Why Is Jump Rope Good For You? Shocking Benefits [2021]

Have you ever passed by a boxing club or gym and saw people doing jump rope? You probably thought that it is a kind of foolish and crazy workout. You might even be wondered why exactly people do jumping rope? And why is jump rope good for you?

Well, you may be surprised to know that skipping is actually one of the most effective and efficient workouts for any age level.

It provides you a great overall body workout that can be done anywhere and is a lot of fun. But why most of the people rely on more traditional forms of workouts like running and biking and often overlook jump rope as an effective alternative?

It is because they are just not aware of the multitude of benefits skipping has for all ages of people particularly those over the age of 40.

Jump rope provides a combination of benefits to your bones, heart, brain, and muscles that most types of exercises can’t match.

According to Tim Church, a professor of Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, “If you’ve done it lately, you know how much it can get your heart pumping. But one of the nice things about it is the intensity can really be as high as you want it to be. Boxers do it because the precise timing it requires between the feet and hands helps connect the upper and lower body with the brain”. (Time)

One study of young football players found that those kids who do jump rope as a part of their exercise, they have better balance and motor coordination than those kids who don’t practice jump rope at all.

Jumping rope benefits also extends to your bones. According to a journal of Time, Olson says, “Anything that has some impact on it or that places a load on your bones will increase their density. Jumping rope certainly has that aspect to it”.  

So, your query about why is jump rope good for you will be clear a bit till now. Let’s discuss other reasons to prove that jump rope is good for your overall health

Is Jump Rope Good for You

Benefits of Jump Rope in 2021


Is Jump Rope Good for You

Another reason, why jump rope is good for you is that it removes toxins from your skin and body. Your lymphatic system is your body’s trash compressor system. Here all the toxins in your body are collected. But the main problem is that your lymph system cannot get rid of those toxins by itself.

To remove toxins, your lymph system needs you to manually contract your muscles to get blood to flow through them and pump out the toxins from it. Jumping rope definitely makes your muscles contract from top to bottom, which gets out the toxins from your lymph system.

Skipping also makes you sweat and sweating is without any doubt good for your skin. Bacteria and other bad organisms cause acne and skin infections to build up in your body pores.

When you sweat after a good jumping rope, you sweat out those bacteria thus preventing acne and other skin infections. That keeps your skin fresh, healthy, glowing, and beautiful.

Is Jump Rope Good for You

Body Strength

Jump rope along with pumping your heart also develops muscle strength in your upper body, especially shoulders, back, and arms. As with the passage of time, we lose muscles. Skipping rope can help give your muscles the fullness and strength, you want.

Just think, when you skip you engage almost every muscle of your body. You use your arms to swing the rope, you use your back to have a balanced position and if you want, you can even clench your abdominal muscles (abs) to engage those too. Simple is that jumping rope qualifies as a full-body workout.

Is Jump Rope Good for You


Jump rope is perhaps one of the best workouts in terms of calories burning and shedding pounds. It burns more calories than jogging, running, and even cycling. Studies show that 1 hour of skipping can burn 1300 calories. That is more than half of the calories an average person needs in a day.

In another perspective, 10 minutes of jump roping is equal to 8 miles of running. This can shed some serious pounds from your body very fast as compare to other exercises.

EPOC is energy consumption after exercise (AceFitness). Since skipping is an aerobic cardiovascular exercise, it helps to increase your metabolism m to burn more calories and boosts your EPOC too.

Is Jump Rope Good for You


The other reason why jump rope is good for you is that improves your coordination on a regular basis over time. Skipping is a pretty complex process for your mind to process because it involves more than one organ of your body at a time.

Jump rope involves hand-eye coordination because you have to keep your eyes on the rope and swing your hands in sync in order to know when to jump. In short to get the right timing to make correct and successful jumps.

Is Jump Rope Good for You


Another benefit of rope jumping is that it can help you improve your breathing abilities as well as your overall endurance. Skipping is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise that means it works on your lungs too.

With the passage of time in doing jumping rope, your breathing abilities increase resulting in increasing your stamina.

Because jump rope makes you breathe hard and when you breath hard for a long span of time, your lungs gradually increase their capacity for oxygen intake and its processing.

Simply just like lifting dumbbells makes your biceps bigger, breathing hard and fast increases your lungs’ capacity. Now the more oxygen your lungs can process the longer you can workout resulting in increased stamina.

Is Jump Rope Good for You

Is Jump Rope Good for You

Is Jump Rope Good for You

Cardiovascular Health

Skipping is helpful for your heart and the whole cardiovascular system. It trains your heart to get better and stronger. Jump rope increases your heart rate which means that your heart starts pumping more. And this helps you to lower your blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, and decrease the chances of heart diseases especially heart attack.

These are not the only benefits; a healthy heart can pump more blood and oxygen to your body that helps in improving your physical performance.

Is Jump Rope Good for You


There are a lot of reasons why jump rope is good for you. A short summary is that jump rope can improve your body strength, coordination, stamina, and cardiovascular health. As jump rope has a very high-calorie burn rate than any other form of workout, so it can also help you in shedding some serious pounds and lose fat.

Skipping removes toxins from your skin, that makes your skin fresh, glowing, and beautiful. In short jump rope is a full-body workout that works on every organ from the lower to upper body.

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