completely different types of exercises.

Types Of Exercises


The first is strength training. Also known as weight lifting. When you lift weights, you’re breaking down the muscles. And it is during the recovery or rebuilding phase that the muscle gets stronger and bigger.

Resistance Training

The second is resistance training. Resistance training is when you are doing something with low intensity but during a high frequency. And the skipping rope falls in resistance training.

What happens inside the muscle when you do resistance training is very different from when you do strength training?

Easily said, resistance training trains your muscle to generalize more energy when needed. This is done in the muscle mitochondria. Resistance training often results in building lean muscle. The bulky muscle you often get when lifting weights.

How Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscles?

Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscles

Jump rope work on the muscles throughout your body but include the muscles used during the calf raise. Calf raise means that you are targeting your soleus and gastrocnemius muscles.

Skipping works on many leg muscles including soleus, gastrocnemius, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and hip adductors.

Forming your exercise varies with calf raise exercise and skipping. When you are doing an aerobic exercise like jump rope, you should prefer time over the number of repetitions.

A minimum of 150 minutes of medium intensity or 75 minutes of higher intensity skipping should be done each week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So does jumping rope build calf muscles? The short answer is yes, jumping rope helps you build the calf muscle, but it’s not the muscle you expect. It is not the big bulky muscle that is more here for aesthetics or to increase your ego, than a powerful strength that is lean muscle. This is where I would generally recommend to go, hit the gym, and do some calf raises.

But I won’t because this is about jumping rope, and I know there is a solution for everything. So, we mentioned strength training at the beginning for a reason.

We needed to understand why strength training builds muscle. And it is because you have high intensity during low periods of time. Which is normally obtained by lifting heavyweights.

So let’s try to replicate this exact phenomenon, by skipping the rope. To do this, I came up with two exercises that you might like.

The first is to add weight to your body. Which means you can wear a weight jacket, so you can put some types of weight straps around your body. This will make you heavier and put more resistance on your calves when jumping.

We would recommend doing three sets of one minute each time you train for the best results, but I’m sure a weight jacket is not something you have at home in your room waiting for you in your closet.

So the second option It could be easier for you is double unders. Try double unders, and it won’t be long until you start feeling this burn on your calves. This is exactly what you want to feel to build muscle.

does jumping rope build calf muscles

We would recommend you when you are training to do five thirty-second series of double unders. You’re definitely going to be f Burning your calves by doing that.

However, there is something important that I should mention. Doing those two types of exercises, adding weights to your body, or doing double under puts a lot of pressure on your joints or shins. That’s why I would recommend be careful and use your own judgment when doing those exercises.

Listen to your body. Your body knows if it can jump for a minute in a weighted vest, it knows if it can’t do more than 20 seconds of double unders. you have to listen to it. Those two exercises should help replicate the increased resistance setup you have in the gym.

According to Men’s Health, Skipping a great way to strengthen your calf muscles but it can become increasingly stressed if you do more intense moves like double under, where the names represent that the rope passes under you 2 times before you land.

According to research, kids who used to jump rope as a part of their football training improved their balance and motor coordination as compared with those who didn’t.

Jump Rope Exercises

Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscles

If you are looking to build calf muscles, but have found it difficult, you are not alone. Calves are often one of the most neglected leg muscles because they can be difficult to target and genetics can play a role as well.

Studies on the composition of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers and the amount of androgen receptors in the calves provide insight into why calves can be so stubborn. Standing and seated calf raises are effective, but there are other exercises that can help you get great results!

Jump rope exercises are extremely effective in targeting the calf muscles. Jumping rope engages your calves in a variety of dynamic ways that routine weight lifting isn’t enough.

Muscle and Fitness mention 7 powerful jump rope exercises that are particularly effective for working the calf muscles. Incorporate one or all of these calf-strengthening exercises into your routine and say goodbye to chicken legs.

The Basic

It is easy to perform and you can do it for long period to get a good calf burn.

Front to Back

Your body dynamically stabilizes as you are moving your forward and backward. This challenges your calves more and targets more fibers.

Side to Side

It improves your lateral quickness and explosiveness which ultimately improves your definition.

High Knee Step

It’s a higher impact variation, so it improves your calf muscles strength

Alternate Foot Step

It improves your calves reaction time

Single Leg Skipping

Jumping rope really great for explosiveness and strength because you put all your body weight on one leg.

Double Unders

Skipping is a powerful variation of jump rope and it can improve your power and explosiveness.


So, in conclusion, jumping rope will help you gain muscle mass but not the bulky muscle you usually target when you do weights. There are a few things you can do in parallel with your jump rope that will help you build muscle. The first is to actually hit weights. Or the second is to change your jump rope workout by adding some weights on your body or doing or doing double under.

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