500 Jump Ropes A Day: Surprising Benefits

Jump rope is the best cardiovascular and weight loss workout ever and vastly underrated. It is very easy to carry workout equipment, which gives you the power of doing the workout anywhere and anytime. We will disucss benefits of 500 jump ropes a day here.

First of all, let’s discuss it with the calorie-burning perspective which is really important for your weight and fat loss.

Calories Burned Doing 500 Jump Ropes A Day

When you do jump rope, your every muscle is involved in it. As a result, you burn calories at a rapid rate. Exactly how many? Well, that depends on two factors. Your weight and intensity of skipping.

500 Jump Ropes A Day

According to Medium, if you have 155 pounds of weight and you jump rope at a slow pace, you can burn 650 calories in one hour. When you jump rope at a medium pace, you can burn over 740 calories per hour. And you can burn over 900 calories per hour at a fast rate.

The more you weigh, the more your urn calories and vice versa. While a 155 pounds person can burn under 400 calories for jogging for an hour.

So, jump rope is also efficient than jogging and running.

According to MindBodyGreen,  you can burn 800-1000 calories in one hour in jumping rope while 200-300 per hour while walking.  By increasing the intensity of skipping your body becomes a calorie-burning machine. This means that jump rope is an essential part of your workout.

Other Benefits of 500 Jump Ropes A Day

500 jump ropes a day

Weight and Fat Loss

Jump rope is a very effective weight and fat loss workout. As you know that it burns calories at a higher rate than any other workout. Now when you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight and extra fats from your body.

500 jump ropes a day

How much weight can you lose? According to Mayoclinic.com, 3500 calories are equal to 1 pound of fat. As mentioned, before you need to burn 3500 more calories than you take in, in order to lose 1 pound.

Now if you do 20-30 minutes jumping rope daily, you can burn 500 calories per day. So, 500 calories for a week mean 3500 calories which are equal to 1 pound. Hence you will lose 1 pound every week, 4 pounds within a month, and 48 pounds in a year.

500 jump ropes a day

It Helps You to Relax

During jump rope, you do deep breathing vigorously which clears your mind, gives you energy, and sharpens your focus. When you jump rope, your body releases endorphins. These endorphins act as pain relievers which gives you a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Coordination and Balance

Jump rope increases your body coordination which will not only keep you healthier but also makes you safe from injuries.

While balance helps you to rock and be confident in any sports. According to Dr. Daniel W. Barry who is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, jump rope may be as important as bone strength avoiding fractures.

In the New York Times, Dr. Barry says that fragile bones don’t matter, from a clinical viewpoint, if you don’t fall.

Time Saving

It is true that in jogging, you can get a pretty good workout if you just step out of your home and run around the block ten times. But to burn as many calories as in jumping rope, you need to go for two or three hours long jog.

And that is a lot of time and nowadays we don’t have enough time for that. With the jump rope, you can get better results in 30-45 minutes.


Jump rope is one of the best cardio exercises, which makes your heart healthier. Your cardiovascular system includes heart, arteries, and veins that help in circulating blood in your body.

By increasing the capacity of this system, your heart will perform more efficiently. Jump rope also builds muscles and stamina which decreases shortness of your breath.


500 jump rope a day

One of the secrets for beautiful skin is to exercise. Normally we don’t get enough time to get to the gym but that should not be a reason to not work out.

Skipping rope can help you in sweating out and making your skin gorgeous. 10-15 minutes of skipping daily is a convenient way for your workout.

Skipping increases your heartbeat which increases the circulation of blood in your body, providing nutrients to your skin and flushing out toxins.


Jump rope has a high-calorie burn rate. According to LiveStrong, a person of 160 pounds burns 730 calories in 60 minutes of skipping. A person of 200 pounds burns 910 calories and a 240-pound person burns round about 1090 calories. 500 jump ropes will not take 60 minutes.

 According to What’s Cooking America, if you do 70 jumps per minute, you can find calories burned by multiplying your weight by 0.074. If you increase skipping to 125, then multiply your weight by 0.080. And if you do jumping rope faster, 145 jumps per minute, multiply your weight by 0.089 to estimate the number of calories you burn per minute.

If you want to calculate the exact number of calories you can burn in skipping, CaloriesBurnedHQ has a fantastic “Calories Burned Jumping Rope” calculator. All you have to do there, type your weight, duration and the number of skips per minute and the calculator will show you the exact number of calories you can expect to burn.

500 jump ropes a day


500 jump ropes a day has a lot of benefits to you. You can burn 107 calories in 500 jump ropes if you do it at a slow pace. It can improve your agility, coordination, balance, stamina, reflexes, and heart health. But you have to also take a healthy and controlled diet.

Because you should burn the number of calories you take in, to maintain your fitness. If you can’t control your diet or you want to lose weight then you need to do at least 1000 jump ropes a day.

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