Best Walking Shoes For Women With High Arches 2021

A high arch, also known as a cavus foot, is a condition in which the foot has an extremely high arch or the arch rises higher than normal. Because of this, all the weight is placed on the ball of the foot and heel during walking. Typically, a Cavus foot deformity is caused by a muscle imbalance; This can happen when you stand or walk in the wrong shoes. The condition is common among women who wear high heels regularly, especially heels that are not for their feet. However, it is also common in men.

Best Walking Shoes For Women With High Arches

1. Saucony Echelon LE2 Women’s Walking Shoe

best walking shoes for women with high arches

These women’s walking shoes are designed for those who suffer from supination, the swinging out of the foot. The EVA ComfortLite molded footbed surrounds the foot with better support.

The full-length PowerGrid ™ midsole keeps the foot centered with an even distribution of bodyweight evenly between the feet. Dual-density foam allows for a more significant rebound with added durability. The SRC ™ impact zone absorbs all bumps on the heel to reduce torque.

IBR + ™ outsole material provides more cushioning, with a combined total weight of thirty-three percent less. XT-900 ™ carbon rubber material ensures better traction regardless of surface. The soft, supportive leather upper soothes your feet for an ideally comfortable fit.

  • Lightweight that provides more comfort for many severe foot conditions
  • Extremely comfortable with noticeable relief for sore and tired feet
  • Great versatile shoe. Elegant appearance that goes well with all clothes
  • Affordable. Walking shoes at reasonable prices for high arches
  • Non-breathable makes it uncomfortable to wear on hot days
  • Questionable support. Used only a few months with worn insoles
  • Box of tight fingers. There is no space to move the toes inside
  • Color selection needs to increase. Only black and white are available

best walking shoes for women with high arches

2. New Balance WW577 Women’s Shoes

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Tired of the laces that never seem to stay tight? Put on these hook and loop women’s sneakers and forget about the laces. The hook and loop design with adjustable velcro closures are perfect for the moderate-pace exercise walker or anyone who enjoys comfortable walking shoes.

The upper leather construction is lightly perforated for breathability that ensures you keep your feet comfortable on long or short walks.

ABSORB SBS technology in the heel protects your feet from bumps. The linings are lined with fabric with removable insole for insertion of additional support. Take a look at the shock-absorbing shoes for a full discussion to lessen the pressure on your feet.

The polyurethane midsole will give you stability and much better arch support than expected. Walking Strike Path will keep your feet stabilized during natural strides. The solid rubber outsole is long-lasting with better traction control on slippery surfaces.

Reflective details give a better look at sunset or dusk for more relaxed night walks after a hot summer day. These women’s walking shoes offer more for less available in three colors, black, off-white, and white.

  • Padded tongue/collar ideal for a better fit
  • Ideal for sensitive feet, without rubbing, pinching or tying
  • Increase mobility for daily activities without pain
  • A recommended podiatrist with a specially designed orthopedic insole
  • Recommended for plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spurs
  • Straps are too short and won’t fold for a snug fit
  • Stiff tongue with rubbing on the instep
  • Squeaks loudly even after being used multiple times
  • The time to end foot pain and discomfort is now. These shoes will help you. Why wait?

best walking shoes for women with high arches

3. Ryka Sky Walk Women’s Walking Shoes

best walking shoes for women with high arches

These lightweight women’s walking shoes are designed for all types of walks, from exercise to casual walks.

These shoes could be the most comfortable walking shoes you will ever wear on your feet. Multiple-use shoes. Wear them for work, shopping, biking, or for casual events.

The uppers are made from 100 percent soft premium leather and adjustable laces allow for that perfect fit. Durable rubber outsoles provide secure traction on all surfaces. They are beautifully designed with a modern look.

The partial breathable mesh upper allows your feet to remain comfortable with support layers that surround you with a feeling of security and comfort.

The lightweight molded EVA midsole makes these shoes a perfect choice for plantar fasciitis, high arches, and pronation.

The fabric’s inner lining is smooth, soft, and smooth for your feet. The delicate lining is ideal for anyone with overly sensitive feet. Memory foam sock liner conforms to the shape of your feet for that unique feeling.

  • Padded tongue/collar locks the foot in place without slipping
  • Modern/attractive design is attractive and eye-catching
  • Inexpensive designed to fit all budgets
  • Accommodates orthopedic inserts for an improved fit
  • Multiple uses Designed for working, shopping or walking errands
  • Thin soles lack midfoot support
  • Heel clearance problems. The heels begin to separate after a few months
  • Low-quality insoles that are not comfortable or supportive

best walking shoes for women with high arches

4. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 Running Shoes

best walking shoes for women with high arches

How to make the right shoe even better? You renew last year’s models with the insertion of the latest in design and technology.

These women’s walking shoes have a long history of providing comfort for those who stay focused on reliable walking shoes with style and style.

These upgraded women’s sneakers feature a midsole material combined with the latest in 3D printing technology. How does this translate to a reliable walking shoe? Remodeling and narrowing the midsole slightly upward for a better heel-to-toe transition.

The midsole is twenty-five percent more adaptable for proper cushioning placement, which is often a problem area with most walking shoes. Four-way upper, seamless stretch mesh constructed for maximum lateral support.

Available in wider widths for those who need a little more space. These shoes are very flexible and give your feet some space to move. These walking shoes have been designed and engineered for those suffering from high arches, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis.

  • Improved fit that feels immediately
  • Smooth transitions from heel, toe, and forefoot
  • The plush heel/tongue is very supportive and comfortable
  • Adjustable lacing design for a better fit
  • Very flexible. Durable, long-lasting with proper care and cleaning
  • The little toe is disappointing
  • It is not light as it is said to be
  • A strangely shaped shoe with a high toe box

best walking shoes for women with high arches

5. Dr. Scholl’s Freestep For Women

best walking shoes for women with high arches

You don’t need to make an appointment to see this doctor. The doctor is waiting to show you one of the most versatile women’s shoes that can be worn all year round, in all weather conditions. These shoes offer a sporty look for casual wear with a choice of knitted or wool uppers.

Built-in comfort from the inside out, this stylish version of the athletic shoe can be worn anywhere with casual or business attire. There are no limitations when wearing these highly versatile shoes. Most women’s shoes offer similar features, not enhanced features.

The temperature-regulated internal fabric keeps feet cool in summer and warmer in winter. Other features of these women’s shoes include a cushioned insole and a flexible outsole. The natural fiber composition of these shoes allows your skin to breathe naturally.

The artificial polyurethane outsole is durable, flexible with shock-absorbing qualities. Considered both a sneaker and a casual shoe, every step you take with these shoes will free you from all the cumbersome inefficiencies of other similar styles.

  • Round toe adds appeal and style
  • The lace closure is adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight with support and comfort
  • A good combination of design and quality
  • Machine washable, dry only at low temperatures
  • Stiffness that requires a long walking-in period
  • Poor traction on almost all surfaces
  • Tight, narrow and difficult to climb

best walking shoes for women with high arches

6. Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Action Walker

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Do you have high arches? So don’t worry, this walking shoe will soon help ease pain and provide much-needed relief for your feet. The Vionic company was founded by professional podiatrists, and this fact only gives you an idea that this shoe means business. APMA’s seal of approval adds to the credibility of the shoe among other walking kicks.

In addition to supporting your body, the shoes are intended to correct your posture and gait. They will also protect you against smelly feet with a treated orthopedic insert. There are very few offers of this type of superiority.

No wonder, then, how much they have fallen in love with these shoes around the world. Whether it’s for walking or just for a walk in the park, you won’t regret putting these on.

  • Orthopedic insert for smelly feet
  • APMA Seal of Approval
  • Professional podiatrist background
  • It may not be as durable as other walking shoes
  • Not easy to open when it’s new

best walking shoes for women with high arches

7. Brooks Addiction Women’s Walker 

best walking shoes for women with high arches

In different online stores, this shoe is receiving very positive reviews along with too high a rating across the board. This is not for nothing and here is why.

They come packed with amazing things to make your high arches disappear and therefore correct them on supination. Brooks is one of those companies you can’t ignore when it comes to footwear.

The sole does not slide as easily as the others, and this is something that many people will appreciate it. The excellent cushioning is also another great element that this shoe has. Both Hydro flow front and rear foot add to the excellent comfort you will feel here. The shoe is also quite stable from the three density levels on the sides.

The shoe also boasts of superior cushioning and shock absorption. A MOGO template is responsible for this. The additional damping of the hydraulic flow also adds to this effect.

Your heels and toes and, in general, your feet will thank you for getting you a pair of these puppies.

  • MOGO midsole
  • Triple density pole for added stability
  • Non-slip outsole.
  • Highly acclaimed in many stores
  • Narrow in the toe box

best walking shoes for women with high arches

8. Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap For Women

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Brooks has done it again and created another walking shoe perfectly designed for high arches. Only these who have clever makeup.

The V-strap is designed to appeal to those who prefer not to get tangled up with shoelaces. These guys don’t care much about other people’s opinions and just the feeling of comfort you can have from having these shoes on your feet.

The shoes don’t have much of an amusement park around them. If you like your things to be as minimalist as possible, grab a couple of these. Support, durability, and comfort matter the most, anything else is second to consider. If this is what you think, Brooks Addiction shoes are what you need.

Your medial arch is compatible, and this gives you additional ability to control your pronation even better. Stability is something you can expect to have this pair with you.

Plus, your pair of shoes will ease your environmental awareness. The material is made of environmentally safe articles, for example, environmentally safe silicon. This makes it even easier to appreciate the benefits to your consciousness that this shoe has while walking.

You can adjust the interior cushioning by removing the insole. Doing this varies the level of support you will receive once these babies are put in. So find a good pair of shoes for yourself and experience how much your feet will appreciate that.

  • V-straps replace shoelaces
  • Medial arch support
  • Ecological materials
  • Easily remove the template to suit your preferences
  • A minimalist design might not be enough for everyone

best walking shoes for women with high arches

9. Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Non-Slip Sneakers

best walking shoes for women with high arches

In addition to their amazing looks, the Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Slip-On Sneakers is great for your overall comfort. They come packed with various features that just keep your feet in a comfortable position at all times.

Skechers made a shoe that is gloriously comfortable with all the cushioning feel. Your sore feet will be the happiest pair with these shoes.

It has a fabric lining and a leather upper that makes your rate fit perfectly. Every step you take will be accompanied with extreme confidence due to this high-class footwear brand. Give your walks the justice that we deserve. By the time you purchase this pair of shoes, you no longer have to worry about high arches.

The template can be removed, and you have a say in the type of template you want to use below you. However, you will hardly take anything away from this shoe. It’s perfect in many ways and it sure puts the competition on the alert.

So forget about your high arches while you get these shoes. They are truly an amazing couple.

  • Slip resistance performance
  • EVA midsole
  • Fabric lining
  • Easily replaceable insole
  • Short break in the period

best walking shoes for women with high arches

10. Spring Step Women’s Orella Sling Back Sandal2

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Are you looking for a perfect shoe that is delightfully comfortable and helps ease high arches? So, the Spring Step Orella Sling Women’s Back Sandal is your best bet and with good reason. You are assured of excellent arch support when you put them on.

You would not need to add templates here. These shoes have extra cushioning for solving this problem. They also come with increased durability. You will be able to get so much value for your money for a long time.

The backstrap is also designed for comfort and fits most women. Its lightweight construction gives you much-needed relief when walking. So get yourself a pair of these puppies and open up a world of proper comfort.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight design for easy walking
  • Additional cushioning for comfort
  • The adjustable strap fits many women
  • High-quality Italian leather is used
  • Damping is not much

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Buyer’s Guide

Either you are buying for the first time or you are a regular buyer who wants to buy the best walking shoes for women with high arches. So, first, you know everything about bows.

While there is no standard estimate showing whether your curves should be considered “high,” it is said to have high arches that way if you have the maximum height in your foot span. In that case, when you walk shoeless in the sand, your footprints can show only the heel and toe, no footprints in the center.

In general, the shape of your feet is determined by genes. The feet state is usually resolved by qualities. People with high arches sometimes feel that their feet are unusual or abnormal.

However, that’s mainly false: Everyone’s feet are special and unique, regardless of whether their arches are level, tall, or somewhere in between. It is essential to know that high arched feet can be caused by various neurological conditions, such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

What do you know about “pie cavus”? And what kind of shoes are required in this type of situation?

There is another term used for high arches known as cavus foot, which is also foot condition in which there is an excessive elevation of the arch from the toe to the heel.

In this condition, high arch support shoes with additional space are required to add insoles or custom insoles. This condition is also an alternative to flat feet.

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Pronation And Supination: What Are They?

Another term used for foot condition is known as pronation. It is generally defined as the condition in which the foot rolls in unreasonably at the wrong and inappropriate time, and causes excess weight on the inner side of the foot rather than on the toes.

This causes a destabilization that your feet will generally try to tackle on their own, which in turn influences your movement. Having natural high arches can sometimes result in the insufficient outward swinging of the foot after each step.

But this is not the fact, external rocking (overpronation) of the foot can occasionally occur due to muscle weakness in the calves, ankles, or feet caused by wearing poorly fitting walking shoes, improper gait, or sometimes, due to injuries

Similar to supination, the foot rolls outward, even taking a normal step that in turn often causes pain and discomfort. Supination and pronation are the same external foot thrust conditions caused by many reasons.

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Foot Pain And Its Definitive Solution

Regardless of whether you work for long periods of standing or do different types of regular activities like walking, walking, traveling, or just going out on touring or shopping, your feet will most likely feel sore and exhausted eventually during the day.

If foot pain is something you suffer daily, then it is certainly not the only one. Many people suffer from these problems. If it comes to solutions, you must first know what kind of shoes or soles you need to overcome your problem.

best walking shoes for women with high arches

Frequent Questions

1) What are the most suitable walking shoes for a high arch?

The ASICS Men-Gel-Venture 6 walking shoe is the best walking shoe for a high arch that comes with an excellent cushioning design. This shoe provides its users with comfort and reliability. These shoes are sturdy enough to keep your ankles free from unexpected twists and fractures.

Another benefit of wearing these shoes is that they are well ventilated and allow free air circulation within the boot. These shoes come with a removable sock liner, which can be quickly ejected to accommodate a medical orthosis.

If it’s the outsole point, it’s designed for specific trails. Plus, on all types of terrain, its reverse lug feature provides both uphill and downhill traction.

2) What type of shoe is best for flat feet?

The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Women’s Walking Shoe is the best shoe for flat feet. People who have flat feet face severe foot pain problems. ASICS branding solves this problem.

These shoes come with a removable sock liner, which can be quickly ejected to accommodate a medical orthosis. If it’s the outsole point, it’s designed for specific trails.

Plus, on all types of terrain, its reverse lug feature provides both uphill and downhill traction. These shoes offer a well-padded insole that helps prevent arch collapse.

3) What are the best shoes for high arches?

Powerstep Full Length Orthopedic Shoe Insoles are the perfect insoles for high arches. These soles come with low-profile, dual-layer padding that adapts to athletic, dress, and overall relaxed footwear to support your feet.

It has an ultra-slim design, which helps keep your feet comfortable. Its fabric is antimicrobial with an additional advantage of flexibility. These soles reduce friction with the benefit of a polypropylene shell. Additionally, it provides effective relief from plantar fasciitis and other common conditions.

4) Do high arch shoes reduce pain?

Yes, high arch shoes help reduce heel pain. High arch shoes provide an easy way for people to run, walk, and travel without getting tired.

High arch shoes are very orthotic friendly because they are an excellent solution for bunions and hammertoes. These shoes are specifically for those people who experience sore heels while walking.

Plus, it’s extra deep in design and builds with a removable insole installation that provides plenty of space for uniquely designed orthoses. High arch shoes help restore the foot to a normal position.

5) Do high arches need support?

High arches generally don’t create any problems, but sometimes it does. It would cause a problem if you had any previous injury.

This problem can usually be overcome in many ways, but the most important and easiest way is that you should wear high arch shoes or insoles that make you feel comfortable and reduce your intense foot pain. If you are a regular runner or trainer, then you should need high arch shoes or orthopedic insoles for arch support.

best walking shoes for women with high arches


We have previously mentioned the list of high arch shoes and insoles ideal for categorized high arches for both men and women. This list will give you an easy way to choose a perfect pair of walking shoes for you.

These are the best affordable shoes and insoles with a comfortable advantage. We have tried to mention everything about these revised products so you can quickly get what you want. We hope you make a good decision and choose the right product for you.

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