Does Jumping Rope Burn Belly Fat? [2021]

The jumping rope games got an adult makeover in the fitness industry with a very high-calorie burning potential. Jump rope is a classic training tool used by fitness freaks and those interested in burning body fats.

For athletes, skipping rope developed speed, body coordination, stamina, cardiovascular health, and endurance. One of the most common questions in your mind is Does jumping rope burn belly fat?

Belly fat is stubborn, doesn’t seem to go away and it can discourage you when you want to reach your fitness goals. So today we are going to discuss how to jump rope can burn belly fat.

The key to losing belly fat is to follow a stick diet and integrate high-intensity workouts into your daily routine.

does jumping rope burn belly fat

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The Spot Reduction Myth

Does Jumping Rope Burn Belly Fat

According to the American Council on Exercise that it is impossible to target fat loss of a specific spot on your body. Fat burning depends on your genes and the type of workouts you do.

Some people are predisposed to lose fat on their hips first while others find their waist shrinking first. While skipping rope does not target your belly exclusively, it is a good step towards shedding pounds from all over the body and burning calories that contribute to weight loss.

does jumping rope burn belly fat

Benefits of Jumping Rope

Skipping rope is a high-intensity exercise that not only burns calories but also strengthens your heart and lungs.  

If you want to burn calories and flatten your stomach, jumping rope is the best choice than any other less intense exercise. It is a high-intensity workout and burns lots of calories in a short period of time.

According to Harvard Health Press, a person weighing 125-pounds can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes skipping the session. Now comparing this to walking, where you might burn 125 calories in the same time span.

Jumping rope has a lot of health benefits.

does jumping rope burn belly fat

High-Intensity Interval Training

To burn fats from your belly, incorporate high-intensity interval training of jumping rope. In that way, you will get those ideal results you expect.

According to the London Evening Standard, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a workout technique that burns a higher number of calories in a shorter period of time. In this technique, you will cycle through short periods of intense workout, working at your maximum capacity. Jump rope is a part of this technique (HIIT).

Adding the jump rope into your workouts before weight training elevates your heart rate, loosens your joints, and conditions your ankles, shins, and knees.

As a conditioning tool, add 10 minutes of jumping rope to the end of your exercise. Thirty seconds of skipping followed by 30 seconds rest is a good goal but you can arrange it interval according to your body rhythm and stamina.

Let’s discuss some more points to evaluate, Can jumping rope burn or reduce belly fat?

does jumping rope burn belly fat

Jumping Rope Burns Higher Fat Than Steady-State Cardio

All of the studies come to the conclusion that short and high-intensity training sessions result in higher fat loss than long and low-intensity workouts.

A study conducted by researchers at Laval University (Quebec Canada) has some interesting findings.

The researchers divided men and women into two groups: the first group followed 15 weeks of HIIT (Skipping) program while the second one followed a 20 weeks steady-state cardio program.

Interesting findings were: the steady-state group that did 20 weeks of cardio program burned 15,000 calories while the HIIT group on average lost nine times more fat than the steady-state group.  

Does Jumping Rope Burn Belly Fat

does jumping rope burn belly fat

does jumping rope burn belly fat

does jumping rope burn belly fat

Can Jumping Rope Help Burn Belly Fat?

Actually there is more to this fat-burning story. Another study conducted by the researchers at Florida University (2007) found that those people who performed skipping burned 10% more calories during the 24 hours of post-workouts compare to the steady-state group.

That means that you can burn calories even hours after doing jumping rope. Thus you can burn more fat with skipping than any other traditional steady-state exercise like jogging and running.

Other Benefits Of Skipping

does jumping rope burn belly fat

Jumping Rope Is More Efficient Than Cardio

Actually, I want to rephrase the last statement: You can burn more fat in less time with jumping rope than you can with traditional cardio workouts.

Just reconsider Laval University’s study that the HIIT group burned more fat even though they trained 5 weeks less than the other group. That shows that skipping is much more efficient than any other cardio workout.

does jumping rope burn belly fat

You Can Jump Rope Anywhere

If you are worried that you need some heavy equipment for doing jumping rope, you are wrong. Jump rope is a portable workout tool that you can carry anywhere with you.

Switch Up Intensities On The Fly

For a High-Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT) or cardio workout to be effective, you should be able to do transitions between different intensities quickly. You should be able to go from low intensity to high and vice versa within a split second.

Skipping allows you to do exactly the same. You can instantly switch between a max-effort sprint and a light basic jump.

does jumping rope burn belly fat

You Can Keep Your Workout Fresh And Effective

Jumping rope is a very versatile training tool. While an outdoor sprinting exercise is always the same, you do it so many times but with the jump rope, you can try different variations. You can switch up enormous variations of the jump rope that makes your workout more interesting and engaging.

Jumping Rope And Weight Loss

The number of calories you can burn totally depends upon your weight and the intensity of jumping rope. If you weigh more, that will require more energy to go up against eath’s gravity and that results in burning more calories.

There are some other factors like metabolism and age, which play a major role in calorie burning.

For example, a 70 kgs person, who is able to create 3500 calories deficit will anyhow lose 500 grams every week. But if that person does jumping rope for 20 minutes daily, he/she will lose 200 calories or 500 grams extra every day. So that person will lose 1kg of weight per week.

Remember one thing that skipping takes some time to show results. So don’t expect dramatic changes suddenly. But gradually you can achieve your ideal fitness goal.

does jumping rope burn belly fat


Does jumping rope burn belly fat? Yes, it can burn belly fat but one point worth noticing that you cannot target one spot of your body to lose fat from. Jumping rope burns fat from all over the body, not just belly. And it burns fat faster than any other exercise.

It is a very dynamic high-intensity workout which means that you can do transitions between higher intensity and lower intensity instantly. This transition helps burning more fats. The variations of skipping keep you excited and engaging.

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