How to Start Running When you Hate Running? [2022]

Running can be an intimidating activity for some. But if you’re up for it, there are plenty of ways to get started. Depending on your fitness level, running can be a fun way to get exercise or a way to improve your health. So how to start running when you hate running? If you hate running, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to start running that won’t make you hate it as much.

When starting a running program, it is important to have realistic goals. If you have never run before, don’t expect to be able to run for an hour your first time out. Start with a goal of running for just five minutes and work your way up from there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different and some people will be able to run longer or faster than others. Don’t compare yourself to others, just focus on improving your own running abilities.

If you are new to running, it might be helpful to start by walking and then gradually adding in short jogs. This will help your body get used to the new activity. As you get more comfortable, you can start running for longer periods of time.

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How to Start Running When you Hate it?

Find a Running Buddy

Running is a great way to stay in shape, but it can be a little boring if you do it by yourself all the time. That’s why finding a running buddy can be a great idea. Not only will you have someone to chat with and keep you company, but you’ll also be more likely to stick with your running routine.

There are plenty of ways to find a running buddy. You can ask your friends or family members if they’re interested in running with you, or post on social media or online forums seeking someone who wants to run regularly. If you live in a populated area, there’s likely to be someone looking for a running buddy, too.

Once you’ve found someone, it’s important to establish some ground rules. Decide how often you’ll run together and what distances you’ll cover.

Set Small Goals

Setting small goals rather than aiming for the larger, more daunting ones can make running feel more manageable and successful. This can help to motivate you to keep going and achieve your overall fitness goals.

When you break a goal down into smaller chunks, it becomes less overwhelming and easier to focus on. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, set smaller goals such as running for 30 minutes three times this week or running a certain distance in a shorter amount of time. Celebrate each accomplishment along the way to keep your motivation high!

how to start running when you hate running

Make a Plan

Knowing what you’re going to do each time you run will help you stay on track. Find a running plan that fits your lifestyle: Look for a plan that doesn’t require you to run every day or even every week.

It’s easy to let your running routine fall by the wayside when life gets busy. But if you want to stay on track and see results, you need to make a plan. Having a specific goal in mind each time you hit the pavement can help keep you motivated and moving forward.

Take it Slow

When you start running, it’s important to take things slow. You don’t have to start running fast or covering a lot of distance. Just start where you are and gradually increase your pace and distance. If you try to do too much too soon, you’re likely to get injured or burned out.

Start by running three or four times a week for 10-15 minutes each time. As you become more comfortable with running, you can gradually add more time and distance.

Walking is OK Walking is a great way to get your body used to run and build strength. If you don’t have time for long runs, walking is an excellent alternative for building muscle and conditioning. Don’t Overdo It You’re going to feel tired when you first start running.

Add Some Variety

If you’re like most runners, you probably have a go-to running route and pace that you stick to most times you lace up your sneakers. And that’s great! Consistent running is key to improving your fitness level. But if you find yourself getting bored of the same routine, add in some hills. Running hills not only provides a physical challenge, but also helps to improve your speed and endurance.

If you’re new to hills, start by adding just one or two into your route. Gradually increase the number of hills as you get more comfortable with them. When choosing a hill to run, make sure it’s one that’s not too steep or too long. Start out slowly and increase your speed as you get closer to the top. And be sure to take plenty of rest breaks between hills to give your muscles a chance to recover.

how to start running when you hate running

Have Fun while Running

Running can be tedious and boring if you don’t change things up. Here are a few ideas to make running more fun: explore new routes, listen to music, or find another activity that you enjoy. If you’re looking for a new challenge, try running uphill or speed-walking. And don’t forget to bring along your favorite tunes or an audiobook to keep you entertained.

Why is running so hard? The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. As easy as it looks, running is actually quite complicated. If you’ve never run before, ask a friend to show you how to start. Then try jogging in place while they walk next to you.

Take Walk Breaks when Needed

In today’s society, we are constantly on the go. We are always working, always doing something. This can be great for our productivity, but it’s not so great for our health. If we don’t take breaks, our bodies will eventually force us to stop getting sick. And when we’re sick, we can’t do anything productive.

The best way to avoid this is to take breaks when needed. If you feel like you can’t continue running, take a break and walk until you feel better. This will help your body stay healthy and allow you to be more productive in the long run.

Celebrate your Successes

Running is a great way to stay in shape, but it can be hard to stay motivated. After all, you’re running for your health, not because you enjoy it. One way to stay motivated is to celebrate your successes. When you reach a goal, whether it’s running a certain distance or losing weight, take the time to celebrate.

This can mean anything from buying yourself a new pair of running shoes to going out for a celebratory dinner. It’s important to reward yourself for your hard work so you can keep up the motivation needed to stick with running.


In conclusion, if you are looking to start running but don’t think you will enjoy it, start off by gradually adding distance and intensity to your runs. Find a running buddy or group to keep you accountable and motivated. Sign up for a race, even if it’s just a 5k, to give yourself a goal to work towards. And finally, remember that it’s not about being the fastest or most accomplished runner out there, it’s about getting healthier and feeling better!

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